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Tommy Langaker His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Tommy Langaker His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Tommy Langaker?

Tommy Langaker is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under Jose Carlos at the world famous Norwegian branch of Kimura Nova Uniao. Tommy has become a prolific competitor throughout his rise to Black belt as he has conquered events like; the Abu Dhabi Pro, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, the IBJJF European Open, and the Copa Podio Grand Prix. Tommy is well known for his berimbolo and crab ride techniques and his high percentage of submission victories. Tommy has also trained exclusively with the world famous Mendes brothers who guided him towards his Brown belt.

Viking Guards by Tommy Langaker and Espen Mathiesen

After earning his Brown belt under the tutelage of Rafael and Guilherme Mendes, Tommy decided to move back to his home nation of Norway. Tommy would settle into the famous academy of Kimura Nova Uniao which was headed by Jose Carlos. Tommy would become an international superstar as he won the IBJJF Pan American Championships, the IBJJF European Open and the Copa Podio teams challenge "Vikings vs Cabras de Peste" which was Scandinavia vs the Northwest of Brazil. After impressing many of his peers including Jose Carlos, in 2017 Tommy was awarded his Black belt.

For the rest of 2017 Tommy exploded onto the Black belt world scene, as he secured a 12 - 3 win loss record including 12 wins in a row. Tommy posted a 2 - 2 record at the Copa Podio including wins over Hugo Marques and Kywan Gracie. Tommy won double Gold at the Swedish Open with a win over Max Lindblad in his weight class, and a Triangle victory over Alec Baulding in the Absolute division final. Tommy also took out Gold and Silver at the Paris Open, winning his weight class against Oliver Geddes. In the Absolute division Tommy defeated Nicolas Penzer in the semi with a Rear Naked Choke before losing on points in the final to Jackson Sousa. Tommy also secured a win at Elite BJJ in the Absolute superfight division.

In 2018 Tommy posted a 21 - 9 win loss record as he continued with his dominance in international competition. Tommy fought at the European Open defeating athletes like Renato Canuto, Erberth Santos and Ricardo Rocha, unfortunately failing to place in either division with losses to Lucas Barbosa and Marcos Tinoco. Tommy won double Gold at the London Winter Open by defeating Alec Baulding in both divisions. Tommy fell short at the Pan American Championships and the Torino Challenge suffering defeats to Gutemberg Pereira and Charles Negromonte. Tommy would enter the IBJJF World Championships as he battled his way into the final after defeating Max Lindblad, Gabriel Procopio, Gabriel Arges and Marcos Tinoco. Tommy would ultimately lose the final match against Isaque Bahiense 2 points to nil. Tommy would finish out the year winning double Gold at the Copenhagen Open with wins over Lars Friberg and once again Alec Baulding.

Tommy dominated the circuit in 2019 as he posted a record of 30 wins and only 6 losses, including 17 wins in a row. After losing the European Open final to Isaque Bahiense, Tommy achieved a monumental win as he secured the Copa Podio Championship after choking out Ygor Rodrigues and Tarik Hopstock. Tommy also posted wins at Polaris 9 against Sebastian Broche and double Gold at the Finnish Open with wins over Max Lindblad and Aleksi Ruuskanen. Tommy continued his dominance as he raked up title wins at the Abu Dhabi World Pro and double Gold at the Swedish Open. Tommy also defeated Marcos Tinoco and Gilbert Burns at Polaris 11 and 12 respectively. 2020 was a short year for most competitors due to Covid restrictions, but Tommy still managed to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam and the European Open with wins over Diego and Pedro Ramalho. Tommy also competed at Polaris Squads 2 as he secured 3 submission victories before battling Bradley Hill in a draw.

In 2021 Tommy secured a third place at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, and then went on to finish in the Silver medal position at the Abu Dhabi World Pro with another loss to Isaque Bahiense. Tommy pulled off another double Gold assault at the Puchar Polski Open, and won all of his matches at the Warriors Cup to become Champion. Tommy finished off 2021 narrowly missing out on third place at the Abu Dhabi World Pro at the hands of Lucas Gualberto. Tommy also failed to place at the IBJJF World Championships after losing the semi final to Tainan Dalpra. Tommy has showcased his outstanding skill set on the world stage as he gears up for an exciting and challenging 2022 campaign.

Viking Passing by Tommy Langaker and Espen Mathiesen

How Old Is Tommy Langaker?

Tommy Langaker was born in Haugesund in Norway on the 8th of February in 1994, he is currently 28 years of age.

Tommy Langaker's Early Career!

Tommy Langaker grew up in Norway, as a Scandinavian child he was exposed to Japanese Jiu Jitsu at 11 years old. Japanese Jiu Jitsu was extremely popular in the early 2000's throughout Europe, and Tommy developed an attachment as he trained extensively for the next 6 years. At the age of 17 Tommy was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by one of his friends and after experiencing a class he immediately felt at home. Tommy would first train under Luis Alberto Armas, who was a Peru national and a formidable Purple belt well on the rise. Tommy would begin to travel the world competing in prestigious events, as he developed a friendship with a fellow Norwegian athlete named Espen Mathiesen. 

