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How to Execute the Perfect Kimura From Side Control with John Danaher

How to Execute the Perfect Kimura From Side Control with John Danaher


Technical Jiu-Jitsu Always Wins...

How many game changing details do you think it’s possible to learn in one 10-minute video? Every time I’m treated to some instruction with John Danaher, I’m immediately glued to the screen, and making a list of phenomenal details that have alluded me for years. John speaks in terms of body mechanics and leverage rather than just applying techniques. He gives us insight into what makes the most sense when it comes to the anatomy of the body and how were going to manipulate it.

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Take this video for instance on the kimura. Yes, it’s 10 minutes long. Watch the entire thing. You have time for it.

Amazing right? Have you run into trouble when trying to apply the kimura from side control? Maybe you’re able to squeak it out, or muscle it from time to time. But there are different philosophies at play here that will make the finish come much easier.

Danaher begins with explaining the idea of “pushing” kimuras, and “pulling” kimuras. This simple concept started a chain of aha moments for me. Many of us constantly chase pushing the hand to get a finish out of the kimura. But this leads to little control over our partners limb, and hurts our ability to secure the finish. With the idea of immobilizing the arm, and then using a pulling motion to finish the kimura, our success rate will sky rocket. Surely with the release of the “Enter the System” Kimura instructional we will get to see how this concept is applied in many different scenarios involving the kimura. I for one will be unreachable on the release day.

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Danaher describes what he refers to as the” power line”. The line on his partners body running from the hip to the opposite shoulder. He begins and ends the attack here, keeping track of the power lines whereabouts. He begins by addressing his partners frame, which is blocking the path to the power line. Danaher rotates his hips, backsteps, and establishes a tripod in order to bypass the frame and gain access to his desired position. He then sweeps his right knee under the head, steps over with his left leg, and then separates his legs creating a very sturdy base. Danaher slides his elbow to the end of the lever, and for the finish his head travels back to the center line creating an immense amount of pulling pressure on his partner arm, which ultimately leads to the tap.

This is phenomenal. The concepts at work here are so mechanically sound and perfect. Are you ready to see more?

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