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Fabio Basile His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Fabio Basile His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Fabio Basile?

Fabio Basile is a supremely talented Black belt Italian Judoka, his amazing career has seen him win multiple medals on the world stage. Fabio is famously known for his Olympic Gold medal he achieved while competing at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. Fabio has also won multiple European Gold as a junior as well as Grand Prix Gold competing in Tel Aviv in 2020 and a Grand Slam win in 2021 in Antalya.

Who Is Fabio Basile?

Fabio Basile is a supremely talented Black belt Italian Judoka, his amazing career has seen him win multiple medals on the world stage. Fabio is famously known for his Olympic Gold medal he achieved while competing at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. Fabio has also won multiple European Gold as a junior as well as Grand Prix Gold competing in Tel Aviv in 2020 and a Grand Slam win in 2021 in Antalya.

Learned Quickness by Fabio Basile

In 2009 and 2010 Fabio started winning major Judo tournaments, he won the under 17 Italian Championships two years in a row. In 2010 Fabio placed in the top 2 in 4 separate European Cup Cadets events including 2 Gold medal wins. The next two years Fabio won more Italian Championships, as he solidified his notoriety within the Judo ranks. 

From 2012 through to 2016 Fabio intensified his Judo prowess as he prepared for an inevitable Olympic showdown. Fabio won 6 European cups including two in the under 20, two in the under 21, and two in the under 23 divisions. Fabio was on a hot streak as he even won the African open in Casablanca, he secured 3 top 5 finishes at various Grand Prix and Grand Slams. Fabio also won a Silver medal at the Grand Prix in Tbilisi.  

By August of 2016 Fabio had qualified for the Italian Olympic team, as he set his sights on Gold in Rio. Entering the event as an unseeded athlete Fabio Basile produced a sensational performance in the men's 66-kilogram Judo event. Fabio made it through to the final and beat AN Baul of the Republic of Korea, after scoring an ippon in the final. Fabio was ecstatic with his performance and was honoured and idolised by the Italian public.

From 2017 through to 2019 Fabio competed in multiple Grand Slams in Abu Dhabi, Ekaterinburg, Paris and a Grand Prix in Zagreb where he placed in multiple second and third positions. Fabio has had more recent successes in the last two years, his first coming in 2020 when he defeated all 5 opponents, including Ferdinand Karapetian in the final of the Tel Aviv Grand Prix. In 2021 Fabio defeated Bayram Kandemir in the final of the Grand Slam in Antalya, earning himself another Gold medal. 

Fabio was set to take the Tokyo Olympics by storm as he had extremely high expectations. Fabio was in pristine condition as he anticipated becoming a dual Olympic Champion. After defeating Tohar Butbul of Israel in the first round, Fabio was eliminated in the second round by the impressive An Chang-Rim of Korea. Unfortunately this loss for Fabio made him extremely disappointed with the result and he headed home to regroup and begin training again with his sights firmly set on Paris in 2024.

How Old Is Fabio Basile?

Fabio Basile was born in Italy on the 7th of October in 1994, he is currently 27 years of age.

Muay Thai Encyclopedia by Fabio Noguchi

Fabio Basile’s Family!

Fabio grew up in Rivoli in Italy, and like most young Italian boys soccer was a passion of his. His parents tried to guide him into playing soccer professionally but as he grew from a small boy he discovered Judo. Becoming a martial artist from a young age Fabio excelled at this sport, he conquered many National Championships as a teenager and into his early 20’s. Fabio’s parents always knew their son would become a success and they have supported him in his dream from the beginning. Fabio now enjoys his successful career as an Olympic Champion with his girlfriend Sofia, the couple have no children at this point in their lives.

How Much Is Fabio Basile Worth?

Fabio has become quite rich in his quest to become a famous Olympian, throughout his Judo career he has won many Championships. Fabio has an outstanding stature in the Italian community and because of his many triumphs, he has landed several sponsorship deals. Fabio has increased his net worth to over a million dollars and with his two hundred and twenty nine thousand followers on instagram, it is safe to say his finances are on the increase.