As Tommy and Espen shared a similar view in Jiu Jitsu, they decided to both head to the United States to further their competitive careers. Landing in California Tommy and Espen joined up with the Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy headed by the famous Mendes brothers at the end of 2014. Tommy was working part time as a carpenter so he could afford his lifestyle, and by 2015 he decided to take his professional career more seriously. After double Gold at the Las Vegas Open and a second place finish at the World Championships, Tommy was awarded his Brown belt by the Mendes brothers. Tommy soon after made the decision to return to his homeland of Norway as he looked towards a great future of professional grappling.

How Much Is Tommy Langaker Worth?

Tommy Langaker has been tremendous as a Black belt competitor all over the world. Many of his tournament wins have come from the European circuit. Tommy was earning money as a carpenter to help pay his bills while he was becoming a professional grappler. After leaving his profession to take a more serious look at grappling worldwide, Tommy has started to make some money within his industry. Although he has an unreported net worth, it is safe to say he is beginning to climb the financial ladder as he heads towards a future retirement. Tommy is also making money off of his new instructional videos that he has filmed with his friend Espen Mathiesen. The pair are working exclusively with BJJ Fanatics as they have shared their videos “Viking Guards” and Viking Passing” both titles are available through the prolific online platform,

How Much Does Tommy Langaker Weigh?

Tommy Langaker weighs in at 82 kilograms or 181 pounds, Tommy has competed as low as 76 kilograms and as high as 94 kilograms, he also competes successfully in Absolute divisions.

Tommy Langaker's Fight List!

Tommy Langaker has become one of the world’s most highly respected and popular grapplers of his generation. He has impressed many world class athletes with his outstanding submission orientated gamestyle. Tommy has fought against proficient athletes like; Jamie Canuto, Renato Canuto, Ellis Younger, Mathias Luna, Javier Nunez, Pedro Ramalho, Matheus Ferreira, Natan Chueng, Gilbert Burns, Italo Moura, Max Linblad, Marcos Tinoco, Diego Ramalho, Mathias Ribeiro, Ygor Rodrigues, Michael Liera, Alec Baulding, Gabriel Arges, Dante Leon, Renato Cardoso, Erberth Santos, Ricardo Rocha, Hugo Marques and Kywan Gracie.

Tommy Langaker's Best Fight Of All Time!

Tommy Langaker has been involved in many outstanding matches throughout his career. He had an amazing run of wins at the Brown belt level including the Copa Podio teams challenge. As a Black belt, Tommy has won many events like the Pan American Championships, the European Open and the Copa Podio Grand Prix. Tommy has also achieved multiple wins throughout the European circuit including several double Gold performances. Tommy would have his best performance in 2019, as a succession of wins against Christian Dellevag, Diego Ramalho, Guilherme Rocha and Oliver Lovell led to Tommy becoming the Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion.

Who Did Tommy Langaker Lose To?

Tommy Langaker has only lost 24 matches as a Black belt including only 10 submission defeats. Tommy has lost multiple times to the same opponent like his nemesis Isaque Bahiense who has defeated him at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam quarter final, the 2019 European Open final, the 2018 IBJJF World Championship final and the 2021 Abu Dhabi World Pro final. Tommy has also lost to other world class grapplers like; DJ Jackson, Kit Dale, Jackson Sousa, Felipe Andrew, Lucas Barbosa, Marcos Tinoco, Gutemberg Pereira, Victor Hugo, Adam Wardzinski and Michael Liera.

Tommy Langaker's Record!

Tommy Langaker has been exceptional as a professional grappler. He has achieved a multitude of world renowned scalps since becoming a Black belt. Tommy has a win loss record of 96 wins and only 24 losses, including an incredible 66 submission wins. Tommy has compiled a list of accomplishments like;  IBJJF European Open Champion (2020) Copa Podio Grand Prix Champion (2019) AJP Abu Dhabi Pro Champion (2019) AJP Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Champion (2020) SWOP Swedish Open Weight Class and Absolute (2017, 2019) Paris Open Champion (2017) London Winter Open Champion Weight Class and Absolute (2018) Copenhagen Open Champion Weight Class and Absolute (2018) Finnish Open Champion Weight Class and Absolute (2019) Puchar Polski Open Champion Weight Class and Absolute (2021) IBJJF World Championship Runner Up (2018) IBJJF European Open Runner Up (2019) IBJJF Pans Championship Runner Up Absolute division (2018) AJP Abu Dhabi World Pro Runner Up (2021) IBJJF World Championship Third Place (2021) IBJJF European Open Absolute division Third Place (2018)

As a coloured belt;

 IBJJF Pans Champion (2017 brown) IBJJF European Open Champion (2017 brown) IBJJF Las Vegas Open Champion Weight Class and Absolute (2015 purple) IBJJF World Championship Runner Up (2015 purple) IBJJF European Open Absolute Runner Up (2017 brown) IBJJF World Championship Third Place (2016 brown, 2014 blue) AJP Abu Dhabi World Pro Absolute Third Place (2016 brown)

Tommy Langaker's Injuries!

Tommy Langaker has suffered from a knee injury throughout his career, and although it has not needed major surgery it has plagued him sporadically. Tommy has been able to rehab injuries without many issues, as strength and conditioning is a massive part of his training regime.

Is Tommy Langaker Retired?

Tommy Langaker is an extremely active competitor on the world professional grappling circuit. He has won an abundance of highly prestigious tournaments throughout his exceptional career. Tommy has close to a 70% submission success rate as a Black belt, making him one of the most prolific and successful grapplers of this generation. Tommy has yet to win a IBJJF World Championship, as he is extremely determined to claim the coveted crown.

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