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Don’t Be That Guy: 5 Mistakes Not To Make In BJJ



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has one of the most relaxed cultures of any martial art styles. The whole culture wields a ton of respect, yet most gyms have such a chilled atmosphere. Though in any atmosphere, there’s always that one “guy”. Here are five mistakes not to make, so that you don’t have to be that “guy”.

5) Master of YouTube Techniques:

The first mistake to avoid when training BJJ is to learn the fundamental techniques taught by your instructor. The fundamentals are important and will set the foundation for your later advanced game. Trying the silly techniques you learn on YouTube will not help your game, and in fact, will probably stifle you. Even at the top levels, the best competitors are winning with basic techniques like armbars and triangles, not the rolling inverted plata you saw some guy show online.

4)  Not Training Takedowns:

This is such a hot topic is the Jiu Jitsu community right now that it is important enough to be in the top five. Playing guard has somewhat of an easier learning curve. You can roll without as much strain or danger of trying to play a top game and that’s why there are so many people that play bottom. Playing guard is not a bad thing, but don’t be foolish. Learn takedowns. To be a well rounded BJJ player, learn takedowns to put your opponents on their butt and initiate a overwhelming top attack.

3) Bad Hygiene:

This point cannot be stressed enough. The worst aspect of Jiu Jitsu is drilling techniques or rolling with a partner who has terrible hygiene. A dirty, stinky gi wrapped around someone who smells from not taking a shower or using deodorant is annoying to say the least. To make a long story short, keep clean!

2) Rolling To Survive:

When white belts start rolling with higher ranked students, they start rolling to survive instead of rolling to improve. They latch onto a certain position or technique and hold on for dear life. Instead of trying new approaches, they go to the one thing they do well and stay there even if he or she is not successful.

1) Being The Gym Champion:

Here is the opposite to point number two. Instead of rolling with students better then themselves, the student rolls with students that are smaller, weaker and with far less experience. Those “gym champions” will reject invitations to roll with anyone that is experienced or athletic, as they will want to be able to smash their opponent without much resistance. This is a tragedy as they will have a false sense of skill that will hurt them at a later time.

Now as a wise man once said, there are no rules in Jiu Jitsu, just guidelines. These guidelines are important though, especially if you want to get better at Jiu Jitsu and help your teammates get better as well. Use these guidelines to stay humble and grounded. The moment you don’t will be the moment you become the one that no one wants to partner up with during training. You officially become that “guy”.


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