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Alexsandro Pereira His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Alexsandro Pereira His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Alexsandro Pereira?

Alexsandro Pereira is a current UFC Mixed Martial Artist, who made his debut in the UFC in November of 2021. Fighting against Andreas Michailidis, Alexsandro claimed the performance of the Night with a TKO early in the second round. Alexsandro is the former Glory Middleweight and Light Heavyweight double Champion. Alex has a wealth of experience inside the ring, as he boasts over a decade of professional fights including Kickboxing, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Alex was also the WGP Kickboxing Middleweight Champion, the WAKO Pro Pan American K1 Kickboxing Champion and placed second at the amatuer WAKO World Championship in Brazil.

Total Striking Control by Alexsandro Pereira

Alex won his first titles in 2012 by claiming the Brazilian 85kg Championship and the WGP 85kg Championship, as he secured wins over Fabio Albeto and Clei Silva. Alex followed up with another title win at the WAKO Pro Pan American K1 Championship, as Alex claimed the decision win over Cesar Almeida. Alex was fast becoming a kickboxing sensation as he knocked out Matias Adaro at the WGP Kickboxing 15 event. Alex then fought at the WAKO World Championships as he defeated Selby Deveraux and Nattia Faraoni before losing to Sergej Maslobojev in the final. Alex finished 2013 losing to Cesar Almeida in a decision at WGP Kickboxing 17 in Sao Paulo Brazil.

In 2014 Alex began to propel himself into the Kickboxing world. He was off to a fantastic start by winning the Glory Middleweight Contender Tournament in Zagreb in Croatia, with a left hook KO on the American,  Dustin Jacoby in the semi final, before ultimately winning the decision against Sahak Parparyan in the final. Alex would win 3 out of his next 5 fights, including wins over Alexandr Dmitrienko, Robert Thomas and Ivan Galaz. 2015 started with a bang as he won the vacant WGP Middleweight title with a 5 round decision over Cesar Almeida. Over the next two years Alex won 6 out of 8 fights including 2 title defenses against Junior Alpha and Maycon Silva. Alex also defeated future UFC Champion Israel Adesanya twice, the first time by decision and the second time with a left hook knockout. 

In 2017 Alexsandro challenged for the Glory Middleweight Championship in Guangzhou, China. Fighting against Simon Marcus, Alex went 5 rounds as he won the decision and became the Champion. Alex had become a household Kickboxing name, as he gained a multitude of fans. Over the next year and a half he defended his title on 4 occasions, Alex defeated Simon Marcus in a rematch, Jason Wilnis with a first round Ko and defended his belt twice against Yousri Belgaroui. Alex decided to challenge himself so he competed for the interim Light Heavyweight title at Glory 65. Alex was ferocious as he defeated Donegi Abena in the third round. Alex went on to defend his Middleweight title against Ertugrul Bayrak at Glory Collision 2. At Glory 77 Alex would consolidate the Light Heavyweight title by defeating Artem Vakhitov in a split decision as Alex became the undisputed dual Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion. A few months later Alex would give Artem a rematch where Alex would lose his Light Heavyweight title in a majority decision.

In Alexsandro's Mixed Martial Arts career his debut fight was in Sao Paulo in 2015 against Quemuel Ottoni at Jungle Fight 82, as Alex suffered a submission loss. At Jungle Fight 85 in 2016, Alex knocked out Marcelo Cruz in the first round, and backed it up with another TKO win at Jungle Fight 87 against Marcus Vinicius de Silverio. 4 years later Alex stepped back into the cage as he secured another knockout at Legacy Fighting Alliance 95 against Thomas Powell. After his fight Alexsandro was approached by the UFC and given a contract. In November of 2021 Alex made his debut at UFC 268 in New York City. In a vicious fight Alex landed a flying knee followed by punches as the referee stopped the fight 18 seconds into the second round. Alex had made his abrupt entry into the UFC earning performance of the night, as he looked to stamp his dominance on the division.

Southpaw Striking Fundamentals by Chris Camozzi

How Old Is Alexsandro Pereira?

Alexsandro Pereira grew up in Sao Bernardo do Campo in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was born on the 7th of July in 1987, he is currently 34 years of age.

Alexsandro Pereira's Early Life!

Alexsandro Pereira grew up in a favela which is an extremely poor neighborhood in Brazil. Traditionally a favela is a slum that has been neglected by the government. Alex struggled with his education and at the age of 12 he had dropped out of middle school. Alex began working at a tyre shop to earn a living and as he worked he began to make bad choices. With some influence from his friends Alex began heavily drinking alcohol. Alex was getting himself into a lot of trouble as he became an alcoholic for the next decade. By 2009 Alex had turned 22 and realised that he needed to kick his bad habits, so he began Kickboxing. Alex developed a passion for Martial Arts as he kicked his drinking problem and began competing in Kickboxing tournaments.

How Much Is Alexsandro Pereira Worth?

