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Nicholas Brisson: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Nicholas Brisson: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Nicholas Brisson?

Nicholas Brisson is a French judoka of Dutch heritage who has made a name for himself as one of the best competitors and coaches in France. He’s won medals at some of the biggest judo tournaments in the world, including a 2009 gold medal at the World Cup Tallinn and a 2007 1st place showing at the Belgian Open Championships. He’s won several other major tournaments and now he’s teamed up with BJJ Fanatics to create some great content for our audience.

What this article covers:

Nicolas Brisson is a French judoka with a long and impressive history in the world of judo. His journey began at a young age when he first started training in France. It quickly became apparent that he possessed a natural talent for the sport, and his dedication and passion for judo continued to grow.

Mobile and Effective Throwing Techniques by Nicolas Brisson

In pursuit of his judo career, Nicolas made the decision to move to the Netherlands. It was there that he achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the Junior national champion in 1999. His skills and achievements caught the attention of many within the judo community, establishing him as a promising talent.

After completing his bachelor's degree, Nicolas returned to France to continue his studies and further pursue his judo aspirations. He had the privilege of training with the French national team, where he was exposed to high-level coaching and intense competition. Additionally, he trained at the renowned Athlétique Club Boulogne-Billancourt, refining his skills and preparing for international tournaments.

During his time in France, Nicolas Brisson achieved great successes on the mats. He held the prestigious title of the number one ranked judoka in France for his skill, focus, and tournament results. He competed in some of the biggest international judo tournaments, including the renowned Paris, Tokyo, and Moscow Grand Slams, as well as the European and World championships. These competitions showcased his talent on a global stage and solidified his reputation as a formidable judoka.

While excelling in judo, Nicolas also pursued a professional career as a financial analyst for Accuracy, a prominent consulting firm in corporate finance. His flexible work hours allowed him to balance his professional responsibilities with his intensive training schedule, enabling him to compete at the highest level of the sport.

In 2018, Nicolas Brisson made a significant decision to move to Canada. He brought his wealth of judo knowledge and experience to the country and quickly made an impact in the Canadian judo scene. Prior to his move, he worked closely with Judo Canada for three months, contributing to the organization of the prestigious Montreal Grand Prix held at the Maurice-Richard Arena. He took charge of various projects, including overseeing the transport and accommodation of VIPs from the International Judo Federation.

Nicolas's dedication and expertise in judo management led to his appointment as the Sport Development and Event Manager for Judo Canada. Beginning his new role at the end of July, he continues to contribute to the growth and development of judo in Canada. With his experience as both a judoka and a professional, Nicolas brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to his position.

Nicolas Brisson's journey in judo is a testament to his unwavering passion, relentless work ethic, and commitment to personal and professional growth. His contributions to the sport, both as an athlete and a manager, have left a lasting impact on the judo community, and his legacy continues to inspire future generations of judokas..

In addition to his administrative contributions to judo through his new position in Canada, Nicholas has also filmed online content to spread his love and knowledge of the sport to others. He’s created “Mobile and Effective Throwing Techniques” as an offering through our BJJ Fanatics storefront.

Transition From Gripping To Throwing Successfully by Karl-Richard Frey

How Old Is Nicholas Brisson? 

Nicholas Brisson was born in November of 1981, making him about 41 years old at the time of writing in 2023.

Nicholas Brisson Family

Not much has been published about Nicholas Brisson’s family, but he relocated to the Netherlands as a teenager to become the junior national champion. He moved to Canada in 2019, so his life is there now.

How Much is Nicholas Brisson Worth?

Nicholas Brisson’s net worth is not public information, but he is a successful businessperson in addition to his competition in judo. He found a way to fuse them by becoming the Sport Development and Event Manager for Judo Canada about four years ago. He’s a major player in the international judo community for his administrative work with Canada.

How Tall is Nicholas Brisson?

Nicholas Brisson’s height isn’t on record. Most grapplers keep their size and reach to themselves instead of giving free scouting information to their opponents.

How Much Does Nicholas Brisson Weigh? 

Nicholas Brisson has competed at multiple weights in the IJF. He does so most frequently in the 90 kg and under category. That’s about 200 pounds at competition time, and likely several more when walking around outside of competition.

Nicholas Brisson Fight List

Nicholas Brisson has competed in many international competitions, and they’ve been well documented. There's a record of Brisson competing head to head over 300 times as a black belt. Instead of looking at all of his fights, let’s take a peek at how he stacks up in terms of his overall Judo resume:

  • Junior national champion in the Netherlands in 1999
  • Competed in the Paris, Tokyo, and Moscow Grand Slam IJF tournaments
  • Competed in the European and World Championships
  • Former #1 ranked judoka in France
  • 2007 Belgian Open Champion
  • 2009 World Cup Champion

Nicholas Brisson's Best Fight of All Time

It’s always hard to choose one moment as the best fight of all time, and the records of Brisson’s matches are vast. Still, we think that his 2009 World Cup victory in Tallinn was likely one of his best tournament showings during a 21 year run as a professional competitor.

Who Did Nicholas Brisson Lose To?

Nicholas Brisson has competed so many times that he’s definitely had some tough losses along the way. In 2015, at the European Open in Rome, Brisson found himself against a modern legend of the sport, the Japanese judoka Mashu Baker. If there was any shame in the loss, it was erased with Baker went on to win the Gold medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games.

Nicholas Brisson Record

Nicholas Brisson has a lengthy competition record, with an insane number of matches as a professional. He was on the international circuit for over 20 years, from 1996 until his retirement in 2017. His overall record in head to head matches during that time is 53 - 40. 

Nicholas Brisson Injuries

Judo is brutal on the body and so it’s likely that Nicholas has experienced many small injuries, even by the age of 41. Still, he hasn’t publicly withdrawn from any matches during his time as a professional, so he’s stayed relatively healthy. Like any combat athlete, it’s important for Brisson to follow a regimented strength and conditioning program in order to stay in top shape for the professional competition circuit. To do it for 21 years at the highest levels without major damage to the body is a result of focused attention to physical conditioning over the course of Brisson’s career.

Is Nicholas Brisson Retired?

Nicholas Brisson has been unofficially retired from competing for almost seven years, with his last major tournament entries coming in 2017. He terrorized his 90 kg weight class for a period of almost 22 years before hanging up the gi to focus on the administrative side of Judo. He followed his French heritage to Canada, where he is now a director for the Judo Canada organization.

Although he’s retired from competing, Nicholas’ mind is as sharp as ever and on full display in “Mobile and Effective Judo Throwing Techniques”. With Brisson's expert guidance, you will learn to stay on the move, utilizing rapid strikes and dynamic footwork to maintain control of the grip exchanges. By learning the secrets to his innovative grip fighting strategies, you will gain a competitive edge against your opponents. 

This instructional program places a strong emphasis on developing coordination between your upper and lower body, enabling you to become more efficient at scoring. Through targeted drills and exercises, you will enhance your cardio endurance, ensuring you can maintain peak performance throughout matches.

By staying in constant motion and actively engaging in effective grip exchanges, you will outmaneuver your opponents, leaving them struggling to find an opportunity to gain control. Brisson's comprehensive techniques and tactical insights will keep you one step ahead, dictating the pace and flow of each match.

"Dynamic Grip Fighting Strategies" is your ticket to transforming your judo skills and maximizing your potential on the mat. Embrace the power of movement and master the art of gripping, gaining the upper hand in every encounter. Don't let your opponent dictate the match—seize control with this game-changing instructional program today.

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