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Kayla Harrison Remains Undefeated

Kayla Harrison Remains Undefeated



In the Co-Main event at PFL 4 in Atlantic City, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison improved her undefeated record to 5-0. Harrison has been nothing short of dominant in her aspiring MMA career. She also has an AMAZING instructional called The Real Judo Chop right here at BJJFANATICS! Check out the footage from Kayla’s impressive victory. 

Watching the grappling exchanges from Harrison can teach a lot about how to impose your game. The Specialist has started to make a comeback in MMA. Although the fact remains that you need to have a baseline skill level in all areas of combat, that said we are starting to see specialist weave their way to the top of their respective divisions. 

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Harrison is one of the names to discuss when “The Specialist” conversation comes up. Big names in the grappling world are no stranger to success in MMA. Demian Maia is currently on pace to become the All-Time winningest fighter in UFC history. Rafael Lovato just beat one of the most well rounded martial artists on earth, partially by PULLING HALF GUARD. Garry Tonon and Ryan hall are making mincemeat of MMA Legend’s legs. It’s a great time to be a grappling fan in MMA!

As you can see from the footage above, Kayla has some serious submission skills. The Americana/Keylock can be a slippery submission to pull off. Thankfully for Kayla she was able to put pressure on her opponent Morgan Frier, score an early takedown, and finish from there. Harrison was able to isolate the far arm and lock in the submission. 

One thing to note is how she starts to circle the head while applying the lock. Newbies of the Americana will try to apply the submission with opponent’s elbow and shoulder in a straight line away from their body. Bringing their elbow to their hip will remove the flexibility aspect to defending the submission. Harrison circled towards Frier’s head while pulling the elbow to Frier’s hip. This is probably the most technical way to finish the Americana/Keylock.

Next up for Harrison is advancing to the PFL Tournament format against Geneh Fabian in the semi-final. On the other side of the bracket you have former UFC Vet Sarah Kaufman taking on Larissa Pacheco who is the only opponent of Harrison to not be finished. The final of the tournament and 1 million dollar prize will be decided on Dec. 31st. 

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison is ready to show you the techniques that helped her become one of the most accomplished combat athletes on the planet! The Real Judo Chop and Other Favorites by Kayla Harrison will increase your success rate with throws, grips, and submissions! Check It out!



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