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Counter the Knee Slice with the Reverse De La Riva by Lachlan Giles

Counter the Knee Slice with the Reverse De La Riva by Lachlan Giles


Using the reverse De La Riva to counter the knee slice makes perfect sense.

The configurations of the bodies in both the top and bottom positions match up perfectly. Having an effective RDLR guard can assist you in keeping the passer at a distance, as well as offering many other transitional opportunities.


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And if you’re a fan of leg locks, there are plenty of paths you can take to enter into entanglements from the RDLR. I often hear that the RDLR is a position best suited for those that are flexible. But as you’ll see in this video with Lachlan Giles, that is not the case. Check out Giles’s take on the position and how he suggests we use it to counter the knee slice.

As his partner approaches to begin passing, Giles sets up his RDLR guard. He begins with winding his bottom leg around and behind his partner’s knee cut leg. He then supports his bottom knee by placing his arm underneath it. This is a critical component, as it creates more space between the passers’ knee and the ground. He straightens his top arm and uses it as another frame, and circles his top leg over to plant his foot firmly on the hip of his partner. Giles then looks to secure his partners far arm, removes the RDLR hook, and places it on his partners far leg to begin the process of guard recovery. Something to keep in mind here; When we use the RDLR guard to create distance between us and our partner, Giles suggests that we don’t use a full extension of the legs, as this can give the passer an easy opportunity to clear our legs and continue passing.

In the second option, Giles gives us a user-friendly way to work towards the back from the RDLR. If there is a large gap between the passers leg, working towards the back is a great option from here. Giles begins by threading his bottom arm deep behind his partners knee cut leg.

Lachlan Giles is an ADCC Veteran, Pan Pacific Champion and coach to one of the fastest rising starts, Craig Jones!


He uses this deep connection with his arm in combination with a swing of his leg to create the momentum to get underneath his partner. As he swings underneath, he shrinks his left knee down to fit in between his partners legs and behind his body. Now facing his partners backside, Giles keeps his hands and feet where they are, and forces his partner forward to his hands by applying some pressure from the back. He then pommels his insteps to the inside of his partners thighs. With an extension of the legs his partner is propelled forward and the back becomes exposed.  

Giles offers an additional tip to tighten up your movement if you feel you’re proficient at the first variation. As you begin to spin under your partner, try not to swing your leg wide, but instead keep it tight to your body. This will mitigate the risk of having your path tot eh back disrupted.

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