How Tall Is Fabile Basile?

Fabio Basile is 5 feet and 8 inches tall which is the equivalent of 172 centimetres.

How Much Does Fabio Basile Weigh?

Fabio weighs in at 73 kg (146 lbs) where he has competed at this weight class since 2017. Fabio won his Olympic Gold at 66 kg (160 lbs) and had competed at the lighter weight class for most of his career.

Fabio Basile’s Fight List!

Fabio has enjoyed an exciting and successful career as a Judoka, representing his country has been an extremely proud moment for the young athlete. Fabio has fought many tough professionals over his illustrious career, going up against guys like; Musa Mogushkov, Halil Cimen, Tohar Butbul, Magdiel Estrada, Marco Maddaloni, Igor Wandtke, Kento Shimizu, Lukas Reiter, Eduardo Barbosa, Guillaume Chaine, Tommy Macias, Adrian Gomboc, Tal Flicker, Akil Gjakova and Martin Setz.  

Fabio Basile's Best Fight Of All Time!

Fabio has had many great fights in his quest to become the best Judoka in the world. He has won Grand Slams and European Championships against high quality athletes like; Dzmitry Minkou, Michal Bartusik, Alexandre Mariac, Tommy Macias, Ferdinand Karapetian and Bayram Kandemir. Fabio achieved his greatest triumph in 2016 at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. After defeating Sebastian Seidl, Nijat Shikhalizada, Tumurkhuleg Davaadorj and Adrian Gomboc in the previous rounds, Fabio would take on the reigning World Champion An Ba-Ul of Korea in the Olympic final. In an unexpected result Fabio made short work of the Korean by throwing him very low with a Drop Seoi-otoshi, landing him on his back and winning with an Ippon. Fabio's elation was extremely noticeable by the expressions on his face as he became the Olympic Gold medalist.

Who Did Fabio Basile Lose To?

Fabio has an extremely low loss percentage of 34.1% overall in his career, throughout his 73 losses there have been some close ones. Fabio has finished second 7 times and third 13 times in his career at various tournaments including World and National Championships, European Championships, Grand Slams and Grand Prix events. Fabio has lost to some great athletes like; Tommy Macias, Akil Gjakova, Vazha Margvelashvili and Sakhavat Gadzhiev. Fabio would suffer his most notable loss at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. Fabio had high expectations of winning Olympic Gold and when he was defeated by An Chang-Rim of Korea, Fabio was extremely disappointed.

Fabio Basile’s Record!

In Fabio’s 214 matches he has an incredible win percentage of 65.9% overall, his record of 141-73 is quite remarkable from the young Italian. Fabio would record two of his best seasons back to back in 2015 and 2016 with records of 19-6 (76.0%) and 26-11 (70.3%) respectively, with his 2016 season earning himself Olympic Gold. 

Fabio’s accolades include; Olympic Gold Medalist (2016) Grand Slam Winner (2021) Grand Slam Runner Up (2019) Grand Prix Winner (2020) Grand Prix Runner Up (2016, 2018) African Open (2016) U23 European Championship (2015) European Cup (2015) U21 European Cup (2013, 2014) U20 European Cup (twice in 2012) U17 European Cup Cadets (twice in 2010) Italian Senior National Championships (2012, 2013, 2014) Italian Junior National Championships (2011, 2012) U17 Italian National Championships (2009, 2010) 

Fabio Basile’s Injuries!

Fabio has no reports of having any significant injuries throughout his Judo career. Fabio is one of those athletes who takes his training regime extremely seriously as he trains extremely hard in functional cross fit activities. Fabio has great endurance as an athlete and conditions his body in a professional manner. 

Is Fabio Basile Retired?

Fabio is only 27 years of age and in the prime of his athletic career, his outstanding Judo reputation has given him worldwide notoriety. His last Judo event was at the Tokyo Olympic Games, and after losing in the second round Fabio has had a fire lit under his soul. Fabio is now training extremely hard and endeavours to compete at the Paris Games in 2024 as a 30 year old.

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