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Ezekiel Choke from Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa

Ezekiel Choke from Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa


Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa is one of the most exciting middle heavy black belts out there today.  The 2018 World Champion had one of the most exciting comebacks in recent memory versus the ultra-tough Matheus Diniz in the quarterfinals in 2018.

Check out this short highlight of Lucas in action:

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Known primarily for his takedowns and pressure passing, we've got a treat for you from Lucas Barbosa.  In this short excerpt from his new release from BJJ Fanatics Top Game, he shows a very detailed guard pass series which has him addressing lasso guard and spider guard to finish in a beautifully executed Ezekiel choke.  Check it out below!

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Here Lucas is facing a combination of some of the most frustrating guards you can get yourself caught in.  Both spider and lasso guard can be extremely frustrating in and of themselves, but when combined, look out.  If you don't know what you're doing, you are in for a long round or match.  Luckily for you, Lucas is here to break it down.

By prioritizing the spider guard side and addressing the pressure and sweeping capability of the opponent's foot, he can then begin to make himself more mobile with less risk and then can address the lasso side.  In this case, as he frees himself from the lasso, the opponent attempts to recover, which allows Lucas to employ a leg drag and secure a solid pressure position to set up the choke.

Once the legs are out of the way, Lucas easily enters the fast lane and slides himself into position to secure the choke.  This is a high percentage technique that when set up in this manner provides the safety of a strong side control option should you have to bail out.

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