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Take a moment and think back to a simpler time, when you were just starting jiu jitsu and all you knew was the closed guard.  Ah life seemed to be so easy, all you had to do was keep your opponent wrapped up long enough to control their posture and try to catch them in some sort of closed guard submission or maybe a sweep if they started to get away from you.  Maybe this idyllic scenario didn't really last much more than your first class or so, but it's nice to remember the good old days. In reality, since...

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The single leg take down is one of the most effective take downs in grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specifically.  In our last blog post, we discussed the double leg take down and how important it is to develop a take down game to become a well-rounded Jiu Jitsu athlete, you can check it out here. The single leg take down is one of the first two take downs you would typically learn along with the double leg. The reason it is so effective is because of the fact, that, like the double leg, it presents itself very often from...

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