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Claudio Calasans: Lion of the Absolute Division



The BJJ and Judo black belt, Claudio Calasans is one of the best to compete in the absolute class in Jiu Jitsu. For those of you don’t know what the absolute class is, it is the open weight division where lightweights can face heavyweights and everything in between. Calasans is a frequent competitor in that division. He has the speed to keep up with the lighter weight guys, and the technique to compete with the heavier competitors. Claudio has competed in the absolute division in ADCC, the Mundials and the Asian Open. Here are some of Claudio’s best victories at open weight.

Claudio Calasans vs Paulo Miyao @ 2014 Mundials

In the 2014 Mundials tournament, Calasans met Paulo Miyao in the absolute division in a semi final match. While Miyao was the lighter competitor, he was no stranger to the absolute class and had won absolute titles at the Worlds and the Brazilian National Tournament. The match started how everyone thought it would. Paulo attempted to sit guard. Claudio went into a 50/50 battle, knowing that the 50/50 guard was Paulo’s strongest position. The majority of the match was fought from there. Eventually Calasans broke free and decided to work on passing. He was very aggressive with his top passing, and was able to win the match by an advantage.

Claudio Calasans vs Tarsis Humphreys @ 2013 World Pro

At the 2013 World Pro tournament, this was the second time that Calasans and Humphreys battle. The first match was in the 82kg division where Calasans won by points. So going into this match, Claudio had all the confidence. The two decided to start the battle from the 50/50 position, which favored Claudio. After just a couple minutes, he was able to take the back of Tarsis. The next couple minutes were spent with Calasans attacking his choke attempts, until Tarsis was able to get his opponent off of his back. Then Claudio was able to work from his guard. In the closing minutes of the match, he attacked the leg of Tarsis until it ended. He was able to take the victory by an advantage and take third place at the prestigious tournament.

Claudio Calasans vs Renato Cecilio @ 2016 Asian Open

During this year’s Asian Open, Calasans was once again able to capture the first place gold in the absolute division. But before taking home the championship, he met Renato Cecilio in the quarter final match. Renato started by trying to pull guard, but Claudio immediately passed his guard and took his back. Just a short while after, he finished Cecilio with a gi choke from the back. Quick match in a division that he would dominate for the rest of the tournament.

Claudio is an all around great competitor, but he is really making a name for himself in the absolute divisions of the big tournaments. He knows his way around the divisions, and always puts on a grinding match. The black belt from Atos is a lion in the absolute class and shows it. If you want to learn some of Claudio’s best techniques, then go check out Giant Killing. It is a four set DVD that he recently released.

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