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Transition to the Deep Half Guard from the Back Escape with Jake Mackenzie

Transition to the Deep Half Guard from the Back Escape with Jake Mackenzie


I became proficient at escaping the back early in BJJ career.

I had several training partner’s that absolutely loved the back, so it seemed I was always there, defending, and creating new ways to not get strangled or submitted in some fashion. It’s a position that has always made sense to me, and while it would be great to be the submission artist that everyone hopes to be, my path seems to follow the route of more of an escape artist, and I’m cool with that.

Jake Mackenzie may be the most knowledgeable half guard specialist in Brazil. Learn The Top Secret Half Guard System From The Canadian Who Infiltrated Brazil’s Toughest School


When we think about escaping the back, the first notion is usually to get the back of your head to the mat. Once we scrape our opponent’s chest from our back, the opportunities to escape open up. Of course, there’s more to it then that, and avenues of escape have evolved, but there will always be key principles to adhere to when your making your getaway from the back mount.

One of the things I love about escaping the back, is where to go next. I often find myself attacking the legs, or transitioning to another form of guard. Deep half comes to mind for sure. It's almost a natural transition to deep half from the back escape. As your partner follows you after a failed attempt at securing the back, they often slip right into the deep half guard with very little effort, or movement on the bottom players part.

In this video, Jake Mackenzie shows us how to make a smooth transition to the deep half guard from escaping the back. The escape itself has some phenomenal details, Have a look at this!

Mackenzie begins with addressing his partners would-be seatbelt grip by gripping the sleeve at the cuff and up near the triceps as well. He brings his top leg in tight to his body to thwart off the second hook of his partner. He then uses his top leg to remove the bottom hook, and begins to slide his hips free, leading with his knee. As the top player begins to follow, Mackenzie brings his top arm into the mix to block the top leg from coming over and also to begin setting up the deep half transition. He then crosses his feet and allows his partner to get on top, funneling him directly in to the deep half guard. Great details here!

Everybody feels in trouble when they play half guard with Jake. Now, it’s your turn to make everyone feel this way about your game. Learn The System That Will Completely Change Your Half Guard Game.



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