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Jiuliano Leon: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jiuliano Leon: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Jiuliano Leon?

Jiuliano Leon is a highly accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach and competitor, competition judoka, and holds a 3rd-degree black belt. He’s known for his membership with Team Alliance as a competitor, and his invaluable contributions as a coach at Brazilian Top Team in Lagoa. With a particular focus on kids' instruction, Leon has dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge and passion for BJJ with the younger generation. 

What this article covers:

Jiuliano Leon's journey in martial arts began at a young age. Born with an innate drive for physical activity and discipline, he sought a martial art that could provide both a physical and mental challenge as a teen. Before that, Leon found himself in a gi as an infant; he has no memory of a time when jiu jitsu was not a part of his routine. Fascinated by its technical intricacies and the emphasis on leverage and technique over strength, he immediately immersed himself in the art, training rigorously under experienced instructors right away.

The Makoto Method For Kids Class by Jiuliano Leon

Jiuliano Leon

Leon's relentless dedication and natural talent propelled him to become a formidable competitor within the BJJ community. Joining the prestigious Team Alliance, he found himself surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared his passion for the sport. Competing in national and international tournaments, Leon consistently showcased his skill and determination, earning recognition and accolades for his performances. His journey as a competitor not only shaped his technique and mindset but also deepened his love for the art and fueled his desire to give back to the BJJ community.

Recognizing the importance of imparting BJJ skills to the younger generation, Jiuliano Leon became deeply involved in kids' instruction. His passion for teaching and his genuine connection with children led him to develop his own instructional method known as "The Makoto Method for Kids." Through this method, Leon combines his expertise as a practitioner and his innate ability to engage and inspire children, creating a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment.

As showcased in his instructional videos, such as “The Makato Method for Kids Class” in the BJJ Fanatics store, Leon guides young practitioners through the fundamental techniques of BJJ in a manner that is both educational and entertaining. The Makoto Method not only focuses on physical techniques but also emphasizes the development of core values such as discipline, respect, and teamwork. Leon's instructional videos have become invaluable resources for both children and instructors, offering a comprehensive curriculum that fosters a love for BJJ and nurtures the next generation of practitioners.

In addition to his work as an instructor in The Makoto Method, Jiuliano Leon also serves as a coach at the prestigious Brazilian Top Team in their Lagoa location. With his deep understanding of BJJ and his ability to connect with students of all ages, he plays a vital role in shaping the development of the children's program. Currently, Jiuliano Leon's methodology has gained recognition in over ten academies in Rio de Janeiro, with prominent establishments including BTT Lagoa, Alliance Rio, Via Salus, and Top Defende. Having been instructing Master Murilo Bustamante's son from a young age, Leon was granted a remarkable opportunity to introduce Mundo Makoto to one of the most renowned academies worldwide following the modernization of BTT Lagoa. Alexandre "Gigi" Paiva, who serves as Leon's Jiu-Jitsu professor, holds a significant influence over his ground fighting skills, serving as a constant source of inspiration and guidance.

How Old Is Jiuliano Leon?

Jiuliano Leon was born in 1985, so he’s around 37 or 38 years old at the time of writing in 2023. He’s been competing and training for well over 20 years, as he’s already achieved the uncommon rank of 3rd degree black belt under his instructor. He competes in the Masters 1 Division as of his 1-1 result in the 85 kg division of the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in the black belt category.

Jiuliano Leon Family

Not much has been published about Jiuliano Leon’s family in the media, but it’s known that he was put into a traditional gi as a baby. Clearly, his family had an interest in the unofficial national pastime of Brazil, steering the young Jiuliano first to Judo and then to Jiu Jitsu. They supported his ambitions at a young age, and made sure he was able to be present to coach classes to other kids starting as young as seven years old!

How Much is Jiuliano Leon Worth?

Jiuliano Leon’s net worth is not public information, but he is a successful coach and instructional creator who has also coached at many of the top BJJ schools, including Brazilian Top Team Lagoa and Alliance Rio de Janeiro, and Via Salus.

How Tall is Jiuliano Leon?

Jiuliano Leon’s height isn’t on record. Even with well known competitors in grappling, they typically don’t disclose height. It’s giving away free information to the opponent in a sport where it’s not required.

How Much Does Jiuliano Leon Weigh? 

Jiuliano Leon has competed intermittently for a long time, having already achieved 3rd degree black belt and only being in his 30s! Most recently, he competed at 85 kg, which is the equivalent of about 187 pounds.

Jiuliano Leon Fight List

Jiuliano Leon has competed in many competitions since a young age, including his first judo competition, which occurred before his first day of elementary school. Truly, Leon grew up on the mats. Though, while some are called to competition, others are called to instruct. Leon decided to focus the majority of his time on helping other kids learn, allegedly jumping in as a coach by the age of just seven years old! He has a lifetime of instruction instead of a lifetime of fights but he has competed as a representative of the world famous Team Alliance as a black belt as recently as the 2020 Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu Pro tournament, where he finished the day at 1-1. We don’t have an accumulated list of all his fights.

Grappling Games For Kids by Matt D'Aquino

Jiuliano Leon's Best Fight of All Time

Jiuliano Leon mentions that his pivotal moment came very early on, in 1995, at the Brazilian Junior Judo Championships. He was only 10 years old at the time, and known to suffer from a panic disorder that made competing an extra intense experience for him. Although he didn’t win that tournament, the anxious young Leon found this to be a confirming moment. He knew that by competing on this stage, his choice to become a lifelong grappler by the age of ten had already paid off.

Who Did Jiuliano Leon Lose To?

Most of Jiuliano’s contributions to the sport are in the realm of coaching, but he has also competed as a Team Alliance black belt. When you’re competing at that level, you’re bound to lose some matches. In 2020, at the Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu Pro, Julian Leon signed up to challenge the 85 kg category. 

Although he showed up to win that day, he only made it to the second round. He earned a tough victory in round one against Paulo Silvia by advantage with a score of 0-0 to sneak into the second round. In the second round, Leon found himself facing off against Fabio Pulita. Both men fought hard but ultimately, Fabio Pulita came away with the victory via points with a single sweep and a final score of 2-0.

This loss was frustrating for Juiliano, but we’re betting that he will be back in the upcoming years to challenge the Masters division again before he ages out of it and into Masters 2 in a few years. We can’t wait to see what else Leon can do on the mats before ultimately deciding to hang up the gi.

Jiuliano Leon Record

Jiuliano Leon’s record isn’t compiled anywhere in one place. His cumulative record as a grappler hasn’t been but together yet, but his focus is on coaching regardless.

Jiuliano Leon Injuries

In addition to his dedication to jiu-jitsu, Leon is also committed to promoting physical fitness and healthy living. He is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and advocates for a holistic approach to health that includes both exercise and healthy eating. He is also an advocate for mental health and encourages his students to prioritize self-care and mindfulness in their daily lives. 

Is Jiuliano Leon Retired?

Jiuliano isn’t officially retired from Grappling; he’s continued to compete as recently as 2021 in the black belt 85 kg category of the Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu Pro event and we expect to see him back on the mats before long to further bolster his already impressive legacy as a beloved kids coach.

While Leon has achieved great success as a jiu-jitsu competitor, his true passion lies in instruction, and particularly working with kids to help them grow to love grappling. He’s teamed up with BJJ Fanatics to create an awesome instructional called “The Makoto Method for Kids Class: A Guide for Coaches & Partners”, which is a fully featured look at this tried and true teaching style for improving kids’ grappling skills in a fun, engaging way. Check out these tips for your own kids today and watch their skills take off quicker than you thought possible!

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