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Nicolas Reiner: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Nicolas Reiner: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Nicolas Reiner?

Nicholas Reiner, a highly accomplished French grappler, has earned a reputation as one of the finest no-gi grapplers in the European circuit. With a 3rd dan black belt in Luta Livre, Reiner showcases his expertise and skill in the world of submission wrestling. Beyond his accomplishments as a competitor, he also runs his own MMA academy in the heart of Paris, sharing his knowledge and passion with aspiring athletes. 

What this article covers:

Reiner's impressive grappling career includes notable achievements such as being a six-time veteran of the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) and a FILA world champion. His extensive experience competing at the highest level demonstrates his mastery of the craft. 

Principles of Guillotine Defense by Nicolas Renier

In addition to his coaching and competitive endeavors, Reiner is also recognized for his contribution to the instructional side of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He produces valuable content tailored to BJJ competitors, drawing from his vast experience and bringing in adaptations from similar grappling styles popular in Europe. Reiner's unique perspective adds a fresh and innovative approach to traditional BJJ techniques.

Luta Livre, a Brazilian submission wrestling style that emerged alongside Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro, has a rich history intertwined with its more renowned counterpart. Originating in the early 1900s, Luta Livre developed a rivalry with BJJ as both styles trained in the same region. Manuel Rufino, one of the founding fathers of Luta Livre, notably had a competitive history with Carlos Gracie, sparking a longstanding rivalry between the two disciplines. It’s even rumored that George Gracie's split from Carlos and Helio Gracie resulted from his association with Luta Livre athletes.

While Luta Livre may not have achieved the same commercial success in the United States, it has gained prominence in various parts of the world. In many regions, Luta Livre is synonymous with BJJ, Catch Wrestling, or other submission-based grappling arts. While the techniques bear similarities to BJJ, Luta Livre incorporates subtle distinctions that give the style its unique identity.

Reiner's journey as a ground fighter began at a young age, around twelve years old, driven by his desire to engage in combat sports. Initially balancing his time between Luta Livre and other sports, his passion for grappling grew, leading him to commit fully to the art. This dedication paved the way for his remarkable achievements and propelled him to the forefront of the Luta Livre community.

As a 3rd dan in Luta Livre, Nicholas Reiner stands as one of the foremost practitioners in the discipline. His success in European tournaments and appearances at ADCC events provided the foundation for the establishment of his renowned gym, NR Fight, located in Paris, France. The gym specializes in Luta Livre, Muay Thai, and Boxing, boasting a dynamic team of fighters, including Reiner himself (1-0), Amai Goudiaby (1-0), and Ezzoubair Bouarsa (7-2).

Reiner's dedication to refining his skills extends to the ADCC setting, recognizing the lack of international competition at the highest level in Europe. He openly acknowledges feeling underprepared during his initial international outings due to the differences in style and game plans. To overcome this challenge, Reiner collaborated with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experts, further honing his techniques and strategic approach to successfully compete on the global stage.

Nicholas Reiner's remarkable journey in the world of grappling has led him to us here at Fanatics, where we’ve teamed with him to bring you twelve different offerings. Whether your looking to improve your own game, get a taste of Luta Livre, or to structure your grappling curriculum from a teaching perspective, Reiner has you covered.

Escape The Worst Situations by Nicolas Renier

How Old Is Nicolas Reiner?

Nicholas Reiner is 36 years old at the time of writing in 2023. He was and was born in France in 1985

Nicolas Reiner Family

Details about Nicholas Reiner’s family have not been made public. He prefers to discuss his professional mission of exposing Luta Livre to the world and integrating it into the international scene at the highest levels.

How Much is Nicolas Reiner Worth?

Nicholas Reiner’s net worth is unknown. He is a successful gym owner, and has been for around a decade since he started NR Fight in Paris. His prolific collection of instructionals on Fanatics includes twelve diverse products that touch on all aspects of the game.

How Tall is Nicolas Reiner?

Nicholas Reiner’s height is not on record- grapplers typically don’t disclose this statistic unless they have to.

How Much Does Nicolas Reiner Weigh? 

Nicholas Reiner competes most frequently at 145 pounds, which is about 66kg.

