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Charlie Vinch: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Charlie Vinch: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Charlie Vinch?

Charlie Vinch is an American black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under some of the earliest American black belts, the legendary Migliarese brothers. While he has not competed extensively on the international grappling circuit, he has a 1-1 record as a professional MMA fighter.

Who is Charlie Vinch?

Charlie Vinch is an American black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under some of the earliest American black belts, the legendary Migliarese brothers. While he has not competed extensively on the international grappling circuit, he has a 1-1 record as a professional MMA fighter.

Blocking And Evading For MMA Striking by Charlie Vinch

Vinch has gained popularity as a podcast host on his own, “The Charlie Vinch Show” where he discusses BJJ, MMA, and a host of other topics relevant to those interested in combat sports. As entertaining as he is, Vinch’s pedigree in BJJ is no joke: Phil and Ricardo Miliagrese are 5th and 6th degree black belts who trained directly under Relson Gracie from the time they were teenagers. When they award a black belt, it’s about as well-earned as they come.

Charlie Vinch is also the owner of his own academy, which is IBJJF certified on top of being affiliated with Relson and the Miliagreses. Budo Martial Arts in Ewing, New Jersey is a community-oriented school where people of all ages and backgrounds can come to learn not only combat sports but self defense. The school supports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, and MMA. Since the pandemic began in the spring of 2019, Vinch has also run a virtual program for kids stuck at home.

Although he is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, Vinch has always displayed a preference for striking. In his athletic prime, he chose to compete as an MMA fighter and didn’t ever show an interest in the international grappling circuit that his coaches come from. Instead, Charlie focused on the area of his game that jiu jitsu mostly leaves out: stand-up fighting.

As a result, Vinch is an incredibly knowledgeable and well-rounded coach and athlete. He not only has some of the slickest grappling instruction on the planet but can teach you how to survive on your feet as well. His products for BJJ fanatics are largely focused around this often-neglected aspect of the game.

Heavy Bag Tool Box: Beginner to Intermediate by Charlie Vinch

How Old is Charlie Vinch?

Charlie Vinch’s age is not on record. Given that he competed as a professional MMA fighter around 2010, he is likely in his mid-to-late thirties.

Charlie Vinch Family

Not much has been published about Charlie Vinch’s family, although he is married with two children.

How Much is Charlie Vinch Worth?

Charlie Vinch’s net worth is not public information. He is the owner of Budo Martial arts in Ewing, New Jersey.

How Tall is Charlie Vinch?

As is often the case with grapplers, who record only their weight for competition, Charlie Vinch’s height is not published.

How Much Does Charlie Vinch Weigh? 

Charlie Vinch competed at middleweight as both an amateur and professional MMA fighter. The limit for that division is 185 pounds, or about 84 kg.

Charlie Vinch Fight List

Charlie Vinch is first and foremost an ambassador for the sports of MMA and BJJ. He has dedicated his life to learning and teaching and spent minimal time as a professional fighter. He fought once in 2009 and once in 2010 before retiring to coach full time.

Charlie Vinch's Best Fight of All Time

Charlie is 1-1 as an MMA fighter, so his best fight ever is his 2009 win over Jamal Brown on Asylum Fight League 19. He put his love of striking on full display, setting his grappling skills aside in order to knock out his opponent with punches less than two minutes into the first round.

Who Did Charlie Vinch Lose To?

As we mentioned above, Vinch is 1-1. Accordingly, he’s lost to precisely one person: Tajuddin Abdul Hakim. The two met on Asylum fight League 30 and Vinch again started the match by attempting to stand and bang with Hakim. He narrowly made it out of the first round only to have the referee stop the fight due to a flurry of punches in his direction. This is his only loss as an MMA fighter.

Charlie Vinch Record

As an MMA Fighter, Charlie Vinch’s record is 1-1, fighting bouts in 2009 and 2010.

Charlie Vinch Injuries

Many fighters and grapplers who dedicate their lives to the mat find themselves injured as their career progresses. Even a competitor like Charlie Vinch has experienced some physical setbacks. Although he didn’t suffer any major periods of inactivity, Vinch has repeatedly discussed the importance of maintaining the body to avoid serious injury on podcasts.

Is Charlie Vinch Retired?

Charlie Vinch is retired from professional fighting. He now spends his time as a the head coach for his own academy in New Jersey, where he can spread his considerable knowledge of BJJ and MMA to those around him. 

In addition to his coaching and business ownership, Vinch is also an active podcaster who is working his way into the BJJ conversation by hosting guests such as 2019 ADCC Trials winner, Amanda Leve. Although popular as an artform, podcasting is still in its infancy, and it’s awesome to see a committed, knowledgeable practitioner producing free content for other fans of the sport.

Finally, beyond podcasting and teaching, Charlie Vinch is also a producer of instructional content that spreads his love of the game to others. He has teamed up with BJJ Fanatics to create the much-needed “Blocking & Evading for MMA Striking”, “Heavy Bag Tool Box: Beginner to Intermediate” and “Basic Striking for MMA Volume 1: Punches”. Clearly, Vinch understands the value of learning to move on your feet. Have you ever felt like pulling guard was your only option? Take a peek at these instructionals and start adding stand-up into your game right now!

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