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Creating Heel Exposure with John Danaher

Creating Heel Exposure with John Danaher


Great Leg Lock Mechanics Details With John Danaher!

The path to acquiring all heel hooks begins with one important theme. Heel exposure. Without exposing the heel, there is no heel hook. When we first begin our studies of leg locks, and attempt to implement them on our training partners, we may get away with poor technique. But not for long. With the fear that surrounds leg locks in most academies, and especially with newer students, the inclination to tap early when an unversed student has their foot consumed in a would-be leg lock situation is the norm. But as we progress and learn the finer mechanics of leg locks, the fear lessens, and the chances of escape become more prevalent.

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Our partners begin to learn ways to bury their heels to keep them safe from our attacks. They position their bodies in ways that do not favor the acquisition of the heel, and its imperative that we begin learning ways to force heel exposure, to continue to be successful with our lower body attacks.

Check out this video with John Danaher. He discusses heel exposure, and how to use proper mechanics to create it when attacking the heel hook.

From the inside sankaku position, Danaher’s partner has turned his heel in towards his ribcage to hide the heel. Danaher begins by securing his partner’s knee with a wrist deep grip. He also positions his elbow in line with his partners toe knuckle area to secure the foot. He then passes his foot under his partners far leg, hooking it with his instep.

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This is coupled with what Danaher refers to as a drive leg. He plants the drive leg on the floor, and uses it to tilt his partner in the opposite direction that he wishes to go. This creates a scenario that leaves his partners heel completely exposed and vulnerable to attack. Danaher locks a figure of four and then begins to secure the heel for the submission.

With these mechanics in place, it makes it incredibly difficult for Danaher’s partner to resist being taken to the other side. Although he attempts to stay heavy and brace himself, the manipulation of his body makes resistance almost impossible.

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