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Georgi Ivanov His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Georgi Ivanov His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Georgi Ivanov?

Georgi Ivanov who is known as “The Bulgarian Nightmare” is the former associate head coach of the Maryville wrestling team. He is also a former two time All American wrestler during college and a two time NWCA All Academic first team member. Georgi has had an outstanding wrestling career with many wins and multiple titles, including a Pac 12 Championship and an outstanding wrestler of the tournament award. Georgi was also a World and Olympic team member and he competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Who Is Georgi Ivanov?

Georgi Ivanov who is known as “The Bulgarian Nightmare” is the former associate head coach of the Maryville wrestling team. He is also a former two time All American wrestler during college and a two time NWCA All Academic first team member. Georgi has had an outstanding wrestling career with many wins and multiple titles, including a Pac 12 Championship and an outstanding wrestler of the tournament award. Georgi was also a World and Olympic team member and he competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The Ivanov Fireman's System by Georgi Ivanov

In 2009 Georgi attended the University of Nebraska in Omaha (UNO) as a freshman Georgi burst onto the wrestling scene. Narrowly missing out on winning the National Championship Georgi was one of three freshmen to qualify for the event. He finished second at the Midwest Regionals and finished his year with a commanding 36 wins out of 47 matches, including a dual record of 12 - 2. Georgi won the Dana Open and was named an All American first team, he was also awarded the R.J Nebe award, UNO Platinum award, 10 x UNO wrestler of the week and 9 x UNO Ooosss award.

After a stellar Freshman year, Georgi entered his Sophomore year with extreme confidence. He spent most of the year ranked at number 1 and after winning his first ever Regional Championship, he qualified for the NCAA Division 2 National Championships. After an outstanding tournament Georgi finished in third place and took out his second All American honours. Georgi finished the year with an outstanding 35 - 4 win loss record including a formidable 13 - 0 undefeated run in duals.

After the wrestling program was cancelled at UNO, Georgi decided to move closer to his family and attended Boise State University. As a Bronco in his Junior year he debuted at the Cowboy Open where he won four straight matches winning the title. Georgi won another big challenge at the Reno Tournament of Champions winning 5 of his matches by fall. Another second place at the Pac 12 championships helped him qualify for the NCAA Championships. Georgi finished his Junior year with another great record of 22 - 8 including 8 - 3 in duals.

In 2012 Georgi became a senior and went on to win the Pac 12 Championships, which again qualified him for his second straight NCAA Division 1 Championship berth. Georgi won another prestigious award by securing the Pac 12 Most Outstanding Wrestler award. Georgi finished off his senior year in his college career with a 25 - 12 win loss record including 13 - 2 in duals.

In 2013 After college Georgi took a position as the Associate Head Coach at the University of Maryland. Georgi has brought amazing expertise and experience to the Maryland Wrestling team. During his tenure as coach he continued to wrestle in the freestyle discipline. Georgi was a world team member for his home country of Bulgaria in 2015, and in 2016 he competed at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro where he lost in the first round 13 - 8 against the Georgian wrestler Jakob Makarashvili.

Effective Hand Fighting Explained by Georgi Ivanov

How Old Is Georgi Ivanov?

Georgi Ivanov was born in Bulgaria on the 11th of November in 1989, he is currently 31 years of age.

Georgi Ivanov’s Family!

Georgi Ivanov grew up in Bulgaria and while he loved to play soccer it was short lived as wrestling was in his blood. Georgi’s father Ivan Delchev Ivanov was a 5 x Bulgarian National Champion, and he taught his son to wrestle at the age of 3. Growing up in Bulgaria Georgi wrestled for Peshtostroi and Litex, where the culture was different to that of the US. In Bulgaria kids would focus on the one sport and practise at least 9 times per week. Bulgarian schools were highly focused towards the athlete and school went for 10 months per year rather than the traditional 9. As a young man Georgi moved to Iowa by himself to try and pursue his dreams of becoming an Olympic and World Champion Wrestler. 

Making his way through two separate colleges Georgi obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Marketing. Georgi furthered his academic achievements by receiving a Masters Degree in Strategic Communications and Leadership from Maryland University. Later on in his career Georgi and his father Ivan co-founded their own wrestling club called The Best Wrestler, where they help develop kids and many other athletes in pursuit of their dreams.

How Much Is Georgi Ivanov Worth?

