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Nicolas Renier His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Nicolas Renier His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Nicolas Renier?

Nicolas Renier is a highly talented Black belt in the art of Luta Livre, and has become the most accomplished European to come out of the sport. He is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt, as he has trained extensively in Brazil. Nicolas has excelled in professional grappling, becoming a FILA world champion and is also a 6 time ADCC grappling veteran. Nicolas is the owner and head instructor at NR Fight Club, an academy that teaches Luta Livre, Thai Boxing, English Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Cardiovascular Boxing, Muscular Strengthening, Self Defense and Yoga. Nicolas has won international titles in Luta Livre and is accredited with a STAPS qualification, which is a degree in the science and technology of physical and sporting activities. 

Luta Livre Compression by Nicolas Renier

Nicolas began training in Luta Livre in 1999, and by 2002 he was gaining significant experience in the Martial Art. Luta Livre is considered as a highly submission orientated Martial Art in comparison to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where the goal is to acquire position before submission. In Luta Livre the goal is to surprise your opponent by getting into awkward positions as you attack ferociously for submission. In Portuguese Luta means wrestling and Livre means free, so the loose translation is free fighting, as Luta Livre seems to be the forgotten art. Nicolas competed in Luta Livre for many years as he became a prolific warrior within his own right.

Nicolas won ADDC selections on four separate occasions and was invited twice. The first year he won selection was in 2007. Nicolas had to fight 5 or 6 opponents on his way to ADCC selection. He took on extremely tough opponents who had already won in other ADCC events. It was a great experience for Nicolas, as he qualified and then competed in the ADCC Worlds in the United States. Nicolas faced a Japanese opponent as he lost in the first round. The second time he earnt selection was in 2009. He went on to lose at the world's in Barcelona against Joel Tudor who had been invited that year. In 2011, Nicolas was invited for the first time when he faced Baret Yoshida in England. Nicolas had an extremely tough weight cut to make the division and near the end of the fight Nicolas had almost completely collapsed as he lost the fight comprehensively.

In 2013 Nicolas defeated Jari Kakko with a Guillotine in the final of the European ADCC Qualifier, as he looked toward an ADCC Championship berth. In 2016 Nicolas teamed up with his mentor Leozada Noguiera as they hosted a Luta Livre seminar at the ADCC Championships. In 2017 Nicolas made his sixth appearance in the ADCC after an injury forced Eddie Cummings to pull out of the event. Nicolas would face Baret Yoshida for the second time as he defeated the Champion with a tremendous guard pass. Nicolas would lose in the second round to Justin Rader. In 2021 Nicolas fought against Nico Pulvermuller in the first European, Middle East and African trial, where Nicolas failed to get the win but showcased his exceptional fortitude. 

In 2019 Nicolas fought Mixed Martial Arts in a promotion called (LFC) Limo Fighting Championship. Nicolas secured a (katagatame) ankle lock submission win against Antonio Chirlano Flor. Nicolas started his own team in 2009 and by 2011 he began operating the NR Fight team. Nicolas has proven experience in the professional world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Luta Livre. He has brought his skills and knowledge to the forefront where he teaches many of his French students his style of Martial Arts. Nicolas has worked extensively with his many trainers at his gym to raise many future champions. Nicolas has built a reputation as the premier academy in Europe, many high level athletes come from abroad to seek the knowledge of his academy.

No Gi For Kids by Nicolas Renier

How Old Is Nicolas Renier?

Nicolas Renier was born in Paris France in 1987, he is currently 35 years of age.

Nicolas Renier's Early Career!

Nicolas Renier grew up in Paris, and as a young man he had the passion for athletics. Nicolas was already interested in striking Martial Arts like kickboxing and Capoeira. He started ground fighting at the age of 12, as he tried to find a combat sport that was like Kung Fu. Nicolas came across the sport of Luta Livre and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and began his journey into the art of grappling. Nicolas liked Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but was not particularly sold on wearing a Gi, so he turned to the art of Luta Livre as it was a more specialised form of grappling using NoGi attire. Gradually Nicolas became more serious with his aspirations to grapple professionally, and he abandoned most of the other sports he practised. Nicolas was now heavily focused on a career in ground fighting as he trained meticulously in the art of Luta Livre.

