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The best position in all of Jiu Jitsu to get is being on your opponent’s back. There are so many different back attacks that you put him in the danger zone right away. The control of your arms in the seatbelt position and your legs working either as hooks or a body triangle is incredibly strong. With all of the attacks available, submitting an opponent from being on their back is an easier route than others. Escapes for a person with their back taken are minimal, while the offense for the attacker are multiple. Depending if you have the gi on or not, even more attacks are there for you to get. While the rear naked choke and the armbar are always there, I wanted to go over some often forgotten techniques that work very well from the back position.

One of my go to techniques with the gi on is the bow & arrow choke. This is probably the easiest choke to set up as well. To set it up, try to get the rear naked choke first. While your opponent defends it, you can slip your thumb inside your opponent’s collar. From there, grab the opponent’s pants, and sit your hips out to the side of the neck that you are attacking. To finish, throw your legs over the opponent’s shoulder and rip the collar over. The bow & arrow choke is a powerful choke. You can put someone to sleep with it quickly. In the video below, Stephen Kesting goes over some good detail on it.

One of the more sneaky attacks that you can do while on your opponent’s back is to get an arm in guillotine. This is one not commonly seen, but it is a favorite of champions Garry Tonon and Baret Yoshida. This is a technique that you can set up straight up or use it to attack after your opponent defends your arm around his neck. As you arm comes over to the other side of his neck, you sit your hips up and connect the arm to your knee. From there you can either do a technical stand up and get the guillotine, or let your opponent turn into you. Either way, you will get a tight guillotine to finish off your opponent.

The last technique that I enjoy hitting off of the back is a triangle while on an opponent’s back. This one may sound odd. How do you secure a triangle while you’re on the back of an opponent? Well it is easier than you think. When you have the back of your opponent, and you have seatbelt grip, but making sure the hand that is underneath the opponent’s arm is also under your own knee. When it is, cross grab the opposite side wrist, and pull it in tight. Since it is physically impossible for the opponent to turn away now, they turn in and as they do, you simply lock your legs up with the triangle, and finish the choke.

Being on the back in a match is such a superior position to be in. No matter how much that Jiu Jitsu evolves, being on the back will always be the best position you can be in, so that you can attack. Knowing the fights and techniques from there will put you in the correct route to win, and win fast. If you want to expand your knowledge on how to attack the back, check out Matt Arroyo’s Back Attack Blueprint DVD. It has some great ways on how to finish attacks from the back position!

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