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Noel Van't End: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Noel Van't End: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Noel Van't End?

Noel Van't End is a Dutch world champion black belt judoka who now represents his home of the Netherlands at the highest levels of international competition. Although Judo is a heavily European sport, Van't End has traveled and competed all over the world. He’s won multiple medals at major tournaments and even placed 7th in the Olympics in 2016. When it comes to judo, competitors don’t come tougher than Noel Van’t End. 

What this article covers:

Van't End was born on June 15, 1991, in Houten, Netherlands. He began his Judo training at a young age, and his passion for the sport grew as he progressed through the ranks. He quickly established himself as a formidable competitor and has achieved numerous championships and medals, mostly in Europe, throughout his career.

The Dutch Judo Playbook by Noel Van't End

Van't End's competitive career began in 2009 when he participated in the Dutch Junior National Championships and secured the bronze medal. He went on to win the gold medal at the same tournament the following year in 2010. In 2011, Van't End began to participate in the adult National Championship series in Rotterdam. He attended the tournament four years in a row: bronze in 2010, silver in 2011 and 2012, and finally gold in 2013. This run of victories solidified Van’t End as one of the best judoka’s in Europe.

Around 2011, Noel began to compete internationally in the European Cup as well. His results improved similarly to his performances in the Dutch National tournament. His best medal in 2011 at the European Cup events was a Bronze. In 2012, he not only earned another bronze but a gold medal as well at the Tampere tournament. In the span of two years, this Dutchman went from being a junior national champion, to a national champion, to a European champion.

Van't End's success continued as he dominated his 90 kg category in many major IJF events, including Grand Slams, Grand Prixs, and World Masters tournaments all over the world. From 2013 to the present, he’s earned a stunning 21 medals in these IJF events, further cementing his legacy as a fearsome competitor and practitioner of judo.

The pinnacle of his career so far is his World Championship in Tokyo in 2019 in the same 90 kg and under weight category that he’s been familiar with since entering into high level professional judo competition as a teenager. He was back again to challenge in 2023 in Doha, although he only placed seventh this year. He’s likely to be coming back for more World Championship hardware before he’s ready to hang up the gi for good.

When he’s not competing, Noel Van’t End is coaching other Dutch judokas to become their best. He is passionate about helping young people develop their Judo skills and serves as a coach at his academy and continues to produce online instructional content in both short and long form.

For his longer offerings, Van't End has gotten together with us here at BJJ Fanatics in order to film “The Dutch Judo Playbook” for others to learn from. This video series is a comprehensive guide to Judo techniques and strategies. It covers world-class concepts like grip fighting, throws, creating kuzushi, and more. The playbook is designed for all levels of Judo practitioners, from beginners to advanced players to be able to learn from and improve their game.

Sode Specialists by Judo Fanatics in Partnership With the IJF

How Old Is Noel Van't End? 

Van't End was born June 15, 1991, in Houten, Netherlands. That means he’s about 31 years old at the time of writing in 2023.

Noel Van't End Family

Not much has been published about Noel Van't End’s family in the Western media. He’s a well known figure in the Middle East and European judo scenes, but that doesn’t translate to many interviews in English; at least not yet!

How Much is Noel Van't End Worth?

Noel Van't End’s net worth is not public information, but he is a championship level judoka with a bright future ahead of him. Following his World Championship in Tokyo and his 2023 IJF Gold medals in both Antalya and Paris, we expect more tournament victories from Noel in the near future. He’s been on a dominant run for well over a decade and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

How Tall Is Noel Van't End?

Noel Van't End is 6’1” tall, which is just about average for a 90 kg judoka.

How Much Does Noel Van't End Weigh? 

Noel Van't End has consistently competed in the 90 kg and under category since he was a junior competitor at the Dutch National Championships in 2010. That’s about 200 pounds. He also has exactly one tournament victory at a lighter weight; a bronze medal earned at the same tournament in Nijmegen the year before, 2009, at 81 kg .

