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Troy Manning His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Troy Manning His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Troy Manning?

Troy Manning is a second degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Master Joe Moreira. Troy is a dedicated and expert coach in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Troy is the head coach and owner of The Cult Combat Fitness and Cafe, he is also the head coach at Team Moreira in Cairns, Far North Queensland and the head coach at NoGi Jiu Jitsu Toowoomba in Australia. Troy has an outstanding coaching sense that is paired with a ferocity on the mats that he showcases to his students. Many of his up and coming athletes have described him as a savage on the mats.

Dynamic No Gi Positional Control by Troy Manning

Troy has built a fun and friendly but extremely professional BJJ and MMA academy. Team Moreira is inviting as it has classes tailored for kids, ladies and adults in both disciplines of Martial Arts. Troy also offers Cardio Kickboxing and MMA Bootcamps, where he adapts many of his fundamental and more prolific workout techniques in a packaged program. The popularity of his academy and its highly recognized training programs are some of the best in Queensland and Australia. Troy has a way of pushing his students to their limits, but is a very approachable teacher with extremely good core values and a sense of family. 

At Troy’s academy he has created an exceptional timetable full of amazing options for his students. Apart from the BJJ and MMA aspect, Troy also offers Wrestling and Cardio Kickboxing. Troy has begun to revolutionize training as he offers two state of the art Virtual Reality Studios, where his students can train in virtual yoga and virtual combat strength. Troy’s academy is open from Monday to Friday 6am till 8pm, with 8 classes per day in studio 1 and studio 2 offers virtual reality cycling for morning and afternoon sessions. There are also selected Saturdays where Troy offers in house club racing events. 

Troy uses software called ZWIFT that offers tons of daily racing, so you can race other riders from all over the world. His other program is called RGT that he uses for selected race days, in which the software is extremely realistic so riders can simulate races in a multitude of extreme terrain places. The popularity of Troy’s cycling technology has made his academy one of Australia’s prime destinations for training in functional fitness and Martial Arts combined. Along with Troy’s academies he is also the head MMA and BJJ instructor at NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Toowoomba. Troy visits the Toowoomba academy regularly as he prides himself on his core principles of teaching Martial Arts.

No Gi BJJ Kimura System by Troy Manning

How Old Is Troy Manning?

Troy Manning was born in Queensland, Australia on the 31st of July in 1979, he is currently 42 years of age.

Troy Manning's Family!

Troy Manning has two families, his first is with his partner Suz Hannah and together they have a son. They are a regular happy family enjoying the beauty of Far North Queensland in Australia. Troy's first love will always be his immediate family, although his second family he has plenty of love and passion for. He has created a family at Team Moreira where they all come together for their love of Jiu Jitsu. Many of his team members are avid competitors and winning medals has become an every weekend activity. Troy is extremely proud of both of his families as he continues to grow the sport in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, Far North Queensland, Australia.

How Much Is Troy Manning Worth?

Troy Manning has become quite a reputable businessman, with the acquisition of his MMA and BJJ academies. Troy has ramped up his marketing and is offering state of the art facilities and technologies including virtual reality services. Troy has also boosted his finances with his revolutionary online BJJ certification courses. Troy has other avenues of income like apparel he sells at his academies and the instructional videos he sells through Troy has a net worth of over a million dollars and with the success of his businesses, his stocks are rapidly increasing. 

How Tall Is Troy Manning?

Troy Manning stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 177 centimetres.

How Much Does Troy Manning Weigh?

Troy Manning weighs in at the super heavyweight of 104 kilograms which equates to 229 pounds.

Troy Manning's Instructional Videos!

Troy Manning has filmed a vast contingent of instructional videos. He has been working exclusively with BJJ Fanatics to share his extensive knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from an Australian perspective. Troy has created a premier series of NoGi instructionals that covers many of the fundamental situations that arise in the rubiks cube that is Jiu Jitsu. Three of his popular videos deal with different ways of escaping like; (NoGi BJJ Position Escaping System) (NoGi Jiu Jitsu Back Attacks and Escaping System) and (NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Escaping System) Troy has other instructional content that delves into how to secure different ranges of submissions like; (NoGi BJJ Kimura System) (NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Omoplata System) (Modern NoGi Jiu Jitsu Omoplata System) and (NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Choking System) the last four instructional videos that Troy has filmed cover different aspects of Jiu Jitsu like sweeping, takedowns, passing and positional control. All eleven of Troy’s video content are available exclusively through the online platform of Troy has become a veteran in the BJJ Fanatics online shop, as he has created a plethora of awesome products distributed worldwide.

Troy Manning's Online Certification Courses!

With all the recent covid regulations putting a damper on many businesses worldwide, Troy Manning has come up with a system to help many people still head towards their goal of becoming a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Troy has created online certification courses to teach students the NoGi style of Jiu Jitsu. The non-negotiable first course is the Position and Control System certification, once a student has finished this course they must complete four more courses and then they will be awarded their Blue belt. After ten courses the student is then awarded their Purple belt. Once the student has finished fourteen courses in total, they are now eligible to test for their Brown belt. After having held their Brown belt for a minimum of two years, the student must test in person to achieve their Black belt.

Troy is a revolutionary in the field of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as he cements himself as one of Australia’s premier coaches. The courses Troy has created are; Position and Control System, Position Escapes System, Top Position Attacks System, Turtle Attacks and Escapes System, Guard Sweeps System, Guard Passes System, Guard Attacks System, Takedowns and Defense System, Advanced Half Guard System, Omoplata and Lock Flows System, Kimura System, Leg Lock System, Submission Escapes System and Ground and Pound System. Troy is also creating other courses like; Kids NoGi BJJ Course (White to Green belt) Mixed Martial Arts Striking Course, Muay Thai Pad Holding Course and a Lock Down System Course which is a Security and Police Defense Tactics System. Troy is an extremely talented professor who is determined to pass on his knowledge and legacy as a Martial Artist.

Troy Manning's Record!

Troy Manning is one of Australia’s veteran coaches who has an amazing outlook on competition Jiu Jitsu. Many of his students are smashing the competition scene, with some of his White belt students defeating Purple and Brown belt athletes in competition. At Team Moreira, Troy has built a legacy within his students as they embark on a journey of competitive success. Some of Troy's students have won a multitude of tournament medals including; The Under 73kg Far North Queensland Title, The Under 79kg Far North Queensland Title, The Under 85kg Far North Queensland Title, The Townsville Cup, The Cairns Open, Grappling Industries, The Southeast Queensland Title, The Brisbane Open, The Queensland State Championships. 

Troy also runs in house competitions that many of his students are excited to enter. The popularity of Troy’s academy is fast becoming one of Queensland's premier clubs.

Troy Manning's Injuries!

Like most seasoned veterans of Jiu Jitsu, injuries usually take a toll. Troy has dealt with his share of setbacks, including busted ribs and strained muscles. For Most of his career he has managed to stay in really good health, Troy is one who believes in good food, correct training procedures and significant rest periods. Throughout his tenure as a gym owner and Martial Arts coach, he has given out valuable knowledge about warm ups, warm downs, stretching exercises and rehab techniques. Troy is extremely smart and is an expert on body and mind conditioning.

Is Troy Manning Retired?

Troy Manning is not a national or International competitor, he is an extremely dedicated professor and coach to many Australian students. His extensive work in all of Queensland is highly regarded as some of the best instruction available. Aside from his personal coaching, he had an in-depth certification system that is as complex as it is fascinating. Troy is a master in his own rights as many of his students hold him in high regards.

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