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Aurelien Duarte His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Aurelien Duarte His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Aurelien Duarte?

Aurelien Duarte is a former professional Kickboxer, hailing from Senegal and later adopting France as his home nation. Aurelien has won a multitude of Kickboxing Championships including World titles, European titles and French titles. Along with his Kickboxing achievements he has also won Muay Thai and Karate tournaments. Aurelien is one of the most iconic strikers worldwide in the Martial Arts community. Aurelien has won over one hundred fights, as his superior skills inside the ring have astonished many of his fans abroad. 

Who Is Aurelien Duarte?

Aurelien Duarte is a former professional Kickboxer, hailing from Senegal and later adopting France as his home nation. Aurelien has won a multitude of Kickboxing Championships including World titles, European titles and French titles. Along with his Kickboxing achievements he has also won Muay Thai and Karate tournaments. Aurelien is one of the most iconic strikers worldwide in the Martial Arts community. Aurelien has won over one hundred fights, as his superior skills inside the ring have astonished many of his fans abroad. 

Creating Muay Thai Connections by Aurelien Duarte

Aurelien began Kickboxing at the Sports Union, a Kickboxing gym in Villejuif. Aurelien was training under Francis Hamdaoui who was a president of a Kickboxing Federation and Patrick Rea who was another high level trainer. Aurelien was training extensively as his trainers moulded him into a weapon. Training at Sports Union is where Aurelien won his first French Kickboxing Championship. In 1993 Aurelien was introduced to Thai Boxing where he met Jean Marie Merchet at Haute Tension Gym in the city of Vitry. Jean Marie was interested in coaching Aurelien because of his passion for fighting, he also believed he could use the tactics of clinching and knee strikes from Thai Boxing to suit Aurelien’s height. 

Aurelien discovered many Champions at Haute Tension Gym, guys like; Kim Hamitech who was a European Thai Champion and a French Kickboxing Champion, Alex Lopez who was a French Champion, Pascal Lafleur a European Kickboxing Champion and Cyril Diabate a World Champion Thai Kickboxer. Aurelien would discover excellent training partners that helped him hone in on his skills in Thai Boxing and Kickboxing. Aurelien would have permission from the Sports Union to join a more competitive Gym, in order to further progress his career.

In 1995 Aurelien fought in his first World Championship taking on the highly experienced Savate fighter Dominique Siegler. Aurelien lost the fight but was extremely excited to throw the gloves with an exceptional champion like Siegler. In Aurelien's second attempt at a World title he fought Orlando Wiet for a Thai Boxing title, after a frenetic match the judges scored the bout a draw. In 1996 Aurelien had a rematch against Orlando Wiet, and defeated him on points claiming the Thai Boxing World Championship. 

Aurelien went on to secure four World Championships in Kickboxing and two in Thai Boxing. Aurelien fought guys like Peter Claig in Milan in a twelve round fight, Marco London in 1998 in an epic 13 round title fight and the Bosnian born Drazenko Ninic at the 2004 King of the Ring Championship. Aurelien won another World Championship in 2006 after defeating Portuguese Kickboxer Argenis Mendes in another hard fought battle. Aurelien took out multiple World titles and other prestigious events like the European Championships and the French Championships on many occasions. Aurelien even had a full contact Boxing fight that he won against Gerald Garros the brother of the European Thai Boxing Champion, Christian Garros. Aurelien became a pioneer for Martial Arts as he competed in the Golden Trophy, an event that combined stand up striking and submissions on the ground. Aurelien trained exclusively in Judo and Jiu Jitsu as he mixed his exceptional skills in striking to achieve a result. Over his career Aurelien has become one of the most beloved and exciting fighters to watch of his generation.

Powerhouse Muay Thai by Yodsanklai Fairtex

How Old Is Aurelien Duarte?

Aurelien Duarte was born in Dakar in Senegal, West Africa but later moved to the southern part of Paris where he grew up. He was born on the 20th of October in 1970, he is currently 51 years old. 

Aurelien Duarte's Early Life!

Aurelien Duarte was born in Dakar in Senegal, West Africa. At the age of 3 he was sent to France to live with foster parents, as his parents had administrative issues getting into the country. Aurelien stayed with Foster parents until he was 5 years old, eventually meeting up with his Mother. Aurelien would live in the East of France until he was 8 years old, before moving to the south of Paris. Aurelien started Gymnastics at the age of 13 where he began to acquire his skills in movement. Aurelien tried a few different sports like table tennis and traditional Karate. During the late 80's the era of Michael Jordan swept the world, so Aurelien began playing Basketball where he competed extensively. He continued playing Basketball until 1992 and then tried Kickboxing, where he found a passion in the Martial Art.

Aurelien was caught up in the moving of the times, and as Van Damme hit the screens with the movie Kickboxer, this was extremely influential on Aurelien. Aurelien was also embroiled in an age scam which saw him suffer a twelve month suspension from playing Basketball. During his suspension and because of his love of Martial Arts movies he had a platform into the Art of Kickboxing, Aurelien never left the sport as he began competing at a high level. After trying his hands in Kickboxing, Aurelien went to Thailand to train in a Thai Boxing camp in Chonburi. He trained extensively with the local Thailand Boxers as he slept on the floor of the gym. Aurelien came to Thailand with little money and with a thirst to learn, being the only foreigner in the camp, he spoke about what an amazing experience it was to live and breath fighting like the famous Thailand Martial Artists.

