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Andrei Kazusenok: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Andrei Kazusenok: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Andrei Kazusenok?

Andrei Kazusenok is a professional Judoka and Sambo practitioner from Belarus and a world champion in Sambo. In 2005, he won a bronze medal in the middleweight (-90 kg) division at the World Judo Championships. In 2007, he won his first world championship title in sambo, also in the middleweight division. This was followed by another world championship title in 2008, as well as a third-place finish in the middleweight division at the European Judo Championships.

What this article covers:

He went on to compete at the 2008 Summer Olympics, where he placed 7th in the middleweight division. In 2009, he won his second European Judo Championship title in the middleweight division, solidifying his status as one of the top judokas in Europe.

Effective Sambo Attacks by Andrei Kazusenok

He was born on May 22, 1979, in Minsk, Belarus. From a young age, Kazusenok showed a strong interest in combat sports and began his training in Judo at the age of seven. Under the guidance of his father, a former national champion in Judo, Kazusenok quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the most promising young talents in Belarus.

Throughout his career, Kazusenok competed in both Judo and Sambo, winning numerous national and international titles in both sports. His impressive skillset, including his strength, agility, and quick reflexes, allowed him to excel in both grappling arts.

The Switch: Wrestling Applied to BJJ by Dinu Bucalet

By 2005, he had turned professional and followed in his father’s footsteps when he competed in the World Judo Championships, which he medaled at. Over the course of the next few years, he would continue to make waves on the international scene. 

One of his career’s brightest moments came when he had the chance to compete in the 2008 summer olympics to represent his home country of Belarus. Unfortunately, Andrei “only” came in 7th. Making him one of the most fearsome judokas on the planet, at least in 2008. 

Since that time, he’s gone on to win more medals including a first place finish at the European Judo Championships in the following year, 2009. After a three year break from major tournament victories, Kazusenok picked things back up where he had left off. In 2012, he returned to competition for a final time and achieved bronze at the European Judo Championships.

He’s continued to compete as recently as 2020 in the Sambo World Cup events and in various European judo competitions. Although his name is just catching on in the U.S., Kazusenok has been terrorizing our neighbors to the east for years and his name is well known among samboists and judokas.

He’s taken some time away from competition to slow himself down long enough to film some instructional content, and that’s where we at BJJ Fanatics come in! Are you tired of getting tossed on your head by that new white belt sporting a suspiciously old judo gi? Get ahead of the game and learn some tricks out of the playbooks of both sambo and judo with Andrei Kazusenok

How Old is Andrei Kazusenok? 

At the time of writing in 2023, Kazusenok is 39 years old. He was born on January 15, 1984 in Babruysk, Belarus.

Andrei Kazusenok Family

Not much has been published about Andrei Kazusenok’s family. He has rarely interviewed with Western media, so most of his personal details remain private.

How Much is Andrei Kazusenok Worth?

Andrei Kazusenok’s net worth is not public information. He’s spent a lifetime cultivating skills on the mat and is now an in-person coach as well as an online content producer. He works with BJJ Fanatics to help us bring you the most effective parts of Sambo and Judo to bear on your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game.

How Tall is Andrei Kazusenok?

Andrei Kazusenok’s height isn’t published. Most grappling sports, including Sambo and Judo, don’t really track this stat. It’s more about weight and skill, which are typically how the brackets are divided.

How Much Does Andrei Kazusenok Weigh? 

Andrei Kazusenok has competed most frequently as a middleweight, by Olympic standards. That means most of his fights were at 90 kg or less. That’s about the equivalent of 200 pounds. He also bumped up to 100kg for a few world titles in Sambo towards the end of his long career; that’s in the neighborhood of 220 lbs!

Andrei Kazusenok Fight List

Andrei Kazusenok has competed intensely for a good part of his life, but he’s done so in two sports that, until recently, didn’t track much online. Most of his individual match information has been lost, but here is a list of his biggest accomplishments in the sport; the things that caught the attention of the talent scouts at BJJ Fanatics:

  • 2005 World Judo Championships - 3rd - Middleweight (–90 kg)
  • 2007 2007 World Sambo Championships - 1st - Middleweight (–90 kg)
  • 2007 European Judo Championships - 5th - Middleweight (–90 kg)
  • 2008 World Sambo Championships - 1st - Middleweight (–90 kg)
  • 2008 European Judo Championships - 3rd - Middleweight (–90 kg)
  • 2008 Summer Olympics - 7th - Middleweight (–90 kg)
  • 2009 European Judo Championships - 1st - Middleweight (–90 kg)
  • 2012 European Judo Championships - 3rd - Middleweight (–90 kg)
  • 2013 Sambo World Championships - 1st - Middleweight (–90 kg)
  • 2014 Belarus Championships Minsk - 1st - Heavyweight (–100 kg)
  • 2020 Sambo World Championships Novi Sad - 1st - Heavyweight (–100 kg)

Andrei Kazusenok's Best Fight of All Time

Judo isn’t notorious for it’s meticulous record keeping, and the details of most of Andrei’s matches aren’t recorded in the western media. Sambo is an Eastern art; the entire professional circuit that exists overseas is not present in North America.

Who Did Andrei Kazusenok Lose To?

Andrei Kazusenok has lost his fair share of matches, including his Olympic match that placed him 7th in the 2008 summer games. Although he lost, he fought hard to represent his home country of Belarus.

Andrei Kazusenok Record

Andrei Kazusenok has a professional head-to-head Judo & Sambo record of 112-48. That’s a lot of competition in two of the world’s toughest combat sports.

Andrei Kazusenok Injuries

Andrei Kazusenok hasn’t been public with injuries in the past but it’s likely that he’s experienced some, given the length of time he’s spent in combat sports. It’s fairly difficult to make it to black belt in sambo without seeking medical treatment eventually. Sambo is an eastern equivalent of MMA, and so it requires a regimented routine of strength and conditioning to avoid injury and stay healthy.

Is Andrei Kazusenok Retired?

Andrei Kazusenok has not officially retired, but he’ll likely be considering it soon, given that his first major tournament wins were almost 20 years ago. Still, we wouldn’t bet on Andrei hanging it up quite yet, because he moved up a weight class to win the Sambo world title again in 2020! The man never ceases to amaze with his capacity to redefine himself and prove his mettle in the world’s toughest sambo competitions.

Kazusenok’s simply-titled, "Effective Sambo Attacks" is just that: the course is designed to help beginners and advanced Sambo practitioners improve their attacking skills and take their game to the next level.It covers a range of techniques and strategies used in Sambo, including throws, leg locks, and submissions. 

One of the main focuses of the course is teaching students how to properly execute and chain together various attacks to create effective combinations. Kazusenok also shares his insights into the principles of timing, balance, and leverage that underpin successful Sambo attacks.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Sambo attacking techniques and strategies. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced practitioner seeking to refine your skills, this course has something to offer. With clear and concise instruction from a world-class Sambo expert, you can take your Sambo game to the next level and become a more effective and well-rounded martial artist.

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