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Back Step Pass by Lachlan Giles

Back Step Pass by Lachlan Giles


One of the most popular guard positions utilized in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is half guard. This position is especially popular among heavier grapplers since they can easily use their weight to their advantage. Usually people that like half guard play from both top and bottom pretty well.

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The versatility of half guard lends to its popularity immensely. There are a wide variety of sweeps and transitions. More so, there are plenty of submission options such as chokes, arm locks, and even the infamous leg locks.

There are a lot of fundamental Jiu Jitsu concepts that must be grasped before a student embarks on learning the half guard. In closed guard, we can get away with making mistakes. When it comes to half guard, skimping out on posture, head positioning, elbow positioning, and hip escaping will lead to failure.

There are a lot of online resources for learning half guard, but much of it is obsolete and ineffective. There are only a few people online I go to when I want to learn something from half guard, and Lachlan Giles is one of them. Lachlan is an Australian BJJ Black Belt and head instructor at Absolute MMA. In the following video, Lachlan illustrates the back step pass for escaping half guard. See below:

There are many ways to pass half guard. The most common methods of passing half guard require the top player to pin their opponent so that they are flat on their back. When you end up in a scenario like deep half guard, which is what Lachlan is doing, the same passes fail.

Personally, I always try to avoid passing while on my knees. Because of this, I always try to stand up when someone has me in half guard so that I can attempt a fast pass like the toreando pass.

Lachlan has  filtered out all the bad techniques  to give us some of the best movements that can be used. Moreover, the changes Lachlan has made to these moves only make them better. He's an excellent instructor along side some of the greats like John Danaher.

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