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Heel Hook Entries from Reverse De La Riva with Craig Jones

Heel Hook Entries from Reverse De La Riva with Craig Jones


Nice Leg Entries With Craig Jones

The reverse De La Riva position offers quite a bit to the leg lock game. I was first introduced to it mainly as a way to take the back, and It quickly became one of my favorite positions. With the rise of the leg lock, it has become a preferred position of many players who wish attack the lower half of the body. Craig Jones is one of the best leg lockers in the game. His leg lock arsenal is efficient and dangerous, and with plenty of victories via lower body submissions, Jones’s insight on the subject is some of the best in the business.

Leg Pummeling is a vital skill for attacking leg locks. Without this vital skill, your leg lock game will be weak.


When we spin under from reverse De La Riva to take the back, our opponent has different options available to try and counter or stop the technique. In this video Jones shows us a couple of answers to some common reactions from this exact scenario. Take a look at this.

Jones begins in the RDLR position, and starts this sequence by inverting and attempting to go underneath his partner. A key detail here is the placement of Jones’s hand before his inversion. He places his bottom hand’s knuckles out and not too deep on the backside of his partner’s lower leg near the achilles.

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As Jones begins to Invert to go underneath, he misses his anchoring point on the leg and his partner steps back. Here Jones switches to a hooking grip with his hand, and swings his RDLR hook around to the backside of his partners leg, placing his knee as a wedge behind his partners knee. His front leg now spans his partners thigh and his instep threads through and behind his partners far knee, hooking it, and adding to the creation of an off-balancing effect. Jones uses his knee as a wedge behind his partners knee to chop into his leg and bring his partner to a seated position where he can begin to attack the inside heel hook.

Jones also discusses the contingency plan if his partner squares up by stepping over top, instead of back-stepping. Essentially the top player has created and even easier opportunity for entry to the legs. When this occurs Jones simply applies the same idea, but this time he won’t have to swivel his RDLR hook around to the back as he is already in position to lift his hips and enter the legs.

Craig Jones is one of the best grapplers in the world today and he is notorious for his lower body attacks. He has one of the most unique leg attack systems there is, including how to attack from half guard, butterfly guard and 50/50 guard. Become a leg lock machine and learn to get them from everywhere with Craig Jones.



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