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Amaury Bitetti His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Amaury Bitetti His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Amaury Bitetti?

Amaury Bitetti is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu veteran who spent 31 years as a Black belt under the late Carlson Gracie. In 2020 Amaury was awarded his Coral belt by Master Osvaldo Alves. Amaury has had an amazing career as a competitor and as a teacher of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Amaury has won two World Championships both in the absolute divisions as well as two Brazilian National Championships. Amaury has also fought 7 times inside the ring in Vale Tudo which later became Mixed Martial Arts.

Old School Concepts For Attacking Modern Guards by Amaury Bitetti

After spending many years training under Carlson Gracie, Amaury was gracious as Carlson moved to the United States to manage the career of Vitor Belfort. Many of Carlson Gracie's students were left without an instructor so they joined together to form the famous Brazilian Top Team. Amaury decided on taking a different journey as he joined up with one of Carlson Gracie's close friends Master Osvaldo Alves. Amaury had extremely high regards for Master Osvaldo as Amaury was competing at an extremely high level.

In 1995 Amaury had his debut fight for Desafio, an international Vale Tudo event. Amaury had 3 fights in the evening, winning his first two fights by making his opponents tap by way of punches. Amaury would lose in the final as he was knocked out by Mestre Hulk only 23 seconds into the first round. In May of 1996 Amaury made his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut at the 9th event of their organisation. Amaury would face the formidable Don Frye, after 9 minutes of entertaining action Don Frye won the fight with a TKO.

Later that year Amaury competed at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships and became the first Absolute World Champion in history after narrowly defeating Fabio Gurgel by an advantage. The following year Amaury headed back to the World Championships where he competed again in the absolute division. Amaury defeated Alexandre Paiva (5 - 0) and Royler Gracie (2 - 0) in the quarter and semi finals respectively. Amaury faced off for a rematch with Fabio Gurgel in the final, and again defeated the legend by an advantage. 

In the next two years Amaury would win The Brazilian Nationals twice and secure a Bronze medal at the World Championship. In the year 2000 at UFC 26 in Iowa USA, Amaury would once again put on the MMA gloves. After a controversial fight Amaury was awarded the win, as Ken Shamrock's student Alex Andrade was disqualified for kicking Amaury to the head with shoes on. The following year Amaury fought at Shogun 1, winning a split decision over the Mixed Martial Arts veteran Dennis Hallman. Following the event Amaury lost interest with MMA so he retired from mixed martial arts.

After retiring from cage fighting Amaury Bitetti was invited by the Noguiera brothers to help train them for upcoming UFC fights. After Amaury accepted the invite he trained exclusively with the brothers and was even cageside at UFC 81 when Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira submitted Tim Sylvia to win the UFC Heavyweight title. 

In 2002 Amaury Bitetti founded his own Mixed Martial Arts organisation called Bitetti Combate. Through this organisation Amaury has helped in the development of fighters like; Alexandre Pimentel, Fabio Maldonado, Glover Texeira, Pedro Rizzo and Ricardo Arona. 

They Shall Not Pass by Gordon Ryan

Amaury Bitetti's Family!

Amaury Bitetti grew up in a loving family, with his father Amauryzao, his mother Guiomar and his sister Paula. Together they all had a love for each other and a love for God. Amaury has been a martial artist from the young age of 5, and with his extremely early start to Jiu Jitsu it helped him dominate events as a junior on the competition mats. Amaury's family were always to support as they would film his matches with the old giant video cameras and VHS tapes. Amaury could always count on his family to offer him support, he often spoke about how his father was a huge influence. At the age of 17 Carlson Gracie entered Amaury into a tournament in all four divisions, 2 of them in the junior division and the other two the Black belt division. Amaury's father did not agree but after some convincing Amaury was allowed to compete. Amaury upstaged every opponent he fought that day, taking Gold medals in all four divisions with 2 of them absolute divisions. Carlson knew he had a special student and Amaury was set to have a bright future. 

How Much Is Amaury Bitetti Worth?

Amaury Bitetti has had a phenomenal career, with many wins accredited to him over the years. Amaury has won multiple titles and has fought some big names in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Amaury has also had success with his own MMA promotion "Bitetti Combate". Amaury has accumulated an incredible amount of wealth over his tenure as a Black and now Coral belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Reports are showing that Amaury has a net worth of over 9 million dollars, which is outstanding for a Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

How Tall Is Amaury Bitetti?

Amaury Bitetti stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall which is equivalent to 175 centimetres.

How Much Does Amaury Bitetti Weigh?

Amaury Bitetti weighs in at 84 kilograms or (185 lbs) Amaury is a middleweight fighter, but back in his early days of Vale Tudo his weight of 84 kg made him a competitor in the light heavyweight division. Amaury has also had many successes in the absolute divisions as a junior and a senior.

Amaury Bitetti's Fight List!

Amaury Bitetti has been a formidable opponent over his long and illustrious career. Amaury has showcased himself as one of the pioneers in the art of Jiu Jitsu. Amaury has fought some of the world's most experienced and talented fighters over his competitive career. He has fought guys like; Fabio Gurgel, Royler Gracie, Ryan Gracie, Alexandre Paiva, Anderson Xavier, Astregesio Reis, Akira Shouji, James Alder, Maurice Travis, Alex Andrade and Dennis Halman.

 Amaury has also trained and trained with some of the most famous grapplers on the planet. He has spent time with guys like; Carlson Gracie, Osvaldo Alves, Fernando Pinduka, Murilo Bustamante, Ricardo De La Riva, Paula Filho, Mario Sperry and the Noguiera brothers. 

Amaury Bitetti's Best Fight Of All Time!

Amaury Bitetti has been involved in some very tight matchups, his two fights against Fabio Gurgel in both of his Absolute World Championship wins are two of his best. Both fights were extremely close and both fights resulted in Amaury winning by an advantage. Amaury would also defeat Royler and Ryan Gracie at the World Championships and the Brazilian National Championships respectively. Amaury also fought the famous Mixed Martial Arts veteran Dennis Hallman in Amaury's last MMA fight. Amaury won in a close contest that ended with a split decision result. 

Who Did Amaury Bitetti Lose To?

Amaury has lost a few matches in his career including Jiu Jitsu bouts against; Roberto Roleta at the 1999 World Championships semi final and Kareem Barkalev at the 1999 ADCC Championships. Amaury has lost 2 fights in the cage, the first was a Vale Tudo match against Mestre Hulk. Amaury lost in stunning fashion as Mestre knocked out Amaury in 23 seconds in the first round. In Amaury's UFC debut, in a much anticipated matchup, he took on the legendary Don Frye. After 9 minutes of back and forth action Don Frye landed a succession of punches that resulted in a TKO win for Don Frye.

Amaury Bitetti's Record!

Amaury Bitetti has had a high calibre of successful fights in his Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts career. Amaury has a 5 - 2 win loss record in MMA and a multiple win record in Jiu Jitsu. Throughout his career Amaury has won; 2 x Open Weight World Championships (1996, 1997) 2 x Brazilian National Championships (1998, 2000) World Championship Bronze Medallist (1999)

Is Amaury Bitetti Retired?

After a sensational career Amaury retired from Mixed Martial Arts and competition Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Amaury spends his time teaching seminars and filming instructional videos for BJJ Fanatics. The Coral belt Brazilian Champion has brought out a video titled; "Old School concepts for attacking modern guards" Amaury Bitetti has been a world class grappler for a long time and his concepts for Jiu Jitsu are highly sought after.

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