Nicolas Reiner Fight List

Over the past fifteen years, Nicholas Reiner has been an active competitor on the FILA and Luta Livre circuits, primarily in Europe. Although a complete list of his competitions is not readily available, Reiner's hard work on the mat has caught the attention of European grapplers everywhere. According to his Instagram profile, he boasts an impressive track record, including four national championships in France, two European NAGA Championships, and titles as both a European and world champion in FILA. Additionally, Reiner has represented his skills overseas, participating in ADCC tournaments on six occasions.

Nicolas Reiner's Best Fight of All Time

Reiner's most memorable grappling performance took place in the finals of the 2021 ADCC European, Middle East, and African Trials. Throughout the tournament, he showcased his exceptional skills, securing victories in each of his matches to emerge as the champion of the Trials. His final bout pitted him against Nico Pulvermuller, a skilled German BJJ competitor, and Reiner triumphed decisively with a remarkable seven-point lead, earning a well-deserved victory. This stands out clearly as one of Reiner's most notable moments on the mat.

In recent years, Nicholas has expanded his repertoire by venturing into the world of MMA, further solidifying his status as one of Europe's most accomplished combat sports athletes. One of his notable MMA encounters occurred in May 2019 during the Limo Fight 20 event, where he faced off against Antonio Chirlano in an exhilarating featherweight bout. Demonstrating his prowess, Reiner emerged triumphant in the second round, securing a victory by employing a choke through an arm triangle submission. Despite the pause in his active MMA record caused by the pandemic, the May 2019 date suggests that Reiner remains committed to continuing his MMA journey and showcasing his skills in the cage.

Who Did Nicolas Reiner Lose To?

With an unblemished MMA record of 1-0, Reiner has proven that he has the chops for pro MMA. However, when it comes to ADCC, he has encountered a bit more difficulty. Despite participating in the event on six separate occasions, he has only managed to progress past the first round and reach the quarterfinals once. 

Recognizing the challenges of adapting his European style to the elite level of competitive grappling, Reiner has openly expressed his determination to enhance his performance. He has made a commitment to collaborate with renowned BJJ experts, seeking to refine his skills and achieve better results in future ADCC competitions. By leveraging the expertise of these specialists, Reiner aims to make a stronger impact in the tournament moving forward.

Nicolas Reiner Record

Reiner’s record in grappling is not compiled anywhere because of the variety of styles and levels in which he has competed. Still, as a six-time ADCC competitor and four-time French champion, he is legitimate as it comes.

Nichoilas Reiner’s MMA record is 1-0.

Nicolas Reiner Injuries

Nicholas Reiner has maintained a low profile regarding significant injuries or missed bouts throughout his career. Nonetheless, he has experienced circumstances where he benefited from unforeseen developments. One notable instance was when he secured an invitation to ADCC due to an injury suffered by Eddie Cummings, one of the original members of the renowned Danaher Death Squad. This unexpected turn of events opened up an opportunity for Reiner to showcase his skills on the ADCC stage.

Is Nicolas Reiner Retired?

Reiner, at the age of 35, remains an active competitor, participating in both MMA and grappling tournaments over the past two years. While this age may be considered mature for MMA, grapplers typically enjoy a longer competitive career.

Alongside his competitive endeavors, Nicholas is deeply committed to his gym, NR Fight, located in Paris, France. Within this establishment, he devotes considerable time and effort to introducing Luta Livre to a wider audience by incorporating it into the gym's MMA curriculum alongside Muay Thai and Boxing. Furthermore, he places a strong emphasis on inclusivity, offering programs that make grappling accessible to women and children.

Additionally, Reiner is highly regarded for his production of top-quality instructional content, available through BJJ Fanatics. He has developed several video products, such as "Luta Livre Concepts: Basic Submissions," "No-Gi For Kids," "Luta Livre Compression," "Escape the Worst Situations," and "Luta Livre Concepts: Attacking the Guard." Whether you're seeking to incorporate a fresh style into your game or introduce your children to the sport, Reiner offers a diverse range of instructional resources tailored to specific needs. Explore his collection of Luta Livre techniques and surprise your training partners with newfound skills!

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