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How to Defend the Double Under Pass

How to Defend the Double Under Pass


Great Defense To Shutdown This Pass! 

If you haven’t rolled against a skilled smash passer, you’re missing a lot. Defending the guard passes of those who prefer standing passes is a different animal compared to the defense required against a smash passer. Defending smash passes requires an extensive understanding of frames, timing, balance, and shrimping.

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Smash passes such as stack pass and over/under pass all share a common attribute, which is that the guard passer is able to pin and control the legs and hips of the guard player. This leaves the guard player to defend guard passes with their upper body, which can be difficult.

One of the most difficult smash passes to defend is the double under guard pass. This pass works so well becomes it provides the guard passer with an insane amount of control of the guard player’s lower body, thus making it very difficult to defend. With the right tools and timing though, there are still good ways to defend this pass. In the following video, Black Belt Romulo Barral illustrates just how to do it.

One thing you constantly notice good guard players do is pummel the legs to the inside. Pummeling to the inside is important when defending guard and when attacking legs. When playing guard, especially if the passer is seated, it is important to keep your legs to the inside of their thighs.

If you have ever seen the Miyao brothers, you may have noticed most people try to pass their guard by using the double under stack pass. However, this guard pass never works against them because they are remarkably skilled at pummeling their legs back to the inside.

Another great yet overlooked method of defending smashing guard passes is to attack rather than retreat. Continuous retreating in standing passing defense can severely limit you when defending a smashing guard pass. It is extremely important to recognize that the guard passer is attempting to smash before it is too late. In order to smash, the guard passer has to come forward, and this would be the perfect opportunity to arm drag or snap them down into a guillotine type attack.

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