Georgi Ivanov has had an outstanding career on the wrestling mats, his experience and achievements have helped him land many coaching roles. Georgi was an associate head coach for Maryland University and has more recently started his own wrestling club called The Best Wrestler. Georgi also owns a nutrition brand called Top Tier Performance, and has a partnership in an online cloud based management software called ZUPTU. With all of these sources of income, Georgi has become one of the richest wrestlers to step out of Bulgaria with Forbes magazine rating his finances up over 1.5 million dollars.

How Tall Is Georgi Ivanov?

Georgi Ivanov stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 177 centimetres. 

How Much Does Georgi Ivanov Weigh?

Georgi Ivanov weighs in at 74 kilograms or (163 lbs) Georgi has also competed at 157 lbs or (71 kg)

Georgi Ivanov’s Fight List!

Georgi Ivanov has been one of the best tactical wrestlers of his time, he has beaten some of the best wrestlers all throughout his career. Some of the names he has fought include; Josh Demas, Sergei Kozyrev, Kiril Terziev, Jason Welch, Nathaniel Carr, Mao Okui, Bekzod Abdurakhmanov, Aydin Abmadov, Lavente Magyar, TJ Hepburn and Justin Lister.

Georgi Ivanov's Best Fight Of All Time!

Georgi Ivanov has had an amazing career on the mats, throughout his college years he won 118 fights. He fought some extremely tough matches and won numerous tournaments including Pac 12 Championship, Bulgarian National Championship and many other tournament wins. Georgi has spoken about his best wrestling accomplishment in his career. He fought in the World Olympic Qualifier in Mongolia, in the first round he defeated Euegheni Nedealco of Moldova 9 points to 6. Georgi went on to defeat Georg Harth of Germany 6 - 0 and Mihaly Nagy of Hungary 10 - 7 in his next two rounds. Even though Georgi would lose the final 12 - 1 to the Turkish wrestler Soner Demirtas, he was extremely happy with his performance and his qualification for the Rio Olympics for 2016.

Who Did Georgi Ivanov Lose To?

Georgi Ivanov has had a small amount of losses in his career with only 30 in college and a handful outside of college. He has lost to some exceptional athletes like; Alex Dieringer in the quarter final of the 2013 NCAA Championships, Soner Demirtas in the World Olympic Qualifiers held in Mongolia in 2015. The worst loss for Georgi Ivanov was at the Rio Olympic Games against Jakob Makarashvili who he lost to in the first round 13 - 8.

Georgi Ivanov’s Record!

Georgi Ivanov has amassed an incredible list of honours and accolades throughout his wrestling career. He finished college with an overall record of 118 wins with only 30 losses, his overall dual record is equally impressive at 46 - 7. 

Georgi has a list of accolades that includes; 2016 Olympian, 2015 World Team Member, Two Time All American, Two Time NWCA All Academic First Team, 2013 Pac 12 Champion, 2013 Pac 12 Outstanding Wrestler Award, 2014 Dave Schultz Memorial Tournament Champion, 2015 Bulgarian National Champion, 2012 and 2013 NCAA Division 1 Qualifier, 2010 NCAA Division 2 Runner Up, 10 x UNO Wrestler of the Week, 9 x UNO Ooosss Award, 2010 UNO Platinum Award (36 wins) 2010 R.J Nebe Award, 2010 Dana open Champion, 2009 Hastings Open Champion, 2010 All Freshmen First Team, 2011 Super Region Champion, 2011 Reno Tournament of Champions Winner, 2012 Pac 12 Runner Up, 2015 Dave Schultz Memorial Tournament Runner Up, 2015 Dan Kolov International Tournament in Bulgaria 3rd Place.

Georgi Ivanov’s Injuries

Growing up in Bulgaria was a tough gig for a child, especially one with big shoes to fill. After fighting for Peshtostroi, Georgi suffered a lower back injury which forced him to the sidelines. Due to this injury his wrestling coach kicked him out of the club and said “If you can't wrestle then you are no good to me” a few months later Georgi recovered from his injury and joined a new club called Litex where Georgi went on to win the Bulgarian National Championships. Georgi proved through hard work and self belief that anything is possible, even when others have given up on you. 

Is Georgi Ivanov Retired?

Georgi Ivanov is retired from competitive wrestling, but he has since spoken about his career saying he regrets nothing and has left everything on the mats. Georgi is now an executive director for Nebraska USA Wrestling, he is also the owner of Top Tier Performance which is a nutrition brand. Georgi also is the owner and co-founded a wrestling club with his father called The Best Wrestler. Georgi also is a partner in a team management software called ZUPTU, which is a cloud based task management software provider, offering group management, user permission management and file sharing. Georgi Ivanov has finished his career and stepped into an entrepreneur role of owning business. 

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