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Simple Tips From Coach Neil Melanson That'll Improve Your Half Guard Game

Simple Tips From Coach Neil Melanson That'll Improve Your Half Guard Game


Bottom Half Guard Overview by Neil Melanson

Neil could easily be considered one of the most dangerous men on the planet. Neil is the head coach of the infamous Blackzillians MMA Team at the Jaco Hybrid Training Center, he has coached some of the best UFC fighters to ever compete to the pinnacle of the sport. Some of the names that he has coached include, Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Randy Couture, Matt Mitrione, and the list goes on. Neil used to be the head grappling coach at world famous MMA gym, Xtreme Couture and has notably been referred to as the most dangerous man on the planet by several MMA fighters. Chael Sonnen went as far as to say “Neil would slap Rickon Gracie around like it was easy.’ This is a bold statement made by a bold man, but they say Neil has some of the absolute best grappling in the world.

The Most Effective Half Guard You’ve Ever Seen: Neil Melanson’s Ground Marshall Half Guard


Today we are going to check out a video from Neil Melanson’s Ground Marshall Half Guard instructional DVD series. This is a great overview for how to play bottom half guard. This is a very common position, one which guys like Neil Melanson have mastered in high level international grappling competitions. Watch the video below and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

The most important factors in the half guard are:

1. Pay attention to your range.
2. Pay attention to your bottom leg.
3. Protect your bottom post.
4. Always be explosive

You should constantly adjust your half guard in order to control range. Be careful that you do not end up in a situation where you are not able to scramble. You always want to be able to scramble when playing bottom half guard. Remember to project your bottom leg as well. Other notable tips are to avoid having your bottom arm controlled, and project against the cradle pass when playing Z Guard. Be very careful overstretching yourself. When you play really open, your abdominals, legs, and spine stretch and makes them work harder, therefore making you expend more energy. If you're concerned about passing, always be in a position to get up.


From The Man Who Does Everything Different – Yet All The Big Stars Worship Him: The Weirdest – Yet Most Effective Half Guard You’ve Ever Seen: Neil Melanson’s Ground Marshall Half Guard

  • Blackzillians MMA Coach Neil Melanson’s Guard Game Is More Efficient and So Much More Advanced Than Any Other Guard Out There

  • Your Opponents In The Gym & In Tournaments Won’t Have A Chance

  • Neil is one of the most detailed, thorough, and savage grappling coaches in the game today

  • Learn the unorthodox secrets of the most notorious grappling coach out there

  • Complete Change your guard game



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