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3 Sick Back Takes From The Guard in Jiu Jitsu

3 Sick Back Takes From The Guard in Jiu Jitsu


3 Amazing Back Takes From Guard

Taking an opponent’s back from your guard is one of the most important elements to become a masterful guard player. It is important to have a wide variety of attacks from every guard. One “must have” guard technique is how to take the back. Let us take a look at 3 amazing ways to take the back from guard.

Attacking The Back is not as easy as you think. In fact, John Danaher thinks the modern BJJ methods of attacking the back are flawed. His System of Attacking The Back has created some of the best submission hunters and finishers in the world.


Back Take #1: Half Guard Under Hook to Back Take

One of the most effective back takes from half guard it the under hook get up to back take. This is when you get up to your knees by maintaining contact with your opponent using the under hook. From here you are able to take your opponent’s back. This is one of the most simple back takes that you can learn, and is one of the first techniques many people learn from half guard. Check out this video from World Champion Lucas Leite as he teaches the proper back take from the turtle position.

Back Take #2: The Berimbolo

The berimbolo is one of the best back takes from guard. Check out the instructional video below from the Mendes Brothers on their method for hitting the Berimbolo.

Often initiated from De La Riva guard, the Berimbolo is a move that will get you directly to your opponent’s back. The Berimbolo is a popular move in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, often used in competition by very high level grapplers. It is sometimes criticized from inversion tactics required to complete the move, but there is no disputing that it works. Instead of using a traditional sweep where you would need to get up in order to pass your opponents guard and take his back, the berimbolo allows you to take the back with out ever getting up.

Back Take #3: The Kiss of the Dragon

Another popular back take from guard is known as the kiss of the dragon. It is a move that occurs from the Reverse De La Riva guard. It is an extremely versatile position tested by some of the top level word competitors at ADCC and the Black Belt World Champs.  Check out the video below from Jason Scully on how to do the kiss of the dragon. Hopefully you can find some details that can help you improve your game.

John Danaher Reveals Every Detail Of His Back Attack System That Has The Highest Finishing Rate In EBI Overtime History By A Landslide. By focusing on the same principles that created one of the most feared submission systems ever, John feels he has perfected and revolutionized the way his athletes can attack from the back. His athletes move from attack to attack, constantly creating more and more advantages for themselves, until they are getting the tap.

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