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Victor Avery His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Victor Avery His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Victor Avery?

Victor Avery was an impressive wrestler who competed for Edinboro University. Vic earnt All American honours in 2015 and placed third at the division 1 NCAA Championships. Victor was a two time PSAC and EWL Champion, along with many other accolades like the 2015 NWCA All Academic Team and a multitude of tournament medals at events like; The Michigan State Open, the Clarion Open, the Red Raider Open and medals in Massachusetts, New England and Edinboro. Vic has won a vast amount of medals and matches against top ranked American wrestlers, he has also had a successful coaching career at the Ohio Regional Training Centre and Harvard University.

Shutdown Defense by Victor Avery

Vic wrestled for Foxboro high school under head coach Jim Fraser. Vic was a standout all throughout high school especially in his Senior year only losing 1 match and winning 53, and securing an overall 153 - 20 record. Vic was also outstanding in his Sophomore and Junior years securing records of 40 - 5 and 40 - 4 respectively. Vic was ranked at number #6 in the country by Wrestling USA, as he won the majority of his matches. Vic won the MIAA Championships, the Michigan Sectional Championships and tournament wins in New England and Massachusetts. Vic graduated from Foxboro in 2011.

In 2012 Vic attended Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, where he continued on his reign of dominance. Vic qualified for the National Championships as a true freshman where he secured a 1 - 2 record. Vic placed second at the EWL Championships losing in the final 2 - 1 to Matt Ryan. He defeated Steven Cressley 8 - 3 to win the PSAC Championship. Vic also secured a third place at the Michigan State Open and a fourth place at the UB Open. Vic also leveled out at 2 - 2 at both the Midlands and the Las Vegas International. Vic secured an overall record of 25 and 15.

Vic took a redshirt year as he posted an overall season record of 26 - 9. Vic claimed first place at the CSU Open, while finishing 6th at the Midlands Championship, with two losses to Jimmy Sheptock. Vic finished fourth at the Nittany Lion Open and secured third place finishes at the Edinboro Open, the Mat Town Open and the MSU Open. In 2014 as a Sophomore, Vic had an injury plagued year as he posted a 25 - 7 overall record. Vic won the EWL Championship and the Red Raider Open, he also took out second place at the PSAC Championship and the Edinboro Open. 

In 2015 Vic earned All American honours as he secured third place at the NCAA Championships with wins over Jack Dechow, Taylor Meeks and Blake Stauffer, with his only loss to Cornell's Gabe Dean. Vic was named NWCA All Academic and went on to win his second straight PSAC Championship crown. Vic was also the EWL Champion for the second time in his career. Vic would go on to win the Clarion Open and placed fifth at the Midlands Championship. Vic posted an overall record of 34 and 7 as he became one of America's top wrestlers. Vic graduated from college with a Business Administration major as his GPA was at a high 3.21.

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How Old Is Victor Avery?

Victor Avery was born on the 10th of May in 1993, he is currently 28 years old.

Victor Avery's Family!

Victor Avery grew up in Pennsylvania In the United States of America. His father Bob Avery was a successful football player for Syracuse, while his Uncle was a NCAA division 1 finalist. Vic's brother Nick wrestles for Indiana University, he also has another brother named Vince. Vic grew up in a sporting family as football and wrestling ruled his household. Victor, Nick and Vince were all very competitive brothers as they were highly encouraged by their parents to achieve greatness. 

How Much Is Victor Avery Worth?

Victor Avery has fought extensively throughout his career as he has made significant income from his coaching tenure. Vic has secured a net worth of roughly half a million dollars as he is aiming to raise his stocks beyond 2022. Vic has also began working exclusively with the famed BJJ Fanatics online platform, as he has filmed an instructional video called "Shutdown Defense" which is available for purchase on

How Tall Is Victor Avery?

Victor Avery stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which equates to 177 centimetres.

How Much Does Victor Avery Weigh?

Victor Avery weighs in at 184 pounds which is the equivalent of 83 kilograms.

Victor Avery's Fight List!

