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D'Arce Choke Basics & Variations

D'Arce Choke Basics & Variations


D'Arce Choke Basics

The D'Arce choke is one of the most popular chokes in the family of head and arm triangle variations.  The history of the technique and how it got the name D'Arce choke is an interesting study in the ever changing language of jiu jitsu.  A relative of the brabo choke who's development is attributed to the Leo Vieira in the early 2000's and was primarily a gi choke in which someone can use a far reaching lapel grip with the inside arm trapping the opponent's upper arm during a guard pass or perhaps from half guard or side control.  One's pressure is applied to the trapped arm and the combination of that pressure with the lapel grip. Check another guide for Mastering The Darce and Brabo Choke by Dinu Bucalet.

The D'Arce choke is a No Gi variation attributed to Renzo Gracie black belt Joe D'Arce who became known for the position (find our guides for No Gi Choke Mastery).  In interviews, D'Arce is quick to point out that he actually learned the technique from John Danaher, another Renzo Gracie black belt and current leader of the infamous tongue in cheek named Danaher Death Squad.  Marc Laimon is actually credited with naming the choke he had seen Joe D'Arce be so successful with when he began calling it that when teaching. 

Lachlan Giles is one of those dudes you need to be watching right now.  His leg lock and choke game for no gi right now is on point!  He just released this new DVD called high percentage chokes: no gi that is a must have for those who want to dominate their training partners, and take home some medals... and necks.  You know that to do, click the button the get the best no gi chokes, including the devastating D'arce choke.


Basic D'arce Choke Techniques

How to Do the D'Arce Choke (aka the No Gi Brabo Choke)

How To Do The Tightest Darce Choke by Edwin Najmi

In this video Edwin Najmi shows how he does to adjust the Darce Choke. It is super impressive to see how he can apply this choke even with the gi.

The Awesome D'arce Choke

D'arce chokes are super tough. Super powerful. All body types can get them but they do favour the longer limbed lanky guys. I think one of the great things about this attack is that they are quite sneaky! and because of this - the set-up is key.

D'Arce Choke Variations

Let's take a look at some D'Arce choke variations and details that will have you landing this on your teammates and peers the next time you step on the mats.  In the first video, second degree black belt Nardu Debrah shows a variation from side control.

 cross side

In this example, the opponent is able to secure the under hook which is the key for their escape, allowing them to move your body and possible reverse or take the back.  As they drive forward with their under hook you are going to over hook that arm and drive it through, reaching past the head and grabbing the neck if necessary.  It's also key to control their bottom shoulder to slow down their attempt to get to their knees and advance their position.

A gable grip is then used to control and drive their head down, allowing you to secure your bicep and tighten up the choke.  Your hips are used to complement the grips and add extra pressure sealing the deal.

  In the next No Gi variation, BJJ and MMA legend Ricardo Almeida shows a variation from a knee cut pass attempt to Bernardo Faria.


During the attempted knee slice pass, Ricardo Almeida explains that without the gi it is so much harder to keep the opponent flat where you wand them, so oftentimes they will turtle up creating a 'semi whizzer' situation.  This sets up Ricardo's D'Arce variation by allowing him to stay in a T position in relation to the opponent, use the palm to palm gable grip to turn the opponent down and drive the arm through to lock up the D'Arce grip controlling the bicep.  But in Almeida's variation he actually allows the opponent to come up and believe that they are defending and he takes them to the other side making it even tighter than the standard D'Arce. 

See also The Devil Is In The Details Gi Chokes by Paul Tom

Now that you've explored some D'arce choke variations, continue to take your choke game to the next level with Lachlan Giles and his High Percentage No Gi Chokes.

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