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Transition to the Saddle from Reverse De La Riva with Lachlan Giles

Transition to the Saddle from Reverse De La Riva with Lachlan Giles


Beautiful Leg Lock Entry From Lachlan Giles!

Funneling your partner into the saddle may be the best way to put yourself in position to finish with a leg lock. With the proper controls and mechanics, the saddle can certainly be a game over position, giving your opponent very few options where escaping is concerned. There are plenty of ways to land yourself in the saddle, but let’s take a look at a specific transition from the reverse De La Riva guard.

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The reverse De La Riva guard offers us some excellent retention properties and a multitude of ways to sweep, gain superior position, and enter in to leg entanglements. Transitioning from the reverse De La Riva guard to the saddle can be tricky. Some of the transitions are fancy and a little complicated. But fear not. Lachlan Giles has a method that requires very little movement to travel from the RDLR to the saddle. In this video, Giles shows us how to make a smooth transition from the RDLR to the saddle. Have a look!

Giles begins in the RDLR with a grip you may not be used to using, but is definitely effective for this application. He reaches under his bottom leg and cups his partners calf. His next task will be to loop his RDLR hook around the front of his partners leg. To accomplish this Giles does a sort of half inversion up onto his shoulder. As he performs the inversion, he also grabs behind his partners knee to make sure he has full control over the leg. This little inversion gives Giles the room to loop his leg around and lock in a tight triangle, essentially securing the saddle at this point.

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As Giles bumps his hips forward, it causes his partner to collapse to the mat. With the saddle configured and everything in perfect position, Giles can now attack the heel hook.

Giles ends this technique with a slightly more complicated but really cool transition to the opposite side. As his partner kneels and does away with some of the space, Giles goes into more of a full inversion. He catches his partner’s leg with his hand and spins through to put his knee on the outside of his partners opposite leg, landing in the saddle on his partner’s left side. Giles can now establish the saddle and once again attack the inside heel hook.

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