Victor Avery has fought against some of the toughest wrestlers in America. Throughout high school and college Vic built a considerable reputation for being a juggernaut on the mats. Vic pinned multiple high ranking opponents as he fought his way to the top. Vic has a list of fights against world class athletes like; Jordan Ellingwood, Blake Stauffer, Hayden Zillmer, Taylor Meeks, Jack Dechow, Nikko Reyes, Fred Garcia, Kenny Courts, Cole Baxter, Ethan Lofthouse, Matt McCutcheon, Giovanni Ortiz, Xavier Dye, Jackson Lewis, Ricky Robertson, Brandon Riggins, Kyle Humphries, Matt Ryan, Steven Cressley, Sammy Brooks and Tony Dallago.

Victor Avery's Best Fight Of All Time!

Victor Avery has had an outstanding career on the mats. Many of his fights have been against high level collegiate athletes. Vic has never won an NCAA Championship but he has defeated multiple top 8 opponents. Vic has won two PSAC and two EWL Championships throughout college, as he showcased some of his best wrestling. Some of his best wins have been against NCAA competitors in his Senior year. In 2015 Vic entered the National Championships ranked at number #3, he defeated 4 top 5 opponents on his way to the finals. Vic defeated Nikko Reyes 3 - 0 before upstaging Jack Dechow 3 - 3 with two tie breakers. Vic then won a major decision against 5th seed Taylor Meeks before facing the number #1 wrestler Gabe Dean from Cornell in the semi final. After the score was tied at 3 - 3 Gabe won the fight with two tie breakers. Vic stormed home in his last two matches defeating the number #6 Hayden Zillmer and the number #3 Blake Stauffer to place third in the coveted event. 

Who Did Victor Avery Lose To?

Victor Avery has lost in some really close matchups at the elite level. His extremely close loss to Gabe Dean at the 2015 NCAA division 1 Championships cost him the national title. Vic has lost to other high ranking opponents like; Corey Greico, Joe Ariola, Max Thomusseit and Ophir Bernstein at NCAA tournament matches. He has also lost to athletes like; Zack Zavatsky, Nick Corba, Lorenzo Thomas, Sammy Brooks, Nathaniel Brown, Keegan Mueller, Kurtis Julsen, Travis McKillop and John Rizquallah. 

Victor Avery's Record!

Victor Avery has wrestled with an exceptional ability to win medals. He finished high school with an overall record of 153 - 20, including a formidable 53 - 1 record as a Senior. During his time at college he posted an overall record of 109 wins with 38 losses. Vic has achieved a huge amount of tournament medals including;

Three Time NCAA Qualifier (2014, 2015, 2016) All American Honours (2015) NCAA Championship Third Place (2015) All Academic Team (2015) EWL Champion (2013, 2015) PSAC Champion (2012, 2015) Clarion Open Champion (2015) Mt Union Red Raider Open Champion (2014) CSU Open Champion (2013) New England Champion (2011) Massachusetts State Champion (2011) MIAA State Champion (2011) Michigan Sectional Champion (2010) PSAC Championship Runner Up (2014) EWL Championship Runner Up (2012) NHSCA Senior Nationals Runner Up (2011) Edinboro Open Runner Up (2014) National Championships Third Place (2015) Nittany Lion Open Fourth Place (2013) Midlands Championship Sixth Place (2013) Edinboro Open Third Place (2013) MSU Open Third Place (2013) Mat Town Open Third Place (2013) Michigan State Open Third Place (2012) UB Open Fourth Place (2012) Three Time State Place Winner (2009, 2010, 2011) New England Championship Runner Up (2010) Massachusetts State Championship Runner Up (2010) 

Victor Avery's Injuries!

Victor Avery has been a formidable wrestler throughout high school and college. He did suffer from an ankle injury at the MSU Open at the start of the 2014 season, where he spent a month on the sidelines. Vic suffered from a range of injuries all throughout 2014 as he was forced to pull out of numerous matches. Vic worked extremely hard to get himself back on track, as he secured a win at the Raider Open and a second place finish at The PSAC Championships. Vic has proven how dedicated he is to becoming a champion, as he utilises his knowledge in strength and conditioning.

Is Victor Avery Retired?

Victor Avery has retired from competitive wrestling as he focuses more on his coaching aspirations. Vic spent several years as the RTC coach at the Ohio Regional Training Centre, he also coached at Harvard University as an assistant coach. Vic is now a personal coach as he looks to help many hopeful athletes reach their full potential.

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