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Falling Back, Does It Affect Your Attendance at The Gym?

Falling Back, Does It Affect Your Attendance at The Gym?


The Mood Swing that comes with the End of Daylight Saving Time

Most of us enjoyed the extra hour of sleep this weekend due to “falling back” with the end of Daylight Saving Time, but what about losing those daylight hours much earlier? How does that affect your mood, your routine, getting out to the gym? Do you look outside and see the dark of night and feel like it’s a better idea to just call it a day and get home and settle in for the night? Even though it’s the same hour of the day as it is when it’s mid-June, July, August, etc. does it feel the same? Do you have the same energy as you did at 5 PM when the sun was still shining in those summer months when the sunlight guided your way?  That one-hour time change giving us that cozy extra hour of sleep, can be detrimental to the brain’s delicate circadian clock as it acts as one more stressor to the many stress factors in our already stress filled days.

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Discipline Yourself

I am truly guilty of looking out my windows at work and thinking to myself, maybe I should just go home tonight. It’s dark, it’s dreary, it looks so late…my mind plays that game with me and I need to convince myself that it is not as late as it seems. I wouldn’t even think twice of driving out to the gym if the sun was still up and the weather was calm. I also always have a little voice in my head that tells me to use Discipline when Motivation Fails. That voice belongs to Professor Tom DeBlass.

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Discipline will always get you to the gym, to get that one hour or so of training in. The satisfied feeling you drive home with on those same dark roads on those nights when you wanted to just go home and get settled in for the night is much more rewarding than the guilt you feel skipping out on what would have been the best part of your day! You know I’m right! So always remember, no matter the look outside, inside the gym the lights are on, the energy is high, your friends, instructors and training partners are waiting for you and you will feel amazing from the moment you step on the mat till you get back in your car to head home with much more pride in yourself than you would have had if you opted to cozy up on the couch and neglect your opportunity to get one more step closer to the goal you set for yourself when you first started showing up.

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