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Benjamin Darbelet His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Benjamin Darbelet His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Benjamin Darbelet?

Benjamin Darbelet is a Black belt in Judo who hails from the country of France. He is one of the best Judokas of his generation, as he has achieved monumental heights on the competition scene. Benjamin became an Olympic Silver medalist as he fought extensively throughout his campaign at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Benjamin has also won an IJF Grand Slam in Moscow, Five World Championships in Moscow, Prague, Hamburg, Brazil and Warsaw. Benjamin also won multiple European Championships and Five French National Championships. Along with Benjamin's amazing medal tally, he has won a multitude of fights in his overall career as he boasts 172 wins with a win percentage of 74.1%.

Internationally Tested Ouchi Gari Attacks by Benjamin Darbelet

From 1997 to 1999 Benjamin exploded onto the Judo stage winning multiple Junior Championships. His first two tournaments at under 60 kilograms he placed first and third. Moving up to 65 kilograms he won the under 18 German Open to close out 1997. In 1998 Benjamin won four tournaments in a row including the European Union Tournament, the Portuguese Open, the International Under 20 Tournament and the French Under 20 Championships. In 1999 he continued to dominate as he secured another French title, a German Open and a European Championship. Benjamin was well on his way towards an outstanding career.

The year 2000 was tough, as his best result was a third place at the International Tournament in Besancon. The following year he found more continuity as he won the Mediterranean Games and the French Championships in Paris. Benjamin also secured Silver at the Paris World Cup and won more Bronze medals at other events. 2002 was more of the same as Benjamin navigated his way through the Judo program. Benjamin placed first at the French Championships and took home another Silver medal at the Super A Tournament in Moscow. Benjamin would step up in 2003 by winning the Super A Tournament in Moscow and his first Adult European Championship with a win over the experienced David Margoshvilli in Dusseldorf.

Over the next few years Benjamin defeated opponents like Yordanis Arencibia, Yang Li, Zaza Kedelashvili and Denis Pavlov winning tournaments like; the 2005 French Championships, the 2006 World Cup in Prague and the Super World Cup in Hamburg. Benjamin also placed second at the Super World Cup in Paris, the International Tournament in Monaco and the European Championships. In 2008 Benjamin fell short at the World Cup in Tbilisi winning the Silver medal, but redeemed himself by winning the (Belo Horizonte) the Brazilian World Cup. In August of 2008 Benjamin competed at the Beijing Olympic Games, dominating the competition as he made the final against Masato Uchishiba. Benjamin was defeated inside the first minute as he submitted to Masato from a choke after being slammed on his head. Benjamin was disappointed he couldn't win Gold but extremely humbled to become an Olympic medalist.

Over Benjamin's last few years of competition he won Silver medals at the Paris Grand Slam, the European Cup in Abensberg and the European Team Championships in Istanbul. Benjamin had reached his peak within his career, as he was starting to feel the sting of high intensity competition. Benjamin still managed to win the French Championships in Montbeliard and Boulazac,  he also won the IJF Grand Slam in Moscow with wins over Brazilian Bruno Mendonca and Korean Gui Man Bang. By 2011 Benjamin was competing in the Masters division finishing fifth at the IJF World Masters in Baku. Benjamin would enjoy his last Gold medal at the 2011 World Cup in Warsaw, defeating Poland's Krzysztof Wilkomirski in the final. As Benjamin's career was winding down he still managed a few Bronze medals, with his last event finishing fifth at the Grand Slam in Paris. Although he would have loved to finish his career on a high note, he was happy to be there on his home turf as he ended an outstanding legacy.

American Judo System: The Ouchi Gari Encyclopedia by Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens

How Old Is Benjamin Darbelet?

Benjamin Darbelet grew up in Dijon in France, he was born on the 13th of November in 1980, he is currently 41 years of age. 

How Much Is Benjamin Darbelet Worth?

Benjamin Darbelet has become a prolific Judo veteran, who has won a vast array of prestigious medals. From his Olympic Silver to the countless World Cup and Grand Slam Golds he has accumulated. Benjamin has built a net worth of over a million dollars, as the French athlete has become extremely intuitive with his finances. Benjamin still teaches Judo in a more relaxed environment as he has the skill set to pass on his knowledge and expertise. Benjamin has also begun filming instructional videos with the famous online platform BJJ Fanatics. His latest video is titled "Internationally Tested Ouchi Gari Attacks" is an in depth look into some of Benjamin's most favourite and trusted Judo throws. His video is available exclusively for purchase on

How Tall Is Benjamin Darbelet?

Benjamin Darbelet stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is the equivalent of 170 centimetres.

How Much Does Benjamin Darbelet Weigh?

Benjamin Darbelet weighs in at 73 kilograms which equates to 160 pounds. He has also competed at 66 kilograms or 145 pounds. 

Benjamin Darbelet's Fight List!

