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Chad Lyman

If you are looking for simple effective real world self defense training, Chad Lyman is one to absolutely follow. Chad has combined his decades of operational law enforcement with his decades of Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training to become one of the most sought after self-defense trainers in the country. Chad began his law enforcement career and very quickly began to supplement his training with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that same year. He originally trained under a Rickson Gracie affiliate that soon after switched to Rigan Machado. Chad received his Blue Belt from Chris Haueter, who himself is one of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen”. Chad has been coaching Jiu Jitsu consistently since 2006, including being a head coach for various teams and being a current Black Belt instructor at Xtreme Couture. Chad has made numerous appearances with Funker Tactical and Aperture Fight Focused showcasing his amazing real world Jiu Jitsu and combatives mindset.


While Chad may not be known for much on the BJJ tournament scene, that does not take anything away from his knowledge and teaching. Chad has been active duty police officer for 20 years teaching and training combatives since the beginning and always supplementing his LEO training with Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

  • Head Coach at Excel Defense Studio
  • Black Belt Instructor at Xtreme Couture
  • Coach for Gracie Humita Las Vegas Competition Team
  • Director of Combatives for Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts Team
  • Lead Instructor and primary curriculum developer for PFC’s Code 4 Concepts Courses
  • Instructor for PFC’s weapons, tactics and protective services courses
  • Field Training Officer LVPD
  • Mobile Crimes Saturation Team (anti-terrorism) LVMPD-Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.
  • LVMPD SWAT operator
  • Currently assigned to the training division as part of the Advanced Officer Skills Training (AOST) team
  • Multiple law enforcement user and instructor certifications including FTO, firearms, active shooter, riot/civil unrest, and advanced defensive tactics instructor
  • Inducted in the Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2012
  • Director on the Las Vegas Police Protective Association Executive Board


Chad has been instruction Law Enforcement Officers on weapons and combatives training for close to 20 years. He has also been teaching and coaching Jiu-Jistu and MMA since around 2006 including some head coach positions, completion team coaching, and currently teaches Jiu Jitsu at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. On top of that, Chad has many instructionals with Funker Tactical and Aperture Fight Focus, and some DVD instructionals right here on BJJ Fanatics



Chad Lyman’s techniques will transform you from a competition BJJ-trained athlete to a wrecking machine on the streets.



Chad Lyman Bio

Chad was born in California in 1968 and lived there until he was 12 and his family moved to Phoenix. Chad did two years of mission work as a teen before returning home in 1990 when he married his wife. They later moved to Portland Oregon so Chad could attend Portland State University in their Police Corps Program. He earned a BA in Administration of Justice with a special Emphasis in Terrorism Studies and a Minor in History in 1998. Upon graduating he began his law enforcement career with the Portland Police Bureau, where he served for 6 years before moving to South Las Vegas in 2004. During his law enforcement career Chad has served as a patrol, as an Field Training Officer, in the Gangs Unit as a Detective, as a SWAT operator, in the Mobile Crimes Saturation Teams, and as a staff member of the Advanced Officer Skill Training team. While at AOST Chad was elected as an at large rep and served in that capacity until he was appointed to the LVPPA Executive Board in 2018.

Chad also began his Jiu Jitsu training in 1998, starting at a Portland affiliate of Rickson Gracie’s which soon after became associated with Rigan Machado. Chad received his Blue Belt from Chris Haueter, who was one of the original 12 Americans to be promoted to Black Belt in BJJ. Chad eventually received his black belt and has actively been teaching and coaching Jiu Jitsu and MMA since 2006. He is a coach for Gracie Humita Las Vegas Competition Team and an instructor for Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. Chad is also a personal ground fighting coach for several professional MMA competitors.  He is currently a first degree black belt in BJJ.

Notable Techniques

Chad is by far known for his realistic approach to Jiu Jitsu and his street orientated mindset. Many of his instructionals are about what would happen if you ever had to defend yourself out on the street. He offers striking defense, weapon defenses. and insights of how to adapt competitive Jiu Jitsu training for real world situations.

Creating angles in a street fight

Controlling distance in a street fight

Knife Defense Tactics from Police Officer & Head BJJ Coach at Xtreme Couture

BJJ Hand Fighting from Guard with Chad Lyman

Accessing a Flashlight For Self Defense by Chad Lyman

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