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Essential Closed Guard Sweep With Bernardo Faria!

Essential Closed Guard Sweep With Bernardo Faria!


One of the most important parts of your game that you should always be looking to develop and grow in is your ability to sweep.  Listen, I get it, no one likes to be in the bottom position where they have to sweep, everyone wants to be on top, but in the instance that you end up on bottom and need to sweep it is important to have an arsenal of options available to you to get the sweep done quickly and effectively.  

Personally I’m a big fan of simple, easy to remember sweeps that are highly effective.  Let’s take a look at this knee capture sweep from Bernardo Faria.


Starting out in the full guard Bernardo’s opponent stands up at which point Bernardo opens his guard and then closes it quickly again around the opponent’s knees causing them to get off balanced and creating and opportunity for him to sit up and finish the sweep. 

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Bernardo then hugs both legs with one and puts his other hand on the mat allowing him to back up his hips and drive into the opponent.  As he drives in the opponent has no other choice but to fall down allowing Bernardo to climb into side control from this position where he is still hugging the legs together.  

We can likely all agree we have an opportunity to learn a thing or two from this 5 time Black Belt World Champion athlete, check out his video instructional titled “Battle Tested Pressure Passing” or any one of his dozen or so video instructionals available here at BJJ Fanatics.  It’s almost certain that if you put the time in with any one of these video instructionals you will have improvements in your game like you never imagined from dominating on the mats at your academy with your teammates asking you what your secret is to crushing your competition on the mats every time you step on that stage to compete. 

Do yourself a favor and get yours now, before you regret it and spend some time learning the techniques in a level of detail that is rarely taught in most gyms. 

Bernardo Faria is one of the most accomplished competitors and AMBASSADORS of Jiu-Jitsu. His instructional Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will lay the groundwork for you like NO OTHER. Get in early on your Jiu-Jitsu journey to reach your FULL POTENTIAL!!



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