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Got Grit?

Got Grit?


Toughness. Do We Have It? Or Can We Develop It?

This weekend I attended the ADCC North American Qualifier in Bayville, NJ. This is the second time I was able to make the trip to one of the most exciting, and challenging grappling tournaments in North America. It was hard to decide which matches to watch, as the mats are packed with some of the most impressive BJJ you could ever hope to witness. As I continually scanned the room, I was consistently experiencing jaw dropping jiu-jitsu throughout the entire event. And as the herd thinned and got closer to the finals the energy and skill level became even more heightened. It was truly an honor to witness.

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Everyone that participated in the competition was talented. There were no slouches. But one thing that became more apparent as the brackets began to shrink wasn’t just the level of skill. It was the element of grit.

How can I describe grit? I don’t know that it’s something that can be taught or emulated. There’s a certain sense of urgency, and get up and go in the style of someone who has grit. There’s an overall presence of toughness and determination in the way these people perform. They grind things out. They won’t be kept down, and they may be beaten, but never broken.

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Do you feel this quality is inherent or can it be learned?

No matter your opinion, it remains that this is an element certain people possess in larger amounts than others, and it really shines at the highest levels of combat. It will forever be the deciding factor in many wins and losses.

If you’ve got grit, no matter inherent or cultivated we see you.

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