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Cejudo Channels Gordon Ryan

Cejudo Channels Gordon Ryan


Yesterday at the face-offs Henry Cejudo got his Gordon Ryan on. Donning a cape, crown, and magician gear Cejudo looked to get inside of Marlon Moraes’s head. Cejudo will take on Moraes this saturday at UFC 238 in the main event. Here you can check out the face off footage with the self proclaimed “king of cringe” Henry Cejudo here:


Cejudo is developing a following of people who enjoy his antics. In the new age of saying the most wretched thing you can about an adversary, this is refreshing. Cejudo can come off as cringey to some, but Cejudo owns it. That’s the difference between him and let’s say Tony Ferguson, who also has a fight on the card with Donald Cerrone. Henry Cejudo is much more Chael Sonnen than a McGregor type of trash talker, and it’s a welcome change!

But for the record, Gordon wore it better….

Cejudo has a golden opportunity to add to his illustrious resume, and add another piece of coveted GOLD to his collection when he faces Magic Marlon Moraes. The bout will be for the vacated 135lb belt. The former champion TJ Dillashaw had to relinquish the belt due to failed drug test. The substance he tested for was EPO, a substance known to provide significant cardio benefit albeit at a substantial risk.

On paper the match up is fairly even, Moraes currently is favored but that might be due to Bantamweight being his natural weight class. Although Cejudo has fought at 135 before, he has made his home in the 125 lb division. At Flyweight Cejudo became the man to derail the Mighty Mouse train, after 11 consecutive title defenses.

With a strong use of the inside and outside trip, and ever evolving striking Cejudo was able to defeat Demetrious Johnson. Shortly after a champ vs champ bout was scheduled between Henry Cejudo and TJ Dillashaw for the 125 lb belt. Despite the controversy Cejudo went out and performed masterfully.  The fight was under a minute, with Cejudo coming out on top.

If you are a fan of how Cejudo fights than you are sure to be a fan of how he teaches! Learn the trips, takedowns, and mat control that Henry Cejudo used to defeat Demetrious Johnson!! Click Learn More!


After a split decision loss in his UFC debut, Marlon Moraes has been nothing short of Magical. Moraes is on a four fight win streak that includes some of the best fighters in the 135 lb division. Raphael Assuncao, the man who defeated Moraes in his debut, was the most recent athlete to be finished by Moraes.

Both athletes will look to impose their will on Saturday night, but both are very evenly matched. On paper one can assume that Cejudo should have the grappling advantage, while Moraes looks to keep it on the feet. What’s great about the match up is that they are both so high level in every aspect of MMA that wherever the fight goes it’s sure to be non stop action.

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