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Aaron Benzrihem His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Aaron Benzrihem His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Aaron Benzrihem?

Aaron Benzrihem is an extremely knowledgeable Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student. Aaron has accomplished many successes throughout his rise through the coloured belt ranks. He has become a veteran of the Fight 2 Win Pro circuit where he has won many superfight matchups. Aaron has also won multiple IBJJF medals and achieved great successes in various other tournaments across the professional world of Jiu Jitsu. Aaron was extremely honoured to become the first Black belt under the famous multiple World Champion Bernardo Faria. He is also an instructor at Bernardo’s academy and has become a senior project manager for BJJ Fanatics.

Basics To Advanced: The Half Butterfly Guard by Aaron Benzrihem

Aaron was an exciting prospect coming up through the coloured belt ranks at 145 pounds. He began finishing many tournaments on the podium including an array of IBJJF events. Training with Marcelo Garcia at Alliance is where Aaron was awarded his Brown belt, as he continued to improve his skill set and knowledge. Aaron was also trusted by Marcello to be one of his instructors, teaching many of his students a wealth of knowledge. Aaron has had a turbulent time trying to reach his ultimate goal of becoming a Blackbelt, due to many debilitating injuries. Aaron has suffered at the hands of his own pride as he would never say no to a roll in the gym, even when his opponent heavily outweighed him. Over the years Aaron has had to change his mentality towards how he approaches Jiu Jitsu for long jeverdy in the sport. Using speed, agility and tactical advantage has become the weapons that Aaron utilises in his arsenal. 

After becoming a Brown belt, Aaron decided to team up with former Jiu Jitsu World Champion Bernardo Faria at his academy. Aaron would become an instructor for Bernardo as Aarons skills in teaching Jiu Jitsu became widely apparent. Aaron was also continuously competing in multiple events at IBJJF and other promotional events like Fight 2 Win. Aaron has become a veteran of the promotion as he has won many superfights at 145 pounds. Aaron would achieve his long time goal of becoming a Black belt after 11 years of training and competing. The honour of becoming a Black belt was made even more special for Aaron, as he became Bernardo Faria’s first Black belt promotion. 

Aaron is an entrepreneur of the Martial Arts world, as he has adopted many roles within the Martial Arts community. Along with teaching many of Bernardo Faria’s students, Aaron also teaches Jiu Jitsu through his youtube channel Aaron Bezrihem BJJ. Aaron was encouraged by Bernardo Faria to start his own instructional channel, and Aaron has quoted that the belief Bernardo has instilled in him has given him a greater sense of purpose. Aaron has a passion for sharing his expertise in Martial Arts, as he endeavours to help many up and coming students improve their Martial Arts. Aaron has come on board with BJJ Fanatics as a senior project manager where his duties include; operational management, marketing development, web design, product development, social media management, customer service, payroll, business plans, growth strategization and optimization, teaching, hiring, blogging, SEO and running all of the day to day operations. Aaron has a lot to do with the inner workings of Bernardo Faria’s academy as well, making him an extremely valuable asset and friend to Bernardo. 

Aaron has run many successful businesses in his career including a K9 Dog training business. Aaron’s wife has been a dog trainer for years, so they both co-founded a company where Aaron is responsible for building and optimizing the website. He is also in charge of logistics, finances, operational management, marketing, strategy, and content. Among his other successes, Aaron ran a digital marketing service for roughly 3 years where he offered services in social media marketing, search engine optimization, web design, customer service, contracting, hiring, financial management, employee management, and operations. Aaron has also written articles for “On The Water” magazine where he delves into his experience and knowledge in fishing.

Basics To Advanced: The Leg Drag by Aaron Benzrihem

How Old Aaron Benzrihem?

Aaron Benzrihem was born in Florida in the United States of America in 1992, he is currently 29 years of age. 

Aaron Benzrihem’s Instructional Videos!

Aaron Benzrihem has become an instrumental part of the BJJ Fanatics team, as he has the role of senior project manager. Aaron has entrepreneurial skills in business and project management, which has made him an asset to his company. Aaron has filmed a vast amount of Jiu Jitsu instructionals, where he passes on his valuable knowledge of grappling to many fans world wide. Aaron has filmed six videos for BJJ Fanatics, one of his videos is called “The 2 On 1 Closed Guard System & Beyond” where he goes into details about how to use two grips on your opponent's 1 grip to gain significant advantages. Aaron has also filmed a 5 DVD series called “Basics To Advanced” where he has different editions that teach different fundamentals to more advanced techniques about various attacking control positions. His series has some valuable insights into positions like; Open Guard, The Half Butterfly Guard, The Knee On Belly, The Low Knee Shield and The Leg Drag. All of Aaron’s instructional videos are available exclusively through the online platform of

How Much Is Aaron Benzrihem Worth?