How Much Is Aurelien Duarte Worth?

Aurelien Duarte has shown the world his comprehensive striking abilities. Throughout his career he has won countless matches against quality opposition. Aurelien has accumulated a vast net of wealth which is estimated somewhere in the millions as his yearly salary is around 400 thousand dollars. Aurelien has extensive financial growth that is rising considerably each year. Along with Aurelien's impressive fighting prowess he has also made significant money coaching. Aurelien has worked exclusively with BJJ Fanatics, the frontline Martial Arts distributor of instructional videos. He has filmed "Creating Muay Thai Connections" his video is available exclusively for purchase on

How Tall Is Aurelien Duarte?

Aurelien Duarte stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall which equates to 176 pounds. 

How Much Does Aurelien Duarte Weigh?

Aurelien Duarte weighs in at 80 kilograms which is the equivalent of 176 pounds. 

Aurelien Duarte's Work And Coaching Status!

During Aurelien Duarte's rise to fame as a Kickboxer, there was little money due to the lack of recognition in the sport of Kickboxing. Aurelien would have to work at night so he could afford to pay his bills and continue to be a fighter. Aurelien worked at bars and clubs, becoming a protector of many French patrons. Even though Aurelien would be tired with his night job, he felt that dealing with real life conflict served him well and translated into his professional fighting tremendously.

During his career Aurelien began coaching Kickboxing to many eager students. Since the year 2000 Aurelien has serviced the city of Villejuif, meeting the demand of self defense and professional fighting. Aurelien would give Muay Thai lessons in a small family owned gym in Claye Souilly. Aurelien also coaches out of Chatillon Boxing gym which has now become the ACSC. Aurelien also trains the (GIGN) which is the French Police Commandos in Kickboxing. Aurelien also dabbles with personal instruction that he offers on weekends.

Aurelien Duarte's Fight List!

Aurelien Duarte has become an icon in the sport of Kickboxing. He has fought extensively throughout his prestigious career, and is now a veteran in the sport. Aurelien has achieved monumental heights and has fought some of the toughest athletes on the planet. His fight list includes fighters like; Frederic Bellonie, Hey Puthong, Abdelmajid Kazam, Beniot Boris, Tierri Mendes, Hersum Miki, Donald Berner, Dany Bill, Frederick Rosemberg, Xhavit Bajrami, Moussa Sissoko, Gerald Garros, Orlando Weit, Drazenko Ninic, Argenis Mendes, Ashwin Balrak, Peter Claig and Marco London.

Aurelien Duarte's Best Fight Of All Time!

Aurelien Duarte has had an outstanding career as a professional Kickboxer. Some of his best fights have come winning World Championships, French Championships and European Championships. A fight that Aurelien always remembers is against Frederic Bellonie, where the two combatants showcased their tremendous striking abilities for the world to see. Aurelien spoke about how it wasn't winning the titles that made him proud, it was the battles that raged between two evenly balanced fighters. The best fight that Aurelien has been involved with was against Moussa Sissoko in the year 2000, where the two put on a show that became one of the best stand up wars of the generation. A fight that Aurelien always remembers as one of his favourite match ups.

Who Did Aurelien Duarte Lose To?

Aurelien Duarte has become a prolific champion in all aspects of Kickboxing. Along with the multitude of title wins Aurelien has secured, he has lost several fights in World Championship matchups Aurelien has only lost 14 fights in his career with at least 7 of them coming in big moments throughout his career. Aurelien has lost to formidable strikers like; Ivan Strugar, Cesar Cordoba, Tyrone Spong, Kaennorsing Kaoklai Stephan Nikiema and Dominique Siegler.  

Aurelien Duarte's Record!

Aurelien Duarte has become one of the most experienced Kickboxing legends in the world. Aurelien has secured an impressive fight Record of 104 wins, 14 losses and 2 draws including roughly 60 knockouts. Aurelien has had an outstanding career, giving him one of the most reputable household names in Martial Arts. Aurelien has created a legacy through all of his worldly achievements on the international stage of Kickboxing. Aurelien has a list of accolades that includes;

Four Time World Kickboxing Champion, Two Time Thai Boxing World Champion, Four Time French Kickboxing Champion, Three Time European Kickboxing Champion, WFKB 174 Pound World Champion, King Of The Ring Champion, Shidokan Karate World Champion.

Aurelien Duarte's Injuries!

Aurelien Duarte has been extremely vigilant in how he conducts his training regimes. He has managed to stay relatively free from injury, although he has suffered from minor blows like bruised ribs, muscle strains and popped knuckles. All in all Aurelien has proven his skills in managing his mind and body both physically and mentally.

Is Aurelien Duarte Retired?

Aurelien Duarte has retired from professional Kickboxing after a sensational career in the limelight. At the age of 51 his time inside the ring has become beyond him, as he focuses on teaching and helping to develop many up and coming athletes within the sport. Aurelien has built a phenomenal legacy in the Martial Arts world as he is an extremely proud achiever in his field of expertise.

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