How Much Is Nicolas Renier Worth?

Nicolas Renier has competed on the international stage and become a veteran of the fight world. His time competing in BJJ and Luta Livre has gained himself significant notoriety. Nicolas has dedicated his life to the progression of Martial Arts in Europe, as he continues to showcase his skills world wide. Nicolas has built a comprehensive academy called NR Fight team, located in Paris, France his gym boasts 20 instructors and hundreds of students ranging from kids and amateurs all the way to professional athletes. Nicolas has built a net worth of over a million dollars now as his academy has become world renowned, and is gaining significant popularity.

How Tall Is Nicolas Renier?

Nicolas Renier stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 177 centimetres.

How Much Does Nicolas Renier Weigh?

Nicolas Renier weighs in at 65.8 kilograms which is the equivalent of 145 pounds. Nicolas has also competed at 77 kilograms or 169 pounds. 

Nicolas Renier's Instructional Videos!

Nicolas Renier has evolved beyond the simple teachings of his NR Fight team. He has filmed multiple Instructional videos, which are available exclusively through the BJJ Fanatics website. Nicolas has developed his grappling game from his early Luta Livre to the mainstream grappling we see today. He has six videos available like; "Luta Livre Concepts Basic Submissions", "Luta Livre Compression", "Luta Livre Concepts Attacking The Guard", "Principles of Guillotine Defense", "Escape The Worst Situations" and "NoGi For Kids". All of Nicolas' videos are internationally popular and available for purchase on

Nicolas Renier's Best Fight Of All Time!

Nicolas Renier has competed on the world stage numerous times. He has won prestigious events like the Fila World Grappling Championship and competed in 6 x ADCC competitions, making him the most successful European national to showcase his skills in ADCC events. While competing at one of the ADDC Championships, Nicolas came across Baret Yoshida in one of the rounds. Nicolas was a formidable opponent as he surprised Baret with an exceptional guard pass that gained significant notoriety afterwards. Nicolas Renier's Floating x Luta Livre Pass is when you cut through the guard attempting a knee slice pass and then almost float or jump backwards to clear over the back leg as you pass in the opposite direction to the knee slice. This pass that Nicolas pulled off secured him the win against the famous Baret Yoshida and also put himself on the map, as his pass is now widely practised by many fighters world wide.

Nicolas Renier's Record!

Nicolas Renier has been involved in Martial Arts for a long time. Although his fight record is suppressed he has fought extensively in Luta Livre and ADCC grappling tournaments. Nicolas has also begun to compete in Mixed Martial Arts events as he looks to prove and test his skills on the ultimate stage. Nicolas has achieved moments in his career like;

Fila World Grappling Champion, Six Time ADCC Veteran, Multiple European ADCC Qualifier Champion, Luta Livre Tournament Wins, MMA Submission Win

Nicolas Renier's Injuries!

Nicolas Renier has fought in the professional grappling circuit for many years. He has become a veteran in ADCC competition, pitting himself against many combatants in his career. Nicolas has suffered from many injuries, including broken ribs, dislocated fingers, strained muscles throughout his back and legs. Nicolas has become extremely proficient in rehabilitation of his ailments, he is also exceptional at body conditioning as he works exclusively with trainers at his academy. Nicolas has been in prime condition for most of his career as he looks to pass on the same expertise to his students at the famous NR Fight team in Paris.

Is Nicolas Renier Retired?

Nicolas Renier is still active on the professional grappling circuit, as he looks forward to trying to secure ADCC Gold. Nicolas is heavily invested in his academy NR Fight team, where he teaches many styles of Martial Arts like Kickboxing, Luta Livre, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning, Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts, Capoeira and a multitude of kids Martial Art classes. Nicolas has become a prominent figure in French Martial Arts as he has worked extensively with many professional MMA and grappling athletes.

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