Aaron Benzrihem has had an amazing career, considering all of his injury troubles. He has astounded many of his peers with his ability to reach the podium. Throughout his career Aaron has built a net worth of somewhere upwards of a million dollars. He has had successful businesses like his K9 training business, his digital marketing business and the co-owner of The Jiu Jitsu LLC which was a media, news and publication company. Aaron has successfully built brand names for many years as his stocks rise considerably. Aaron is also a trainer for Bernardo Faria BJJ Academy and is the Senior Project Manager for the largest BJJ instructional video retailer worldwide in BJJ Fanatics. Aaron has become an entrepreneur in his own right, as he is well on the way to raising his wealth beyond that of the average Martial Artist.

How Tall Is Aaron Benzrihem?

Aaron Benzrihem stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 177 centimetres.

How Much Does Aaron Benzrihem Weigh?

Aaron Benzrihem is a featherweight Jiu Jitsu practitioner who weighs in at 145 pounds or 65 kilograms.

Aaron Benzrihem's Fight List!

Aaron Benzrihem has fought in multiple Fight 2 Win events and various other tournaments including IBJJF events throughout his career. Aaron has dedicated his full attention to succeeding as a full time grappler. Even after many of his injuries he has come back and has fought athletes like; Shae Smith, Joe Guidice, Gabriel Bryant, Jack Stapleton, Edwin Ocasio, George Fernandes, Placid Santos and Chris White.

Aaron Benzrihem's Record!

Aaron Benzrihem has been an exceptional talent throughout his career. Winning multiple tournaments on the world stage as a Blue, Purple and Brown belt. Aaron has a plethora of IBJJF medals and fought extensively, winning many super fights at the Fight 2 Win promotion. Aaron has won many tournament medals including; Naga Championship, Boston Spring Open, Boston Winter Open, Copa America Grappling Championship, Florida National BJJ Grand Prix, Grapplers Challenge, MMAG Grappling, Grappling Industries, Fight 2 Win.

Aaron Benzrihem’s Injuries!

Aaron Benzrihem has suffered from extensive injuries throughout his Martial Arts career. Many of his debilitating injuries came from rolling with heavier opponents, as the stress really takes a toll on a lighter grappler's body. Aaron began showing injury symptoms at the age of 15, where he was diagnosed with Sciatica pain due to a bulged disc in his lower spine. This kind of injury can radically restrict one's movement without proper rehab, as Aaron opted not to have surgery, instead chose Yoga as a means to free himself from the pain. 

Aaron also had to deal with a partial UCL tear on his elbow and two partial tears on his MCL. The MCL tear was severe and was caused during a Brown belt open weight class fight, against a 220 pound opponent which caused him to take a total of 12 weeks off from training. After rehabbing his injury he began training for the Boston Open and once again suffered from more injury woes. Aaron injured his foot on three separate occasions on his way to the Boston Open. Aaron entered the tournament with a broken foot and a partially working knee, but still was able to win his way into the finals in the Boston open. He came up against Edwin Ocasio who submitted Aaron with a foot lock and broke his foot again. Aaron’s foot was completely destroyed, and he was forced to take a long time off of training. Aaron thought about quitting Jiu Jitsu but he decided to persevere with his aspirations of becoming a Black belt.

The worst injury that Aaron was exposed to was a broken nose that caused a deviated septum which amplified his internal problems with multiple infections within his sinus. Aaron has overcome an extensive run of injury throughout his career, but still remains calm and dedicated to his path of Jiu Jitsu.

Is Aaron Benzrihem Retired?

Aaron Benzrihem has had a career of multiple injuries but also many competition successes. After nearly quitting professional grappling from a severely broken foot, Aaron has found a new inspiration within his grappling career. Aaron has become a Black belt under Bernardo Faria and is dedicated to continuing his legacy through teaching and competing in Martial Arts. Aaron has proven to the world that even after facing the most debilitating adversity, there is always room for comeback. Aaron has realised that if you are willing to fight for what you want, then you will succeed, all you need to do is believe in yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

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