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Abdurakhman Bilarov His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Abdurakhman Bilarov His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Abdurakhman Bilarov?

Abdurakhman Bilarov is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under Rafael Haubet, an affiliate to team Noguiera. Bilarov has stamped his authority on the world scene of Jiu Jitsu, winning three Abu Dhabi Pro titles as a coloured belt. When he was a Brown belt Bilarov also made worldwide notoriety after defeating Jackson Sousa and Claudio Calasans at the Berkut Challenge to take out first place on the podium. After a rigorous background in wrestling, Bilarov has become one of the hottest prospects to come out of Russia. As a Black belt Bilarov has also won the UWW NoGi Grappling World Championships, the UWW European Championships and the ADCC European trials.

Heel Hooks From Everywhere by Abdurakhman Bilarov

Bilarov was taking Jiu Jitsu more seriously after his transition from competitive wrestling. Training with Rafael Haubet in Dubai was improving Bilarov's skills exponentially, as he rose through the coloured belt ranks.  Bilarov won three consecutive UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro Championships, one at Blue belt, one at Purple belt and one as a Brown belt. Bilarov then showcased his outstanding ability after defeating Black belt Claudio Calasans (4 - 2) in the Absolute final of the Berkut Challenge. At the second Berkut Challenge, Bilarov would face off in a super fight against the famous Jackson Sousa as he secured a Heel Hook submission victory. Rafael Haubet would have no choice but to award Bilarov his Black belt.

Bilarov would enter the world stage as a Black belt with supreme confidence, as he won matches at the Russian National Pro against Ilya Bogoslovsky and Abdulbary Guseinov. Bilarov also secured an armbar finish at the final of the Vic Pro against Jackson Jacinto. Bilarov competed extremely well at the Abu Dhabi World Pro, defeating Kim Jongmok and Basel Fanous, but was outclassed in the quarter final by Felipe Pena 8 points to 2. After Bilarov's semi final loss against Erberth Santos at ACBJJ 5, he began training more proficiently as he prepared for ADCC trial competition. Bilarov starred at the ADCC European trials, submitting all of his opponents including Mraz Avdoyan with a Rear Naked Choke to earn the Gold and a place in the ADCC World Championships.

Bilarov competed at the ACBJJ Worlds and after being disqualified from his semifinal against Helton Jose, he came back to take out third place defeating Vitor Toledo. Bilarov would then take his place in the 2017 ADCC World Championships. Bilarov defeated Jake Shields in the first round, but once again he would lose to Felipe Pena in the quarter final. In Bilarov's last competition for 2017 he would place second taking home the Silver medal, as he entered the ACBJJ 9 event he went on a warpath,  Heel Hooking both Jackson Sousa and Erberth Santos in the earlier rounds. Bilarov reached the final as another showdown against Felipe Pena saw Bilarov tap out to an arm in Guillotine.

In 2018 Bilarov lost both superfights at ACBJJ 10 and ACBJJ 14 against Yuri Simoes and Igor Silva respectively. Bilarov would have to regroup as he headed into the UWW NoGi World Grappling Championship. Bilarov would win all of his matches as he dominated the event in the 100kg division, including a win over Kamil Umiski in the final with a Darce Choke. In 2018 Bilarov competed at the UWW European Championships, as he submitted all of his opponents to win the Gold medal. Bilarov defeated Nicolas Penzer at the Abu Dhabi World Pro but went on to lose the quarter final against Erberth Santos. Bilarov was fast cementing himself as one of the top contenders in the 100kg Black belt division. 

Exploring Outside Heel Hooks by Sean Applegate

How Old Is Abdurakhman Bilarov?

Abdurakhman Bilarov grew up in Makhachkala, the capital city of Dagestan in Russia. He was born on the 25th of May in 1990, he is currently 31 years of age.

Abdurakhman Bilarov's Early Life! 

Abdurakhman Bilarov grew up in Makhachkala in Russia, a place that was extremely hard for a young child. As he navigated his way through school, Wrestling was always a huge part of his life. From an early age he would wrestle with his father and as he grew he would compete extensively in many wrestling tournaments. Bilarov would fly the flag for his country as he competed out of the late and former 5 x world wrestling champion Ali Alyev's team at the Ali Alyev Training Centre. Bilarov was widely respected as was his wrestling squad in the nation of Dagestan. In 2009 at the age of 19, Bilarov was introduced to Jiu Jitsu by some of his friends. As Bilarov began to improve his grappling skills he switched his focus off of wrestling and dedicated his patience towards the art of grappling. Bilarov would then take the next step towards professional grappling as he moved to Dubai and started training with Rafael Haubet who was a Team Noguiera affiliate. Bilarov now had the tools to become a champion as he headed towards international stardom.