Benjamin Darbelet has fought against the world's toughest Judo practitioners. He has become an international superstar and a National hero to the people of France. Benjamin has fought against athletes like; Florent Urani, Qindong Zeng, Alex Pombo, Andrea Regis, Tomasz Kowalski, Kiyoshi Uematsu, Krzysztof Wilkomirski, Filip Krizan, Dirk Van Tichelt, Yao Fong Huang, Victor Chirko, Anton Tyshchenko, Bruno Mendonca, Rinat Ibragimov, Hussein Hafiz, Nicholas Tritton, Miklos Ungvari, Azamat Sidakov, Dex Elmont, Jussi Uotila, Oscar Penas, Ramil Gasimov, Kunter Rothberg, Yordanis Arencibia, Lee Calder, Pedro Dias and Zaza Kedelashvili.

Benjamin Darbelet's Best Fight Of All Time!

Benjamin Darbelet has fought and won in multiple world events, from World Cups to European Championships he has proven himself as one of the world’s best Judoka. Winning the IJF Grand Slam in Moscow in 2010, remains as one event that Benjamin remembers well. Benjamin defeated six incredibly tough athletes including Gui Man Bang from Korea in the final to take home the crown. Benjamin would make his country proud as he competed as an Olympian at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Benjamin fought his way through a stacked division, defeating Rachid Rguig, Sasha Mehmedovic, Alim Gadanov and Choi Min Pak. Benjamin would face off against Masato Uchishiba from Japan in the Olympic final. Striving for Gold, Benjamin was shell shocked as Masato completed a shoulder throw scoring an ippon only 68 seconds into their bout. As Masato crashed Benjamin's head into the mats, Masato used raw aggression to apply a strangle hold forcing Benjamin to submit. Even though Benjamin lost the Gold medal fight, he was elated to become an Olympic Silver medalist.

Who Did Benjamin Darbelet Lose To?

Benjamin Darbelet has had an amazing career with a huge win percentage. Out of his 232 matches to only lose 60 is incredible. Benjamin has endured losses to athletes like; Masato Uchishiba in the Gold medal match at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the final of the Grand Slam in Paris in 2009, Zaza Kedelashvili at the 2006 European Championship, Hiroyuki Akimoto in the final of the Super World Cup Tournoi De Paris and Volodymyr Soroka at the European Team Championships in 2011. Benjamin has also lost to other athletes like; Shohei Ono, Bruno Mendonca, Nyam Ochir Sainjargal, Kiyoshi Uematsu, Joao Pina, Volodymyr Soroka, Jaromir Jezek, Attila Ungvari, Murat Kodzokov and Mikhail Machin. 

Benjamin Darbelet's Record!

Benjamin Darbelet has become a prolific Judoka for his home country of France. He has won multiple Judo championships throughout his career. Benjamin has an amazing record of 172 wins and 60 losses, his win percentage is an incredible 74.1%. In 2003 Benjamin only lost 1 match out of 15 securing an outstanding 93.3% win percentage. Benjamin also had great seasons in 2005 and 2006 posting 17 - 4 (81.0%) and 14 - 2 (87.5%) respectively. Over his illustrious career he has dominated the world scene with his technical Judo prowess. Benjamin has a list of accomplishments that includes;

Beijing Olympic Silver Medalist (2008) World Cup Champion - Warsaw (2011) Super World Cup Champion - Hamburg (2007) World Cup Champion - Prague (2006) Super A Tournament Champion - Moscow (2003) European Champion - Dusseldorf (2003) IJF Grand Slam Champion - Moscow (2010) European U20 Champion - Rome (1999) Brazil World Cup Champion - Belo Horizonte (2008) French National Champion (2001, 2002, 2005, 2010 x2) French National Champion U20 (1999) German Open Champion (1997, 1999) European Union Champion (1998) Portuguese Open Champion (1998) Mediterranean Games Champion (2001) Junior Tournament Champion - Roger Serzian Belfort (1997)

European Championship Runner Up - Tampere (2006) Grand Slam Runner Up - Paris (2009) World Cup Runner Up (2001, 2002, 2005, 2008) European Team Championship Runner Up - Istanbul (2011) International Tournament Runner Up - Monaco (2005)

In total Benjamin has earnt 20 Gold medals, 9 Silver medals and 20 Bronze medals.

Benjamin Darbelet's Injuries!

Benjamin Darbelet has had some minor injuries throughout his career. The high intensity of competitive Judo has taken a toll on the 41 year old athlete. Benjamin has suffered from back and shoulder issues after a long career in the limelight of international Judo. Benjamin's knowledge of personal training and body conditioning has given himself an outstanding platform, from which he has attacked the world stage of Judo. 

Is Benjamin Darbelet Retired?

Benjamin Darbelet has spent over a decade competing at the top of the mountain. After a seriously good career with a multitude of championship wins and a cabinet full of medals, Benjamin has retired from competitive Judo. The 41 year old still teaches private lessons and does some personal training, but he is more interested in enjoying the fruits of his labour with his family. Benjamin has built a legacy that has solidified himself as one of France’s greatest sporting heroes, a career that he is extremely proud of.

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