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Finally Land a Mounted Triangle with Lachlan Giles

Finally Land a Mounted Triangle with Lachlan Giles


Mounted triangles can be tricky.

With the floor in our way, it can be tough to position your opponent to make it possible to get underneath them, and execute the submission. Set ups are important when you’re dealing with someone that knows their stuff. We have to find a way to eliminate an arm, and create the space necessary to lock the submission.

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If you’re having trouble with this technique, or looking for a new way to catch it, take a look at this video with Lachlan Giles. He gives us a nice guide to set up the technique and some great ideas on execution.

Giles begins in the mount, and places great importance on moving up higher into the position to be successful with the triangle. To do this he begins by controlling his partners arm, much like an americana, and pushing it to the floor with his same side hand. He then reaches under the head and cups the armpit. Using this cupping grip, Giles can turn his partner to his side and slide his back-side knee over his partners elbow and up to the top of his shoulder.

If the elbow is in the way, Giles can move laterally around the elbow, and easily achieve the same position. From here he has the ability to invert his opposite leg, just like an armbar set up, and thread it over the top of his partners pinned arm. He then makes a base with the hand that was previously pinning the arm, transfers weight to it, and then locks the triangle.

Giles gives an interesting option for the finish. If you’re not able to lock the triangle, you can simply pin your own shin with your knee and use two hands to pull up on the head.

Giles assures us this will provide enough constriction to get the tap. He also demonstrates a twisting americana style lock, as well as an armbar that he secures while staying mounted. The video ends with a back-take option that fits perfectly into the sequence.

This a great set up, and there are a lot of helpful details here. This has always been a tough submission for me, more so in the set up, and I’ve definitely picked up a few pointers here. Enjoy!

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