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C.J. Brucki: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

C.J. Brucki: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is C.J. Brucki?

C.J. Brucki is a former NCAA Division I wrestler for Central Michigan University 

Who is C.J. Brucki?

C.J. Brucki is a former NCAA Division I wrestler for Central Michigan University 

Brucki’s first year at Central Michigan was a great learning experience for him. He was able to keep an even record of 11-11 in single matches and also recorded one pin for the season. To cap off his experience transitioning from high school to college wrestling,  took home third place at the Eastern Michigan Duals in the fall of that season.

High Level Takedown Progressions by CJ Brucki

The following year, in the 2015-16 school year, he made significant adjustments and came back to the mats with a fury. That year, he tied for the most wins on the team and posted a close-to-perfect mark of 30-6. He went 6-1 after entering the Eastern Michigan Open again and improving his performance dramatically. He also went undefeated at several other tournaments that year, including the Cleveland State Open, The Edinboro Open, and the Alma Open. These wins put  on the radar of other competitors and signaled great things to come in the following years.

As he continued to improve in wrestling by qualifying for the NCAA Championships, C.J. also put his academics on display by becoming an Academic All-Mac athlete. He again posted an incredibly dominant mark of 31-10 for the season while still competing at 174 pounds. Brucki put up his best showing yet at the Las Vegas Invitational, going 6-2 in his matches at that event. After working to improve again during his third year, Brucki was ready for his final season at Central Michigan.

During the 2017-2018 Season, C.J. again worked hard to qualify for the NCAA Championships, collecting wins at a 2:1 ratio for the season and posting a record of 24-13. Although he went 1-2 at the national tournament that year, Brucki managed to continue dominating smaller tournaments as a senior, including the MAC Championships where he was awarded a silver medal.

After completing his own wrestling career and graduating in 2018, Brucki couldn’t stay off the mats. He is now an assistant wrestling coach at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), where he has already started to garner attention for his coaching prowess and was named as part of the 2019 NCAA Mideast Coaching Staff of the Year. After just three short years with the program, C.J. has already helped produce eight Division III All-Americans and an NCAA Champion.

Besides coaching, Brucki is also still competing on the professional freestyle circuit. In 2019, just a year into his coaching career, C.J. found himself invited to the Dave Schultz Memorial International Tournament, which is an honor for any wrestler. He was able to bring home the bronze medal at 79 kg, again proving that he is in a small category of elite wrestlers.


How Old is C.J. Brucki?

C.J. Brucki was born on the 1st of May,1994 in Orlando Park, Illinois. He is just 27 years old as of 2022.

C.J. Brucki Family

Christian is not the only child in his family. He was born to Ken and Patti Brucki, the owners and coordinators of an international tutoring service, Supercamp.. He has a sister named Jesselyn and a brother named Patrick. His younger brother Patrick also wrestled, but at the both at Princeton and at the University of Michigan. He was named an All-American at 197 pounds and also placed fourth in the 2019 NCAA Division I Championships. It’s safe to say that wrestling talent runs in the family!

How Much is C.J. Brucki Worth?

C.J. Brucki’s net worth is not public information.

How Tall is C.J. Brucki?

As is often the case with grapplers, who record only their weight for competition, C.J. Brucki’s height is not published.

How Much Does C.J. Brucki Weigh? 

C.J. Brucki competed at 174 pounds, or about 80 kg. Unlike many wrestlers, C.J. maintained that weight class throughout his college career without moving up. More recently, just two years ago, Brucki began to compete at heavier weights. He faced off against Andrew Morgan in the 2020 senior nationals, this time weighing in at a much-heavier 86 kg, which is nearly 190 pounds.

C.J. Brucki Fight List

Wrestlers are some of the hardest working competitors alive. Their work ethic is both legendary and feared, and they often compete in well over 100 matches before leaving high school. C.J. Brucki is no different, and has a match-count well into the triple digits. Instead of recounting hundreds of bouts, it might be helpful to break down C.J. biggest accomplishments as a wrestler:


  • 2016 Cleveland State Open - Gold
  • 2016 Alma Open - Gold
  • 2016 Edinboro Open - Gold
  • 2017 Michigan State Open - Gold
  • 2017 MAC Championships - Bronze
  • 2018 Midlands Championships - Bronze

Freestyle (Professional):

  • 2016 ASICS University Nationals - 5th Place
  • 2019 Dave Schultz Memorial - Bronze

C.J. Brucki's Best Fight of All Time

Wrestlers compete so much that it can be challenging to pick out a standout moment. For C.J., his senior year presented the opportunity to compete against several nationally-ranked opponents. When he faced off against Hunter Bolen, ranked eighteenth in the nation, Brucki’s abilities were evident for all to see. The closely fought match is preserved on youtube and sees Brucki maintaining control of a narrow 6-4 lead to come away with the victory.

Who Did C.J. Brucki Lose To?

Given the high volume of competition, losses are going to come with the territory for any wrestler. C.J. Brucki faced a tough challenge in #3 ranked All-American Myles Amine, who happens to be the younger brother of BJJ Fanatics alumnus Malik Amine. Brucki avoided a fall and managed to hang with Myles for the duration, but was still heavily out-pointed 8-2 for a loss.

C.J. Brucki Record

C.J. Brucki had over a hundred matches in high school, but his record as a collegiate wrestler at Central Michigan University was 117-48. This 71% win rate is well above average and even takes into account his relatively slow freshman season of 11-11. His most dominant single season was 30-6.

C.J. Brucki Injuries

Brucki has wrestled for a lifetime and certainly taken some cumulative damage as a result. Still, he did not miss any major time from his collegiate career at Central Michigan University or drop out of any bouts as a professional. It’s safe to say that C.J. has had a relatively safe career in an otherwise dangerous sport.

Is C.J. Brucki Retired?

At only 27 years old, C.J. Brucki is far from retiring. His last major tournament was in 2020, before the pandemic. It’s likely that there are still many major freestyle competitions on his radar and that we will see Brucki competing for years to come. As a freestyle professional, there’s no telling how far C.J. can go.

Aside from his impressive college wrestling resume and his current work as a coach producing top-level talent for TCNJ, Brucki films content for BJJ Fanatics. As any BJJ player knows, wrestlers present a unique challenge. They are tough, they have a seemingly-infinite gas tank, and they are dangerous on the feet. With this in mind, dont miss out on C.J.’s “High Level Takedown Progressions: Offensive Technique”. As a wrestler who did not dabble in jiu jitsu, Brucki will show you how to take, and keep, top position with a system of aggressive takedowns to help you stand with any opponent on the feet.

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