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Dante Leon IN at ADCC 2019

Dante Leon IN at ADCC 2019


Dante Leon has been quietly amassing victories and impressive performances throughout 2019. Most notably Dante had a couple of barn burners at Kasai Pro. The Canadian, representing GFTeam, will be entering into the -77kg weight class at ADCC. While some people are starting to get bummed out that summer is winding down, the Jiu-Jitsu community is getting pumped up for the end of September when ADCC 2019 will take place. 

While ALL divisions at ADCC are truly stacked from top to bottom with the sport’s top talent. The -77kg division has one of the deepest pools of talent. JT Torres is the returning champion for the division. Torres triumphantly returned to No-Gi competition this past weekend with fellow -77kg division member, Vagner Rocha. Other division athlete’s include: Lucas Lepri, Renato Canuto, DJ Jackson, Edwin Najmi, just to name a few. Leon has mixed it up with several athletes on the list including most recently Renato Canuto. 

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ADCC, as usual, is shaping up to be quite the event. With recent shake ups just a mere two months away speculation has already begun on who will win what. It’s always safe to pick the returning champion of the division, but sometimes you can look through each bracket and find some names that are sure to catch people by surprise. Dante Leon is one of those names that stick out. Dante has consistently put his skills to the test against the sport’s best, in both Gi and No-Gi. 

Dante is one of the BEST grapplers to come out of Canada. He consistently puts his skills to the test in multiple rule sets, both Gi and No-Gi. If you are looking for a dark horse pick in the -77kg and possibly the entire tournament it’s Dante Leon. Watch out for his Reverse De La Riva guard, and underrated leg attacks!

Dante also has shared some trade secrets to the Reverse De La Riva here with us at BJJFANATICS. Check out his Straight Footlock!

When Brenardo Faria gives someone praise, You can take his word for it. Dante is a young hungry Canadian out to make a name for himself. How about that footlock?  The knee slide/slice is one of the most used passes in ALL of Jiu-Jitsu. The Reverse De La Riva can help defeat this pass. However a lot of resources out there fall flat when covering the RDLR. Dante Leon provides an easy to use FORMULA for success.



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