Noel Van't End Fight List

Noel Van't End has competed in many international competitions, and there’s no running list of every match he’s ever fought. Still, there’s a good bit of information available about his overall pedigree as a Judo World Champion. He’s a world champion and a frequent gold medalist at IJF events across Europe. Check out the list below to get an idea of the dedication and time that Noel Ban’t End has put into becoming a top level competitor on the international circuit:

  • 2011 European Cup Boras - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2011 European Cup London - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2012 European Cup Tampere - 90 kg - Gold
  • 2012 European Cup London - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2013 European Open Minsk - 90 kg - Gold
  • 2013 European Open Tallinn - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2014 IJF Grand Prix Dusseldorf - 90 kg - Silver
  • 2014 IJF Grand Prix Budapest - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2014 IJF Grand Prix Zagreb - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2014 IJF Grand Slam Baku - 90 kg - Silver
  • 2014 IJF Grand Prix Qingdao - 90 kg - Gold
  • 2015 IJF Grand Slam Abu Dhabi - 90 kg - Silver
  • 2014 IJF Grand Prix Samsun - 90 kg - Gold
  • 2015 IJF Grand Slam Baku - 90 kg - Silver
  • 2016 IJF Grand Prix Tbilisi - 90 kg - Gold
  • 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro - 7th
  • 2017 IJF Grand Slam Ekaterinburg - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2018 IJF Grand Slam Osaka - 90 kg - Gold
  • 2018 IJF Grand Prix Tunis - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2019 IJF Grand Prix Zagreb - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2019 World Championships Tokyo - 90kg - Gold
  • 2019 IJF Grand Slam Ekaterinburg - 90 kg - Gold
  • 2021 IJF World Masters Doha - 90 kg - Gold
  • 2022 IJF Grand Slam Ulaanbaatar - 90 kg - Bronze
  • 2023 World Championships Doha - 90 kg - 7th Place
  • 2023 IJF Grand Slam Antalya - 90 kg - Gold
  • 2023 IJF Grand Slam Paris - 90 kg - Gold

Noel Van't End's Best Fight of All Time

It’s always hard to choose one moment as the best fight of all time, but for any Judo competitor there are two goals: the Olympics and the World Championships. Van’t End has been to the top 8 of both! In 2016, he traveled to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the 90 kg category that he’d been protecting in Europe for the past several years. Although he wanted to come out with a medal, Van’t End’s 7th place finish at the Olympics puts him miles ahead of the competition.

To add to this impressive attempt at the mother of all gold medals in the 2016 Olympics, Noel won the World Championships in Tokyo five years later, in 2021. These two moments surely stand out as his biggest achievements in the sport.

Who Did Noel Van't End Lose To?

One of Van’t End’s toughest losses was definitely the silver medal he earned at the 2014 IJF Grand Prix Dusseldorf. He had become a Dutch National Champion and a European Cup Champion but had yet to conquer an IJF Grand Prix when he arrived in Germany that year. Although he stomped past the early competition, he eventually ran into the greek judoka Ilias Iliadis, and was defeated. 

The three time World Champion and 2004 Olympic gold medalist from Greece came out on top that day, but Van’t End left it all on the mat with nothing to be sorry for. He came away with silver and with the experience of tying up with one of the most deadly judokas of the previous generation in Iliadis. This loss was a learning experience, and led him to greater heights. 5 years after this loss, Van’t End would be an Olympian and a World Champion in his own right.

Noel Van't End Record

Noel Van't End has an absurdly long competition record that includes three hundred and twenty five head to head matches as a professional. He’s been competing actively since hitting the junior national circuit fourteen years ago, in 2009. His overall record is 217-108, which is also absurd. Throughout a 14-year career, he has won his matches against other high level competitors at a 2-1 rate.

Noel Van't End Injuries

Judo is brutal on the body and so it’s likely that Noel has experienced many small injuries, even by the age of 31. Still, he hasn’t publicly withdrawn from any matches during his time as a professional, so he’s stayed relatively healthy. Like any combat athlete, it’s important for Van't End to follow a regimented strength and conditioning program in order to stay in top shape for the professional competition circuit. 

Is Noel Van't End Retired?

Noel Van't End is not officially retired, although at 31 he’s no longer “young” for a Judoka. He’s still been running through IJF events this year with victories at the Grand Slams in both Antalya and Paris. We’re looking forward to more awesome technique videos and tournament results from Noel in 2023 and beyond!

Noel also films content with us here at BJJ Fanatics. "The Dutch Judo Playbook" covers a wide range of techniques suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Whether you're looking to improve your groundwork, master effective gripping strategies, or enhance your throwing abilities, this playbook offers a comprehensive roadmap to success. Check it out today in the BJJ Fanatics store! 

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