Alexsandro Pereira has been a dominant force inside the world of Martial Arts. He has lit up the stage with his precision knockout artistry. Alexsandro has built an extensive wealth of finances as his net worth is estimated to be around 1 million dollars. Alexsandro Pereira is working exclusively with BJJ Fanatics to share his knowledge of striking through instructional videos. He has filmed "Total Striking Control" , an instructional video covering the aspects of controlling your opponent with strikes. His video is available exclusively for purchase on

How Tall Is Alexsandro Pereira?

Alexsandro Pereira stands at a formidable 6 feet and 4 inches tall which is the equivalent of 193 centimetres. Alex also has an 80 inch reach or 203 centimetres.

How Much Does Alexsandro Pereira Weigh?

Alexsandro Pereira has fought extensively throughout his career as a Middleweight and a Light Heavyweight. He weighs in at 84 kilograms or 185 pounds.

Alexsandro Pereira's Fight List!

Alexsandro Pereira has become a Kickboxing legend, winning multiple titles throughout his career. He has also been fighting Mixed Martial Arts as he looks to challenge for the UFC title. Alex has fought against some of the most fierce and feared strikers in the business, athletes like; Artem Vakhitov, Ertugrul Bayrak, Donegi Abena, Simon Marcus, Jason Wilnis, Yousri Belgaroui, Maycon Silva, Burim Rama, Israel Adesanya, Junior Alpha, Cesar Almeida, Ivan Galaz, Robert Thomas, Dustin Jacoby, Camillo Ferraz, Matias Adaro, Fabio Albeto, Andreas Michailidis, Marcelo Cruz and Marcus Vinicius da Silveira.

Alexsandro Pereira's Best Fight Of All Time!

Alexsandro Pereira has become a legend inside the Kickboxing arena. He has defeated many up and coming champions of the sport including Mixed Martial Artists. Some of his best fights have been inside the Glory Kickboxing promotion. Winning the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight titles are among some of his finest moments inside his fight career. Alex knocked out Ertugrul Bayrak with a left hook three minutes into the first round. In 2019 Alex was awarded knockout of the year after landing a ferocious flying knee against Jason Wilnis at Glory 65. Another great moment for Alex was in 2021 as he was awarded performance of the night in his UFC debut, after landing another flying knee against Andreas Michailidis. 

Who Did Alexsandro Pereira Lose To?

Alexsandro Pereira has had an outstanding career inside the ring and the cage. He has dominated many of his opponents and achieved monumental heights as a striker. Throughout his career he has only lost a handful of fights to opponents like; Sergej Maslobojev at the WAKO World Championships K1 Final, Cesar Almeida at the WGP Kickboxing 17 Final and Artem Levin at the Glory 17 Middleweight Last Man Standing Tournament Quarter Finals. Alex has also lost twice against Jason Wilnis at its showtime and Glory 20 in Dubai. Alex has lost to other athletes like Artem Vakhitov, Artur Kyshenko, Yousri Belgaroui and Quemuel Ottoni.

Alexsandro Pereira's Record!

Alexsandro Pereira is a veteran of the striking game, having fought extensively in Glory FC, WGP Kickboxing, Jungle Fight, It's Showtime and the UFC. Alexsandro has a Kickboxing record of 33 wins and only 7 losses, including an astonishing 21 Knockouts. In Mixed Martial Arts, Alex holds a record of 4 wins with 1 loss including 4 wins in a row all by way of knockout. Alexsandro also has a knockout victory in Boxing over Marcelo de Souza Cruz. Alex has a list of accomplishments that include; Glory Light Heavyweight Champion (2021) Glory Interim Light Heavyweight Champion (2019) Glory Middleweight Champion including 5 Defenses (2017) Glory Middleweight Contender Tournament Champion (2014) WGP Kickboxing Middleweight Champion (2015) WGP 85 kilogram Champion (2012) WAKO Pro Pan American K1 Champion (2013) WAKO K1 World Championship Runner Up (2013) Brazilian 85kg Champion (2012) Combat Press Knockout of the Year vs Jason Wilnis (2019) UFC Performance of the Night (2021)

Alexsandro Pereira Injuries!

Alexsandro Pereira has avoided any significant injuries throughout his career. He did contract covid 19 while helping Glover Texeira prepare for his fight against Thiago Santos. Both Alexsandro and Glover both decided to quarantine together and continue the training camp as the fight was postponed for three weeks. Alex recovered from the illness and continued on with his aspirations towards becoming a UFC Champion.

Is Alexsandro Pereira Retired?

With over a decade in the fight game, Alex the knockout specialist is still very active in the Martial Arts world. His recent MMA victory at UFC 268 has stamped his authority on the division. Alex is hot out of Glory FC after years of Championship title defenses at Middleweight and more recently Championship wins at Light Heavyweight. Alex is a force to be reckoned with as he asserts his presence into the octagon. Alex is scheduled to fight Bruno Silva on March 12th 2022 at UFC Fight Night 203.

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