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So You Want to Learn Reverse De La Riva?

So You Want to Learn Reverse De La Riva?


Add this popular modern guard variation to your game

 Making your guard game more dynamic is one of the best investments you can make in your BJJ game.  As a new student, those first few times opening your guard can be scary, frustrating and demoralizing all at the same moment.  Having your training partners easily cut through your guard is a hard pill to swallow, but we all have to go through it.

One of the most revered open guard styles was pioneered in the 80's by Ricardo De La Riva.  His namesake guard involves using the combination of instep hook on the outside of the opponent's thigh and a grip on the same side heel to prevent them from escaping.  This guard helps maintain control on the opponent while allowing the guard player to minimize pressure  and also set up sweeps.

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Over time, as talented BJJ athletes begin to organically and sometimes accidentally develop variations to guard styles, changes occur and new styles are born.  From the roots of De La Riva, athletes like Caio Terra and Rafa Mendes began popularizing a variation that utilized a "De La Riva" style hook on the inside of the opponent's thigh instead of the outside.  Out of the birth of this Reverse De La Riva, which is arguably attributed to Caio Terra who developed it as a young colored belt, came many techniques with the coolest named one being the Kiss of the Dragon sweep and back take.

One of the top athletes making great use of the Reverse De La Riva guard today is Canada's Dante Leon.  This GF Team black belt has been a terror on the competition mats since he was a teenager and now at just 23 years old, he has begun to establish himself as one of the premier lightweights on the stage today.

Check out this recent No Gi match from this summer's Chicago Open and check out Dante Leon for yourself!

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 BJJ Fanatics is excited to share Dante Leon's new instructional series focused on Reverse De La Riva Guard.  In the Reverse De La Riva Guard Formula Made Easy, he is going to take you from start to finish through his complete game plan that has helped him win multiple Pan American and World Championships on the highest stages.

Check out this Shin to Shin Sweep excerpted from the series below.  If you've never worked with Reverse De La Riva, now's your chance.

 Get your own copy of Reverse De La Riva Formula made easy from Dante Leon and BJJ Fanatics.  Diversify your guard and terrorize your opponents.  You can get it here today!




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