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Judo and Ice Hockey, The Not So Perfect Pair

Judo and Ice Hockey, The Not So Perfect Pair


A hockey player has been suspended by his own team for executing a judo throw right out on the ice!

Holden Anderson performed a pretty flawless harai goshi on one of the members of the opposing team, and is now being slammed by the hockey community for the transgression. The incident occurred during a French ice hockey game, and its said that the other player was severely injured after the throw.

Travis Stevens has simple concepts that he applies to his throws, take downs and guard passing. His approach is simple, and makes him one of the best grapplers ever.


It's hard to believe such a throw could be executed so well in all of that gear. Hockey has always been famous for its intense and frequent combative exchanges between players, but this isn’t something we see very often. Anderson obviously has some judo background, but this probably wasn’t the right setting to showcase his skills.

It looks like Anderson will be taking some time off, as he has been suspended indefinitely, but maybe we’ll see him in the combat sports arena one day.

While we’re on the subject, let’s have a look at the highlight reel of a Judo master. Travis Stevens competed in Judo at the Olympic games in 2008, 2012, and 2016. In 2016 he staked his claim as only the third American male to win silver at the Olympic games. You’ll quickly understand why as you watch Stevens masterfully execute his flawless technique throughout the highlight series. Have a look at this.

The art of Judo is a beautiful thing to watch. And there’s nothing quite like watching the elite do their thing. While we can appreciate Holden Anderson’s skillset, maybe the ice is not the best plays to be showcasing his skills!

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