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BJJ Motivation - CRAIG JONES "I am A BJJ Fanatic" Ep 3

BJJ Motivation - CRAIG JONES "I am A BJJ Fanatic" Ep 3

If you're looking for some BJJ Motivation, check out our new BJJ Documentary series called "I Am A BJJ Fanatic". This is our third installment of our new Jiu Jitsu Motivation Docu-Series "I Am A BJJ Fanatic" featuring BJJ superstar Craig Jones. 

This is a look inside the mindset and training of the Australian superstar, Craig Jones who rose quickly to fame after his incredible performance at the 2017 ADCC.

Craig is one of the nicest personalities in Jiu Jitsu and he is a savage on the mat.  Craig trains out of Australia and credits the fact that he used instructional videos for a lot of his success.  Being in a small town he did not have access to "world class" bjj and he utilized instructionals.