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Escape Side Control and Become Offensive with Jake Mackenzie

Escape Side Control and Become Offensive with Jake Mackenzie


When we find ourselves stuck in bottom side control we have to think about a few things. We have to begin building structure underneath the top player, so that we can work toward an escape.

Once the escape begins to materialize, we have to have plans for what we might want to do as the escape is completed. At the competition of our escapes, there is often times opportunity to become offensive. Its important that we recognize these opportunities, so that we don’t only escape the bad position, but we turn it into something advantageous for ourselves. 

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Escaping side control is one thing, but creating these offensive scenarios where we can really turn the tide of a match is a skill in and of itself. Jake Mackenzie has some great ideas for you on this particular subject. IN this video, Mackenzie escapes the side control and then immediately hunts down a single leg. This is incredibly slick, and it’s done in a really efficient manner, with great wrestling mechanics backing up the technique. Have a look at this video and see if you can pick up some details on how to pursue the single upon exiting the bottom side control position. Check it out!

When I first learned this type of technique, my experience was exactly the same as Jakes. I was sort of taught to secure the under hook, get up to my knees, and attempt to steamroll my opponents. Needless to say, when you’re dealing with someone a bit more technical and savvier, this type of scenario doesn’t really play out the way it supposed to. As you can see here with Mackenzie’s technique, there’s quite a bit more thought and experience at work here. 

Mackenzie begins with establishing frames (a cornerstone of any side control escape) and working to swim his arm through into an under-hook position. He then kicks his bottom leg through the “rabbit hole” and begins to turn down to his belly. Her eh secures the single and immediately sucks his knees up tight to his elbows. With a tight gable grip, Mackenzie begins to connect his elbow and forearm tot eh floor. He then starts to turn toward the backside of his partner. Mackenzie then drives his shoulder into the back of his partners hamstring while simultaneously curling his wrists, putting quite a bit of pressure in to the back of the leg.

With his partners weight primarily loaded up on the hands, the legs become a bit lighter and easier to manipulate. Here, Mackenzie opens his hips and begins to shelf his partners leg on to his thigh, elevating it from the floor. Grabbing the instep and the thigh, Mackenzie then transfers the leg to his opposite thigh, posting his leg for stability and pinching the leg tight with his body and leg. He then begins to climb the body, looking for secure handles from which he can begin to collapse his partner and drive him down to the mat. 

This particular variation puts the top player in a really bad position at the completion of the technique, with almost zero hope of any guard retention. This is an incredibly efficient way to escape side control and get offensive. Amazing stuff!

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