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The 6th & Final Volume Of John Danaher's Enter The System Series Is Finally Here - Armbar (Juji-Gatame)

The Pinisher Catch Wrestling DVD by Wade Schalles

The Pinisher Catch Wrestling DVD by Wade Schalles

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Learn from legendary Scientific Wrestling head coach, champion of champions AND coach of champions Wade Schalles how to pin AND submit your opponent, all at the same time (if you prefer Video-On-Demand scroll down, you could be watching this in minutes!)

pinisher /pin·ish·er/ noun A portmanteau of the words "pin", "punish" and "finisher". A pinisher is a wrestling hold that exhibits the ultimate in control over an opponent, esp. in catch-as-catch-can wrestling where players can win via pin or submission; pinishers accomplish both simultaneously. Pinishers include such moves such as the Spladle, Banana Splits, Wrestler's Guillotine (aka "The Twister), etc.