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How To Train Your Fighting Skills For Street Fights

How To Train Your Fighting Skills For Street Fights


How to Train Martial Arts Skills for Real Self Defense

There is a process for learning and to train martial arts skills for Self Defense.  It's not a simple as training one martial art technique. You need to test and train those skills in order to develop real self defense skills.

In this TRITAC Martial Arts video, Co-Founders Matt Bryers and Sean Jugler train their martial arts skills to develop a self-defense training flow for their TRITAC Classes.

You will see the process they go through to developing the martial arts training flow as well as some investigation into how to train martial arts properly for self-defense.

Learning to defend yourself on the street should not be a hard task for any martial artist who has trained at least 1 year. The problem is learning how to apply your fighting skills to street combat as well. A Street fight is different, there is real danger and a lt more you need to be concerned about. Your fighting techniques don't change, but how you approach the situation, deal with the threat and what to do after is the real secret.


There is a lot of room for creativity. Isolating an arm or a leg is crucial to controlling your opponent, setting yourself up for a sweep or a throw. You can also use this to shift an attackers weight around which will throw him off balance and open up entrances.

Always be looking for a joint to attack. Wrist locks, elbow locks, and knee locks are a great way of controlling limbs and avoiding wild kicks and punches. You may find very helpful locks in The Elbow Encyclopedia by Artem Levin or The Knee Strike Encyclopedia

When you are training self defense it’s a process that requires a lot of experimentation. You should be playing around with different options to evolve the process of how you fight.

If you are a BJJ practioner or Mixed Martial Arts athete, don't worry, your fighting skills are already there! But what you need is a different mindset, approach and awareness for reality based self defense. One of the best martial artists to bridge the gap between street fighting and sport is Chad Lyman.

Chad has combined his years of operational law enforcement and Mixed Martial Arts experience at Team Counter, has quickly been recognized as one of the best defenisive tacticsc instructors in the world. He is a former street cop from NYC and is one of the most passionate instructors when it comes to both teaching law enforcement defensive tactics and civilian self defense. His extensive background in both the real world as well as on the mats and in the cage gives Chad a unique skill set that is unmatched.

Check out his DVD / On Demand series called: Street Fighting Secrets - How To Defend & Dominate Against Strikes, Takedowns and Weapons. It is based off Chad's comprehensive use of force training system: Code 4 Combat; but simplified so that you can digest it easily and use it (hopefully never) immediately.



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