How Much Is Abdurakhman Bilarov Worth?

Abdurakhman Bilarov has become internationally renowned for his submission attack and ferocity on the mats. His wrestling style coupled with his exceptional submission abilities has given him a pathway towards success. From a poor kid in Russia to the successful athlete now living and competing in Abu Dhabi, he has secured some significant wealth. His net worth is unreported, but from the look of this exceptional athlete he is beginning to climb the financial ladder as he accumulates wealth that surpasses a few hundred thousand dollars. Bilarov has also begun working exclusively with BJJ Fanatics after his outstanding performance at ACBJJ 9. Bilarov Heel Hooked two incredibly tough athletes, and as a result he filmed an instructional video detailing the Heel Hook submission. His video titled "Heel Hooks From Everywhere" goes into intricate detail about securing leg lock submissions. This popular video is available for purchase on

How Tall Is Abdurakhman Bilarov?

Abdurakhman Bilarov stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall which equates to 186 centimetres.

How Much Does Abdurakhman Bilarov Weigh?

Abdurakhman Bilarov weighs in at 100kg or 220 pounds, he has also competed in the Absolute division and the 94 kg division or 207 pounds. 

Abdurakhman Bilarov's Fight List!

Abdurakhman Bilarov has become an international weapon, battling and defeating many formidable opponents in his career. Bilarov has an extensive list of fights since his days as a Purple belt, and now competing as a Black belt he has a fight list that in includes stars like; Erberth Santos, Jackson Sousa, Jake Shields, Rodrigo Cavaca, Claudio Calasans, Jackson Jacinto, Basel Fanous, Otto Kuikka, Mraz Avdoyan, Nicolas Penzer, Andrii Haleta, Kamil Umiski, Kazhigali Tuleshev and Vitor Toledo.

Abdurakhman Bilarov's Best Fight Of All Time!

Abdurakhman Bilarov has competed extensively on the world stage of competition grappling. He has upset many favourites with his ability to win big fights. Defeating Claudio Calasans and Jackson Sousa at the Berkut 1 and 2 challenges are among some of his best wins, as he was only a Brown belt when he defeated the talented Black belts. Winning the ADCC European trials is also a huge achievement for Bilarov, as he dominated Mraz Avdoyan with a Rear Naked Choke finish. In 2017 Bilarov also Heel Hooked both Jackson Sousa and Erberth Santos at ACBJJ 9. Bilarov gained significant popularity with his assault in the 100kg Black belt division. 

Who Did Abdurakhman Bilarov Lose To?

Abdurakhman Bilarov has only been submitted twice since becoming a Black belt, once by Felipe Pena with an arm in Guillotine and the other against Erberth Santos with a Kneebar. Bilarov has lost three times to Felipe Pena including ACBJJ 9, the Abu Dhabi World Pro and the ADCC quarter final. Bilarov has also lost fights against world class athletes like; Yuri Simoes, Igor Silva, Gustavo Batista and Helton Jose.

Abdurakhman Bilarov's Record!

Abdurakhman Bilarov has compiled a record since 2015 of 22 wins and 10 losses, including 14 submission victories and only 2 submission defeats. Bilarov has proven his abilities on the world stage of grappling, having defeated some of the best fighters in the super heavyweight division. Bilarov has a list of accomplishments that includes; ADCC European Trials Champion (2017) VIC Fight Champion (2017) UWW NoGi World Grappling Champion (2018) UWW European Champion Russian National Pro Champion (2016) (2018) ACBJJ 9 Runner Up (2017) ACBJJ World Championships Third Place (2017) Berkut 1 Challenge Champion - Brown belt (2015) Berkut 2 Challenge Champion -  Brown belt (2015) UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion (Blue belt 2013, Purple belt 2014, Brown belt 2015) 

Abdurakhman Bilarov's Injuries!

Abdurakhman Bilarov has avoided any significant injuries throughout his grappling career. As a young wrestler he did endure through minor injuries like strained muscles and bruised ribs. Growing up in Russia as a competitive beast is always going to take its toll on the athlete. Bilarov has always been an incredibly fit and strong individual, so staying in shape and avoiding injury has become relatively easy for the Russian national.

Is Abdurakhman Bilarov Retired?

Abdurakhman Bilarov has become a prolific competitor throughout his career. He has achieved multiple Abu Dhabi medals and is one of the top contenders in the super heavyweight Black belt division. At 31 years of age Bilarov is still an active competitor in the professional world of grappling, as he looks to extend his run of competition wins.

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