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Craig Jones Triumphant At Grappling Industries

Craig Jones Triumphant At Grappling Industries



With all of the great MMA and BJJ action going on this weekend you may have missed a great match between two athletes looking to make a splash at this year’s ADCC. Craig Jones and Tim Spriggs faced off in a no time limit Sub-only match at Grappling Industries.

To say the match was textbook Craig Jones might be an understatement. As you’ll see in the attached video that Grappling Industries kindly shared with the grappling masses on their Facebook.

Craig Jones has been making a lot of waves lately in the grappling scene, quickly becoming one of the premier athletes in the Super Fight game of Jiu-Jitsu, WANT TO KNOW WHY? Click Learn More!


Jones immediately sits and begins looking for entry into the legs. As the match goes on you can see the tempo start to develop in Jones’ favor. He is constantly stifling Spriggs passes and while threatening the submission. Spriggs does a great job applying pressure and avoiding the attacks, but is unable to gain dominant position throughout the match.

Spriggs has been on a roll recently winning No-Gi worlds, ADCC east coast qualifier, and most recently Spyder Invitational. BUT Jones has been on fire especially in the super fight format.

As you see from the video Jones eventually utilizes most of his “A” game throughout the match. Some great framing helps him avoid Sprigg’s heavy pressure from the top, while allowing him to utilize his Z Guard. Watching Jones switch tactics from the Z guard is a thing of beauty. At the 4:30 mark in the video you will see Jones threaten both sides of Sprigg’s body and put up multiple attacks that have to be addressed. Eventually Jones utilizes a beautiful transition into a leg entanglement.

Tim initially does a good job stuffing the feet and applying pressure into Jones as he clears the knee line. With most people this would equal an escape and probable pass, however Jones is able to maintain control of the foot which leads to eventually getting deep on an inside Heel Hook.

In his last three matches Craig Jones has beat Keenan Cornelius, Gabriel Arges, and Tim Spriggs. Where many people would be complacent with those results and maybe hold of until ADCC, Jones is showing no signs of slowing down.

The entire catalogue of Craig’s work is available here at BJJFANATICS, but do you want to learn the same game that Jones has used to beat many opponents including studs like Tim Spriggs?



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